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11 Best Multiplayer Games For Android | Breath-Taking Action

11 Best Multiplayer Games For Android | Breath-Taking Action


Best Multiplayer Games For Android

Best Multiplayer Games For Android

Hey there, ready to play some cool Best Multiplayer Games For Android and experience the thrill of playing with friends and competing with strangers all over the world. Multiplayer Games For Android are a fun adventure and action-packed games with real-time fun features. Most of the multiplayer games that are on my list of Best Multiplayer Games For Android are games that need a stable consistent internet connection.

You can basically download more than one multiplayer game from my list of the latest and Best Multiplayer Games For Android from google play store. The coolest features are at your fingertips, all you have to do is click on the links that will be made available below every single game that I will introduce.



List Of Best Multiplayer Games For Android


Guns Of Boom - Online Shooter

This is without a doubt the best and my personal favorite, One of the most action-filled, adventure-packed multiplayer games with amazing graphics, cool gameplay, and smooth controls. Amazing guns that are available in this game to be bought and use as a weapon of destruction is off the chart.

This game should be played, preferably with a headset or earpiece to totally enjoy the sound production and literally feel the game come alive through you. The features available in this game are mouth-watering, You can create your own team, team up with friends and play against another group of friends. Create your team and choose your color, you will all move as a team, playing simultaneously, eliminating your opponents. Keep your eyes open and your finger on the trigger, because they can be anywhere at any time.

This amazing multiplayer game will require a stable internet connection to play so, ensure once you download, leave you Data on and play till your battery runs down. This game is just 100mb in the installation size, click the download link below and start with this thrilling multiplayer game.




Real Racing 3

I humbly present to you one of the most stunning racing games on google play store today, a unique Multiplayer games for Android. Real racing is by far the most entertaining multiplayer game that I have ever played, with an enormous list of challenges, tracks to play on and amazing cars to buy and drive.

The features in this game will keep you totally glued to your Android device, the game is totally free, but when it comes to the multiplayer section, you will need a stable internet connection to race against friends on challenging tracks all around the world.

The Apk installation file size of this game is just 33mb, but you will need to download and additional file of about 450mb to play, and even after that, you will still need to download additional resource file to completely unlock every feature and totally enjoy what this game has to offer.




Unkilled - Zombie Multiplayer Shooter

This zombie shooter game amongst the many cool zombie games on google play store is one of the most enjoyable zombie multiplayer game, totally a free multiplayer game, third on my list of Best Multiplayer Games For Android. The truth is I have played this game and I can say from experience the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is stunning and the controls simple and smooth.

You can play offline, but the fun doesn’t stop there, get on the multiplayer wagon and invite your friends to join you to rid your city of all the disgusting zombies that won’t just die. Play and experience real intense multilayer action, unlock heavy firepower and share with friends to join you and update their weapons for the war against the zombies.

This amazing first-person stunning PvP multiplayer game is just 42mb in the installation size.




Brothers in Arms 3

Get yourself, in your free time engaged in this fantastic intense shooting multiplayer battle, fight with friends by your side, gear up with your brother, get unto the battlefield and defend your territories. This amazing multiplayer games from google play store. Call your friends to join you in the fight for freedom, of all the Best Multiplayer Games For Android on my list, this particular game is one of the most popular with over 10 million downloads.

The graphics, like every other cool multiplayer Game For Android on my, is exceptionally amazing. I don’t joke when it comes to good graphics and stunning gameplay, its all about the gameplay, high-quality graphics and smooth controls to really enjoy an action game. Play during cool and hot weather, it really doesn’t matter, you have a duty to defend your country and territory, do so with your brothers in arms with extreme prejudice.

This game is just 50mb in the installation size but will require an additional file to be downloaded to enable you to play and also a stable internet connection to enjoy the thrill this game has to offer.



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MTB Downhill: Multiplayer

MTB Downhill is an amazing bike racing multiplayer game with high-quality graphics and fantastic gameplay. Trust me you will totally enjoy this game, whether you are a fan of bike racing games or not. As for this game on my list of Best Multiplayer Games For Android, there can never be a dull moment while playing.

Compete against friends and enemies as well, race against people you don’t even know all around the world and come out as the exceptional outstandingly amazing champ! Upgrade your bike, get up on the mountain and also race against in the multiplayer mode. millions of fans all around the world have downloaded this game, over 10 million downloads so far and counting, just 60mb in the installation size.

Ensure to have a stable internet connection to keep the fun experience in this game going.




Overkill 3

Overkill really brings out the best in action multiplayer games for Android with non-stop shooting battle and tons of missions to embark on. Step into the world of Overkill, kill your enemies with heavy machine guns and fast rate assault rifles. You are part of a resistance that is waging war against the forces of evil, take control and lead them to never-ending victory.

There is a leaderboard that everyone is wishing to be on top of, invite friends to join you in the fight for dominance and climb up to the top of the leaderboard. You can also invite friends from the chatroom that are available to join in the fun.

Fun modes that are present in the game are mouth-watering, be expecting the endless mode, where your mission is simple, guard and protect the high-voltage-zapping generator. Zap your enemies from all directions. Precision is the key to killing all your enemies, don’t miss or you will regret it. Do you have the aggression and killer instinct needed for this mission, lives depend on it, so get on it?




Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer

Speed is the key in evading the hot pursuit from the police. In this game, you are not just being pursued by the police, but you are also the pursuer, get in your car and hunt down your targets. pursue and catch the evaders, wreck their cars if you get close enough to their cars. Now, as the racer under heavy pursuit from the police, you need to be extra careful to dodge roadblocks and obstacles that the police will put on your ways like spikes and roadblock signs to try and slow you down so that they can get closer to you and bust you. I know you got what it takes, don’t get busted so easily.

As the racer, your job is simple, chase the bad guys around the city until you can either wreck their cars or go in front of them and bust them. Deliver hard hits on the body of the cars of the bad guys you will be chasing. There is a meter hovering over their cars, that meter is to indicate their health and the health of the car, so the harder you hit them, the more health is been drained from their cars and as such you can wreck them or the automatically get disqualified and you win and increase your high score and points as well.

The multiplayer mode in this game allows you to play as either the cop or a racer and race with real people online. Upgrade your car to optimum perfection to secure victory at the end of every race.




WWE SuperCard - Multiplayer Card Battle Game

Are you a WWE fan? well, then this amazing multiplayer game is just perfect for gamers that love a little wrestling action. Engage in non-stop battle against other wrestlers, collect powerful cards representing wrestlers. Level up and fight! Collect a ton of superstars from the array of hard-hitting wrestlers and fortify your card deck.

There are so many areas to battle in and improve your fighting skills, and also so many superstars to acquire from brands like Monday Night Raw. smackdown Live! NXT and so on. This game is one of the most downloaded wrestling game worldwide with over 16 million downloads so far and still counting, so, in other words, you’re in the right place.

Now, pay per view is a thing in this game, fight other teams online through the multiplayer mode in Pay Per views like the Elimination Chamber, King of the Ring battle. I would say the most interesting is the king of the ring tournament, it’s long entertaining and intense, 100 percent wrestling action with friends guaranteed. All you have to do right now is, click on the download link below and download this epic game on my list of nothing but the Best Multiplayer Games For Android.



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Bus Rush 2 Multiplayer

Bus Rush 2 is a step up to games like Temple Run, Dash and subway surf. Not taking anything away from games like that, subway surf is still legendary, can’t beat a game like that, but this new fun Bus Rush 2 is a rush on google play store right now. Intense multiplayer mode, with a cool gameplay different from other dope Best Multiplayer Games For Android.

The controls are the same with subway surf if you have ever played it before. Swipe up to jump over obstacles and swipe down to dock and avoid the obstacles from hitting you. The character you will use to play will be on the run and you have to keep running to stay alive. Swipe left and right to move in the designated direction. Try out the new multiplayer mode and play with friends.

Always stay upgraded while playing, collect a lot of coins so that you can buy cool jetpacks and boost and other amazing features that are present in the game to help you stay alive. There are 3 dope modes that will keep you glued to your Android device, the level mode, where you level up from one level to the other, the endless mode, where you literally cannot see the end and there is practically no end, just keep running, collecting coins as you go, using jetpacks and boost to stay alive. 4 creative characters that you can choose from to start the run, choose, customize and get ready to experience the rush.




Trial Bike Extreme Multiplayer

I’ll start by saying, kudos to the developers of this game, they really did a number on this one. The graphics are nothing but outstanding, the gameplay is impeccable and the controls are simple and easy to manipulate. You are really going to enjoy this game with or without your friends, that is why there is a single mode and the multiplayer mode.

At the single mode, the terrain is your only enemy, choose a level, select the bike you feel comfortable with and begin. Race and complete the track in time. Some of the levels can become really annoying and might seem unpassable, try to scale through all of them and come out on top.

The multiplayer mode is just a whole lot better than the single mode, compete with another good bike racer, you’re no longer competing against the terrain but also against the guy at the other end that is trying so hard to outshine you and be the best. Are you going to let that happen, I don’t think so, get on your bike now and show them why you are the best extreme bike racer amongst all other racers amongst my list of Best multiplayer Games For Android. You can use the single mode to train and prepare for the multiplayer mode, where the competition gets real. This game is just 86mb in the installation size.





I have to apologize for this game coming last, but you know what they say, save the best for last. This multiplayer game is literally the best multiplayer game that you will ever play on Android right now! Amazingly outstanding graphics like vivid, dope gameplay and jaw-dropping controls you never thought was possible on Android. This is a well developed and created game, Tencent Games really know how to get it done.

Now, the downside of this game is that it isn’t compatible with every Android device out there. The requirement for this game is an Android device with an Android version from 5.1.1 and above, 2GB ram. Have the following and I’m sure this game will play on your Android device without any troubles. This game also needs a persistent and stable internet connection to be able to play without pausing at any point to confirm internet connection, that thing is really annoying, so avoid it and have a working internet connection while playing.

This current updated version of PUBG MOBILE supports over 500 Android devices. This game is unique in every way, it’s not just a mere multiplayer action game, but a true battle royale of a high class. Team up with friends, communicate through the voice chat forum and coordinate a cool gameplan that they can work with. An array of realistic weapons are at your disposal, choose your preferred firearm and travel around the world to complete missions. I have said enough, click on the download link now and download this game, ensure to have enough Data for additional resource files, the installation size of this game is just 36mb.



Best Multiplayer Games For Android

All the Best Multiplayer Games For Android that have been listed above are all dope games, I won’t introduce games that are not worth your time, you deserve the very best of the Best Multiplayer Games For Android that is available on google play store.

Multiplayer games can be categorized as action games, adventure games, sometimes puzzle games and so on, so you can be sure to be in for a real journey into the world of high-quality dope graphics games.

All you have to do is click the download link below any game that you like or prefer, download immediately and join in the multiplayer fun. Thank you for coming to check out this article, I hope you have found exactly or better still, something closely related to the multiplayer game you had in mind, till next time, bye.

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