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Best 11 Lock SMS Messages Android Apps In 2021

Best 11 Lock SMS Messages Android Apps In 2021


Do you have information on your text message that is “for your eyes only”? With these lock SMS Messages Android Apps, you can keep your text messages away from inquisitive friends.

The need for an SMS lock app for android cannot be overemphasized, I have been a victim to lots of cases because a friend had access to my messages?

Am I a Russian spy? Nope, but a secret about my friend was leaked and I felt really bad about it.

With any of the apps listed on this post, you can lock your SMS app on your android device, your friends are going to get really mad when they notice they don’t have access to your texts anymore.

Are you ready to get secretive? Let’s ride.

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List Of Best Lock SMS Messages Android Apps 2021

  • Message Lock (SMS Lock)

If you have friends that always want to play games with your phone when they’ve got theirs, there might be something wrong. To be on the safe side, I would suggest you download this message lock app on your Android device. It is lightweight and easy to setup.

After setting up this app you’ll be required to enter a pattern lock whenever you or someone else opens up the message app.

Lock SMS Messages Android Apps
  • Private Message Box : Hide SMS

Here’s another lock SMS messages android app that works great, in order to use this you need an Android device that runs on Android 4.4 and up. Here’s how this one works, you’ll need to add the contact as a private contact, after doing this, any message that comes in will automatically go to the App.

Is there a lock pad? Yes, messages can only be accessible after you must have entered a pin or pattern. Great app for locking your messages on Android.

  • SMS Plus- protect your message

With this app you can do a whole lot more than secure your messages from outsiders, it allows has a feature that you can use to block incoming messages. There’s always a feature where you get to hide the message icon, that way, your friends won’t find it.

It might not be the best app in terms of receiving images, videos and GIFs via text, but it works well if utilized properly.

  • Message Locker

This app doesn’t have a lot of reviews or downloads but I had to check it out, it works greatly. You can setup pin or pattern lock, whichever you prefer. It doesn’t just protect your message app, its protection cuts accross other messaging platforms.

Do you need to add apps manually? Nope! The sms lock pp will automatically detect messaging apps on your android device.

Lock SMS Messages Android Apps
  • Messenger and Chat Lock

Uhm, you don’t like apps with too many ads? Well, this one shows ads but the ads won’t mess with user experience don’t break a sweat. You can use this amazing app to lock any messaging app on your device.

How does it work, open the app and toggle on or off the app you want to lock. I tried using it and I noticed it uses PIN to unlock and not pattern, hopefully they’ll include pattern and fingerprint lock soon.

  • AppLock – Lock Apps & Privacy Guard

I think this is my best sms lock app for android, I use this one to lock my messages and other apps on my phone like my gallery. If you are using Android 6.0 and above, you can use your fingerprint to lock or unlock apps quicker.

There’s also a intruder selfie mode that takes a picture of whoever is trying to break into your locked app. You can open the app and check the persons face. You can even lock your phone’s settings with this app, it’s amazing.

  • Message Lock

Meet another amazing app on my list of best sms lock apps for android, you can lock Gmail, messenger, skype, whatsapp and even more messaging apps with this message lock for android. I used it and I must say I am really impressed.

The user interface is great and easy to use, one of my best features would be the intruder selfie mode that captures the picture of an intruder and keeps it safe for your eyes only.

Lock SMS Messages Android Apps
  • Calculator Pro+ – Private Message & Call Screening

Your friends are not going to see this one coming, This app’s icon is actually like that of a calculator, I mean, who would take your phone and try to use a calculator? A very little number of people if you ask me.

With this app, you can easily hide conversations from inquisitive folks in your life. Is it protected? Yes, it is. You will need to enter a password before being granted access to the content in the App.

  • Vault – Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

Hey guys, meet one of the most popular lock apps for android, with this app, you can do a whole of things other than locking your messages, you can hide gallery files, lock specific apps and do more.

Trust me, you’ll love this one. It isn’t as lightweight as the other apps but it won’t take up much space on your Android device. Download vault today, remember to thank me later.

  • Hide-Vault SMS, Pics, Music, File & Video App lock

This app here is just like the previous vault App, It has the capability to lock any app on your android device including your messaging app. Now, why lock only your messages when you can lock photos, videos and more?

Whenever someone tries to break-in, the app will record a break-in attempt, this will enable you to know if someone is out to invade your privacy.

  • AppLock – Fingerprint

The last but not the least on my list of best SMS lock apps for android 2021 is this amazing app from SpSoft, if you are looking for an app lock that enables or supports the use of fingerprint, here it is.

With this app you can catch intruders, how? The app takes a quick photo of intruders without them knowing. If your device doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, you can still download the app and use PIN or pattern lock.

Lock SMS Messages Android Apps


Every good thing must come to an end, right? We’ve come to the end of this article on best Lock SMS Messages Android Apps. With any of these apps listed above, you can lock your Android SMS in minutes.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this article, has been helpful to you.

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