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Top 12 Best Material Design Apps For Android in 2021

Top 12 Best Material Design Apps For Android in 2021


Material Design was developed by Google in 2014. It’s a design language which makes designs cleaner and gives it a consistent look. It is used on mobile apps and Web pages. It also has several components for visual, motion, and interaction.

If you want a simplified and sleek interface for your app or web browser, then you will be needing this list of best material design apps for android users.

List Of Best Material Design Apps For Android


This app is one of the best material design apps for android. The material design implementation is based on design guidelines by Google. You can easily convert UI design concept into the native source code.

All the folders, file name, class name variable, and function method are well organized and easy to navigate through.

You can add various lists, profiles, search pages, dashboards, and chats. Also, you can migrate to the SDK client and utilize the search feature.

Awesome Material

This app has a UI collection of over 280 UI Layouts with 32 Features. And 80+ Android Based UI.

Awesome material regularly updates their UI collection, and they’re free to use. UI/UX development is also very fast.

 Adopting a UI collection on this app is very easy. And the framework is understandable by everyone.

Syncfusion Xamarin

Developers can explore essential Studio for Xamarin just by using this app.

You can plot over 25 chart types, ranging from line charts to specialized financial charts.

The grid control is in your hands. There are advanced features such as grouping, sorting, filtering and exporting to excel. These features will make your grid smooth and easily accessible.

The Advanced ListView feature allows you to create grid layout, grouping, pull-to-refresh and filtering.

You can use TreeView to display data in a hierarchical structure. There is also a high-performance PDF Viewer component.

There are other features like Text input layout, Autocomplete, Calender, Gauges, Datasource, Backdrop, Schedler, Rain navigator and many more.


On this app, you can turn your sketches into interactive app prototypes that can be clicked on. You don’t need to be a pro at coding to do this.

To get started, you can take photos of your sketches or import them as an image. Then link each screen together. Once you’ve linked them, you’re done.

This prototype can only be shared via Email, SMS or Twitter. But still, everything is synced with Dropbox and pushed to your Marvel web account.

Flutter Catalog 

This app is an open-source flutter components view, with side-by-side source code view too. You can check the demo of different Flutter components before trying it out.

There is a large refactoring which simplifies the code, using dart 2.3 language features. There is a Provider feature for sharing app preferences.

Adding dark mode and backdrop demo is possible on this app.

Material Design Tutorials

To understand every aspect of google’s material design, this app is will put you through. It is worthy of a space in your phone storage.

 It features well-detailed tutorials with interactive outputs.  

Thee are 10 material design topics the that are discussed (Toolbar, Navigation View, Recycler View, Card View, Tab Layout, Snack Bar, Floating Action Button, Floating Text, Transitions, Coordinator Layout).

The codes are optimized for viewing.

Material Design Color Palettes

This development tool helps in visualizing the colors of material design defined on Google. It’s based on Danielle Vass colors file.

There are several material design tweaks you can make use of.

The app went through some recent changes and the popup menu item is now replaced by an icon in a card. This makes it a lot more static when using it.

The app automatically changes the text and icon colors if a card background is too dark to see its content.

Material Design Turbo

This material design app has several elements which you might utilize when designing. These elements rank from the most used to the least used ones.

These elements include Floating Action Button, Tab Layout, Navigation View, Text Input Layout, Bottom Sheet View, Swipe Refresh View, App bar & Container Layout, Coordinator Layout, Collapsing Toolbar, Material Pallete, Bottom Navigation View, RecyclerView and CardView, Material RippleEffect, Material SwitchCompat, Material RatingBar.

You can integrate anyone into your design easily. There are also design tutorials in the app.

Social App

This app allows you to implement material design in any kind of app. It has no restriction. Though you will have to download the full source code at code canyon before you can design on this app seamlessly.

The Gradle and the library are regularly updated to keep up with changes in material designing.

Icon 3

This app was built with syntactically awesome style sheets (sass), which you can use to change and adjust several variables in the 100+ layouts at once.

The layouts are built into the app and this makes it easy for us. This makes it easier to customize when creating your HTML5 mobile app. Irrespective of the files being HTML5, CSS3 and SASS files, your coding experience will still be smooth.

There is a sass/CSS blend mode feature which lets you blend modes such as, black & white photo, darkening, and gradients. This makes every image in the app have an aesthetic feel.

Also, there over 800 material design icons which can be gotten from the Material Design Icons web page.


This app lets you create notes and checklists which you can turn into notifications or reminders. You can include a title, subtitle and some contents into your note or checklist.

OK Google voice actions can also be used to create notes.

Once you’re done you can archive them, or backup it on Google Drive. Better still, you can share it online.

There is a home screen widget you can make use of.

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There are hundreds of hashtags with over 2000 tags available which you can use to improve your popularity on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

There are several categories you can choose from on this app, depending on your photo/post and how well it is related to.

The hashtags are categorized based on everyday things, events, feelings and so on. Some of the most used tags are Friends, Birthday, Food,  Nature, Love.

Best Material Design Apps For Android

If you have ever enjoyed using an app or visiting a webpage, then you should know the material design used is what’s behind that great interface which gave you a pleasant experience.

When creating your app or webpage, you have to take into consideration the kind of material design app to use. Your app may be good but if the interface is terrible, then the app will be labeled terrible by your users.

Tell us what you think about the about listed material design Apps for Android.

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