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11 Best Microscope Apps For Android That Everyone is Talking About

11 Best Microscope Apps For Android That Everyone is Talking About


Hello there, if you have ever had the urge to zoom in on little insects or objects but don’t have a microscope, I want you to know that you are not alone.

Did you know that there are microscope apps for Android that work like actual microscopes?

You won’t be able to see microorganisms but at least you can get a closer look without having to strain or stress.

Check out my list of magnifier or microscope Apps on Android.

List of Best Microscope Apps For Android

  • Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy]

This amazing app turns your phone into a magnifier and Microscope. Cool right? Although you might not get to see micro-organisms, you’ll surely have with this microscope App on your Android device.

Here are some features worthy of note. In this App, you’d find some features like LED flashlight, microscope, magnifier, Image freezing, embedded photo viewer and more. Download now and thank me later.

magnifier and microscope
  • Microscope

If you are a biologist, this would come in handy. Let’s you embarked on a jungle trip and forgot to carry your microscope along, this app would literally save the day. However, they might be no cellular network in the jungle so you’d need to download before hitting the jungle.

This App has interchangeable oculars which I think is totally cool. It also has a flashlight feature and focus mode. You can use this microscope to zoom in on little insects.

  • Microscope & Light

Use this amazing app to augment just about anything. This is one of the best microscope apps for Android you’d find out there. You can zoom in on things that are close by and not lose quality. This however, depends on the camera quality of your Android device.

In this App, there’s also night mode which allows you to make use of the microscope at night. It’s amazing trust me. Amazing features and unique interface.

Microscope & Light
  • Magnifier Microscope

Meet magnifier Microscope, another darling on my list of best microscope Apps for Android in 2020. With this one of a kind app, you can observe insects, electronic components and even insects. You can see this app as your pocket microscope that can be used wherever you want. It has features like focus, zoom, share, gallery and more.

What more can I say, it’s an amazing microscope App for Android and you are going to love it!

Magnifier Microscope
  • Virtual Microscope – Minerals

This one is for study purpose, if you are a teacher, this App might be totally relevant for teaching your students. Virtual microscope allows you to examine and explore some minerals and their features.

Here are some features in this app you’d like. It has 55 common minerals, it shows the properties of each mineral. It’s user interface is completely friendly. In summary, it is an app made my a geologist for geologists.

Virtual Microscope - Minerals
  • Free Magnifying glass | FancyApp

With up to 20x magnifying glass, this App has all shades of amazing. You can’t see micro-organisms but you can other little animals or objects 20x larger. It also has a freeze mode where the you can zoom in on objects and then freeze to get a better look.

You can also read reflective files using the negative effect feature. This app one of the best microscope Apps for Android I have used.

  • Magnifying and Microscope HD | Future Tech

Here’s another magnifying apps that comes packed with amazing features to enhance user experience. The user interface is easy to use, I had no challenges understanding the App on my first trails. It is one of the best microscope Apps for Android when it comes to stabilizing zoomed in images.

You can take pictures with this microscope App and save it in your gallery for future purpose. Download now and you will be able to see small objects or insects that sighted people can’t see.

Magnifying and Microscope HD | Future Tech
  • Magnifier | Studio 360 Apps

Have you ever tried to read a particular text and it seems too small for you? I know there’s a better option in this situation (use glasses), but what if your glasses are not handy at the moment? That’s where technology comes in. This App from Studio 360 Apps automatically turns your phone into a magnifying glass.

It has a negative mode for high contrast, it also has the save, freeze and share function. Trust me, this app will surely come in handy.

Magnifier Studio 360 Apps
  • Magnifying Glass Pro | Pony Mobile Tools

If you have some bucks to spare, why not settle for this paid app. It does the microscopic job quite well if you ask me. It does the zoom job very well. With this App, you’ll be able to read business cards, newspapers or books without glasses. You can also easily check what is written on your medicine box with ease.

Even if you walk into a restaurant that has low or dark light, you can easily read the items on the menu with the help of this amazing Android microscope App. You won’t regret paying for it!

Magnifying Glass Pro Pony Mobile Tools

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  • Microscope and Magnifier HD Camera | Pluto planet

Meet microscope and Magnifier HD Camera, it is one of those special apps that can be used to zoom in on objects without getting the blurry effect. But don’t expect too much, this is a great app no doubt but, but the focus feature wasn’t top-notch for me. Hopefully, the programmers of this App will release an update soon that will fix this little glitch. But regardless, Pluto planet did a great job creating this one.

Microscope and Magnifier HD Camera Pluto planet
  • GoCamera – Microscopic Camera

Meet the last man standing on my list. GoCamera is new, It has a little number of reviews, I thought I’d try it out and when I did I was impressed. According to the developers, more features are coming soon. We hope to get the best from them.

With this App you can zoom in and out on any insect or object with ease. You’ll need to have Android 4.4 Upwards to be able to use this microscopic camera.

GoCamera Microscopic Camera


We’ve come to the end of this article, I hope you where able to choose your favorite out of my list of best microscope apps for android. If yes! I’d like to know what you choose. As for me, Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy] is my overall best, it’s focus and stability is off the hook.

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