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Best Media Player 2021 | Elmedia Player Review

Best Media Player 2021 | Elmedia Player Review


Elmedia is the best Mac Video player offering advanced video streaming features. It works perfectly with any video or audio file on the internet, and the HD experience is still outstanding because of its unique feature that allows the unloading of the processor without sync issues, or slowdowns while viewing your HD video/audio.

Moreover, you can stream videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube without worrying about the showing of ads. Elmedia omits them for you.

Some Of The Additional Benefits Of Elmedia

• A unique playlist

We all have favourite music artistes with great tracks that are pleasing to us, and we have them on repeat or a video channel on exciting topics. Well, Elmedia gives you the freedom to create your playlist of music and video for easy accessibility. 

• Alter video viewing

While most media players allow you to alter the brightness only, Elmedia, on the other hand, will enable you to adjust the contrast, saturation, gamma, hue, noise reduction, and sharpness to your taste.

• Video deinterlacing

If the video you’re viewing is of low quality and has issues like horizontal stripes on fast-moving images, the video interlacing feature will eliminate the problem.

• Full control of the playback support

While watching a movie, you can set the playback speed based on how fast or slow you want it. In the case where the original file has some issues with the audio, you can easily sync sounds or subtitles with your video.

Also, if you’re the type who enjoys knowing everything about a movie, especially the little details that add up, you can choose to watch the videos frame-by-frame, and you can bookmark your favorite moments. 

• An extensive subtitles support

Elmedia supports SRT, SMIL, ASS and every available subtitle on the internet. You can load these subtitles automatically or manually, and set the autoloading of the subtitle file in your preferred language. 

Moreover, you can alter the subtitles delay so it can sync with the video speed, and also customize the font, color, size, and background.

To source your subtitles online, you can make use of the integrated subtitles service http://opensubtitles.org with just a few clicks. Besides, open subtitles have an extensive database, so you’ll certainly get the subtitles you seek. 

• Flexible sound settings

Elmedia allows you to add external soundtracks to the video you’re watching. This feature makes it possible to watch your movie with a more suitable dub, or in a different language. You can also make use of the in-built volume controlling option while the other sounds in the system remain untouched. 

There is an audio equalizer with 10-band graphic for quickly tuning the audio sound manually or with one of the selected presets of your choice.

The AC-3/DTS through S/PDIF settings allows you to set up a passthrough for hardware decoders.

• Easy extraction of sound from YouTube

Sometimes we want to listen to audio repeatedly while our mind wanders off with what is being said, or the lyrics of the song. With Elmedia you can save the audio in M4A, Mp3, or any format your Mac supports.

• Effortless streaming with Chromecast, Airplay, and DNLA

With Elmedia player, you can stream your locally saved files to Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV, AirPlay devices, and certified DNLA devices. This media player also allows streaming from other Mac computer, iTunes, and different AirPlay streaming service.

You can connect your phone to your Mac easily with Elmedia. 


Elmedia is one of the best can-do-it-all Mac media players. It’s effortless to operate, and the fact that it works with all types of video, audio, and subtitles format, this is the media player you should have on your Mac.

The editing options as you’ve seen offers full control. You can enable and disable a feature anytime, or alter it with ease. Visit their website today at https://www.elmedia-video-player.com to install this great media player.

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