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Top 10 Best Microphone Apps For Android 2021

Top 10 Best Microphone Apps For Android 2021


Did you know that you can download microphone apps for Android that can help amplify your voice?

Well, In this article, I have listed the 12 best Microphone Apps for Android. I have tested all the apps on my list and they worked perfectly well. I am sure you will enjoy using them.

You don’t need to be worried about phone space, these Apps are lightweight microphone apps for Android.

Ready for my list?

Let’s begin.

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List Of Best Microphone Apps For Android 2021

  • Microphone
Best Microphone Apps For Android

The first on my list of best microphone apps for Android is this amazing app from Wonder Grace, this app has an amazing user interface that I bet you are going to love. It also comes packed with some amazing features that make it one of the best microphone apps.

It comes with an amplifier, and even equalizer adjustments for when you want your voice to sound lighter or deeper. If you are good with equalizers, this feature will come in handy. It also has a widget support, this means you don’t need to open the app whenever you want to use it. Cool right?

  • Mic Speaker ( Karaoke microphone )
Best Microphone Apps For Android

Here is another amazing microphone app for Android users. If you are into karaoke, this is one of the best picks for you. There are a whole lot of cool features in this app, you can use this app as a karaoke microphone while playing music. I love the speaker output switching feature, it puts you in control.

If you want to have an amazing time with this app here is what you need to do, launch the app in the background and then head over to youtube and start singing to your favorite karaoke songs.

  • Karaoke voice sing & record

Here is another darling on my list of best microphone apps for android, in this app you actually get to see a real live microphone on your Android screen, I guess that’s why my sister loves this microphone app the most. It probably gives her the feel of having an actual microphone present.

You can load tracks in the App and then start singing, you can even record yourself while singing. The app does a great job and also has other cool features that you’d like.

  • Bluetooth Loudspeaker

Do you have a bluetooth speaker at home? What are you waiting for? Download this app now and thank me later. With this app, you can sing with your phone and hear your amplified voice resound on your bluetooth speaker, how cool is that?

This app can also come in handy while doing public speaking, if you don’t have a mega phone but you have a working bluetooth speaker, with the help of this app you can amplify your voice so that a lot of people will be able to hear you.

  • Microphone Pro (No delay)

Most of the microphone apps for Android that I have used back in the day have one general issue (DELAY). This app promises to fix the delay issue that is present in almost 60% of microphone apps out there. I tried it myself and I must say, the app did a great job in addressing the delay issue found in most microphone apps.

This application will connect the microphone of your Android device or headset so you can hear yourself talk in real time with no delay, or low latency, just like a professional mike would.

  • Phone Mic – Use Phone as Mic for Loudspeakers

Here’s another amazing app you can try out. I like the fact that this microphone app gives you the ability to make edits to your voice anyhow you want it. There are a lot of presets to choose from like hip hop, classical, jazz, and more.

Personally, I prefer tweaking the settings myself. The presets sound great but if you can tweak the bands properly? You’d sound amazing on that external speaker.

  • Mic To Speaker

Here’s another amazing pick on my list of best microphone apps for android. This particular app has shades of amazing. The developers did a great job on the user interface, it is minimal and easy to use.

This app does a great task of saving whatever you sing or say and saving it to play later. The only down side with this app is that it contains some ads, but other than that, it is amazing and works like magic.

  • Mic To Speaker (No Ads)

Finally, the app you have been waiting for. This simple and lightweight app is what I use often. It is great for making announcements and also singing karaoke. You can connect with a bluetooth and non bluetooth speaker. How cool is that?

The best feature of this app is the fact that it contains no ads, I mean, that’s amazing, this however, might change in the nearest future, but for now, ads won’t be something you would have to worry about.

  • Live Microphone – Wireless Mic

This is a new app on the block, it doesn’t have a lot of positive reviews, I decided to download it and check it out. After my review, I must say, the user interface is amazingly outstanding. The app does a great job of sending your audio to an external speaker just like a real microphone would.

As an extra feature, you can even change text into voice, that’s amazing if you ask me. Download this app today and thank me later.

  • Microphone Mic-to-Loudspeaker

The main duty of a microphone app for Android is to send whatever you say to an external speaker without being laggy or distorted. Here is one of the best microphone apps for android that has an the ability to amplify your sound.

This application for android is equipped some amazing features like, meeting mode, theater mode, noise filtration and more. It is very easy to use, all you will need to do is start the app, select your preferred mode and start talking.


Guys, we have come to the end of this article, I hope you are able to find the best microphone app for yourself. Basically, all the apps in this article work greatly, I have used all of them and I can assure you that they work.

It’s now up to you to select your favorite from my list of best microphone apps for Android.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t leave yet, kindly hit the share button so that your friends can see these best microphone apps for Android.

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