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Top 11 Best Medicine Reminder Apps For Android That You Should Have

Top 11 Best Medicine Reminder Apps For Android That You Should Have

Best Medicine Reminder Apps For Android

How often do you forget to take your medications? It is a tough job to remember small things like these when your medication is not for a disease but to avoid an allergy.

However, a medicine reminder App offers a cool solution to this, by reminding you and help to keep track of your prescriptions.

Simply choose an application from my list of medicine reminder Apps and let your Smartphone do the work for you with the additional benefits of keeping track of your intake. Let’s see what these applications do.

Top 11 Best Medicine Reminder Apps For Android


Starting with what I consider the best medicine reminder App on the list, Medisafe may be your choice if you want a perfect medication guide in your pocket. Medisafe has one of the most intense interfaces of all the applications in the list.

In the reminder function of the application, you can set the dose, color and type of medication you are taking. In this way, do not forget how your medication will look if it is out of its packaging. By inserting the name of the medication, you will even receive suggestions as you type the name along with the causes of taking the medication.

Medisafe has a reporting function that keeps a count of your medications that is taken on time or skipped for some reason. You can see your weekly reports in this tab. You can choose if you are taking a med or skipping when the reminder appears. It even has a ‘cabinet’ tab that keeps track of your medications and informs you before you run out of stock.

Now, what makes it so different from other applications in the list is the fact that, under the “Updates” tab, you can have information about the medication you are currently taking or even see a video tutorial on how to use the medication. Under additional features, you can take notes for symptoms and keep a list of doctors and prescriptions, etc.

Pill Reminder

Another of the best applications on the list, and almost a competition for Medisafe. Pill Reminder has its own benefits in terms of ease of use, since it could be used for more than one person, which could be a great solution for a nurse or mother of two or more.

The process to configure this application is simple, simply create a profile by clicking on the medication tab and make your entries in each profile. The application offers you to search the database of the US FDA. UU Medications, since the names of the medications, can be extremely confusing. You must configure the refill information and expiration details of the medications.

Reminders must be set up separately. Simply go to “Reminders” and select the profile for which you want to set a reminder. The good thing here is that you can change the title of a reminder and it does not have to be the name of the medication. In addition, you can make notes about pharmacies, prescriptions or side effects within the application.

Just Reminder

Just Reminder is another simple reminder app. This one is useful for a lot of stuff, including medication reminders.

The app lets you create multiple reminders for multiple medications and includes a repeat function along with notification reminders.

That should be about all that you need. The app also has features for backing up via SD card and Google Drive for when you switch your phone next. Finally, they also include some security features. You can PIN lock the app so no one messes with your information. The app is mostly free with ads. You can remove the ads for $4.98.


MedPlan is one of the newer pill reminder apps on the list. It’s a simple app at its core. You input your medications, the times to take them, and set the task to repeat however often it needs to.

The app handles the rest. In addition, you can document things like side effects for future doctor visits, access medical health news, and set your next doctor’s appointment. It’s also entirely free. It seems too good to be true, so keep your previous app until you’re sure that this one works fine.

Lady pill reminders Android

It is another great pills reminder app and with this application, you will never forget to take your medicine on time anymore.

It is a perfect solution to keep track of taking birth control pills. It is very simple to use and all you need is just to enter the type of birth control pill you are taking and also the time at which you usually take that pill.

It is an easy, effective and free app which will daily remind you to take your pill and in this app, a reminder is automatically disabled for the day when you don’t need to take the pill. In it, you will be notified and you are allowed to choose notification sound. You are also allowed to able or disable notification vibration and in it, notification led flashes with notification. It will also remind you to restock your pills and will display the status of your pill packet.

Life Reminders

Life reminders work in a very similar way to Just Reminder. It is a simple reminder application that simply works.

You create the reminder, add a time and date, repeat it and set up a notification notice. After that, you should be ready for good.

It also allows you to set multiple reminders for multiple medications or doses as needed. I know it seems silly, read that again and again, but many applications of pill reminders do not do it for some reason. In any case, this is simple, free and works for most people. It also uses Material Design and looks good.

Alarm and pill reminder Android

This application includes a feature of alarm, pill reminder, general reminder and will also speak you the title.

It has the feature of repetition and it includes hour, day, weekly, monthly and yearly type of repetition. In this application, you can also set the alarm to run for only certain days every month or to repeat daily at non-synchronized times.

Pill Box- Pill organizer, Remind app for medicine Android      

This app is an easy medication reminder and will not let you forget your pill. It will remind you and your family to take medicines on time.

It is very simple and helpful free app which will let you add and manage an unlimited number of medicines simultaneously and for no cost.

It will remind you of all type of medicines. It can be used offline and has a friendly and beautiful interface. You are also allowed to able or disable notification vibration and in it, notification led flashes with notification. It can be used for reminding pet medication.


RxRemind although seems like an awful name but is actually not. Rx stands for a Latin term that means prescription in medical language. So technically it’s a well-thought name that means a reminder of your prescription. Similarly, the app is also made after due thought process or at least it seems like it.

On the home screen of the app is a trendy dashboard that shows you quick reports in percentage. The values indicate the Medicine adherence rate, intake rate, skip rate, and late rate. Below that you can see your scheduled reminders for the medications. Under ‘medications’ you can list your medicine list but unfortunately, it’s all manual and there’s no suggestion input. On the bright side, you can insert a picture of the medicine to recognize it.

Medica: Pill Reminder, tracker and refill reminder Android

Here’s another App I consider to be my second best on my list of medication reminder Apps, Medica is a simple and reliable medication reminder app which will also track your medicines and will remind you for refill your stock along with medicine reminding.

This app will remind you to have the right medicines at the right time. In this application, you can customize the schedule and it is a great pill Tracker. It is also allowed to enable or disable the notification vibration and in it, the notification LED flashes with notification. It will also remind you to take your pills again.

Medication Reminder and MyTherapy Android Pill Tracker

MyTherapy will never allow you to miss your medication and it is also an award-winning Pill Reminder application.

This application also performs the function of pill tracker, mood tracker, and health diary. It will remind you of all medications and keep a record book for intakes that have been omitted and confirmed.

This application is compatible with a wide range of dosage schemes within the medication reminder and will also track your medications, doses, measures such as diabetes, anxiety, depression, hypertension, multiple sclerosis and activities such as comprehensive health journal. In this application, you can also share your health diary with a doctor.

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Best Medicine Reminder Apps For Android

Whether you need an app to simply record and remind you about your medication or you need it for a senior in the house who has several pills to take every day, one the apps above will suffice your needs definitely.

I have already defined my best pick for a complete package, i.e. Medisafe or if you need a simple one you could go for Medica.

That’s all on my list of Medicine Reminder Apps for Android.

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