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14 Best Job Search Apps For Android 2021

14 Best Job Search Apps For Android 2021


We humans need money to survive. It’s an essential commodity not just for acquiring luxury but also to stay alive day by day. The most known way of acquiring money is working at a job.

Nowadays, finding a job is like searching for a needle in a haystack, even though there are millions of job offers out there. The decline of the newspaper can be attributed to these, as this was the major way to know about new job offers. Additionally, most online job searching sites and apps are bogus, they’re just there for their selfish interest.

Well, in everything bogus, there are still some very real ones out there.

Techytab has done the researching and digging of info for you. We present our list of best job search apps for Android.

List Of Best Job Search Apps For Android

Indeed Job Search

To check their job database in over 60 countries and 28 languages, you just need to enter your job title, company and location, the app goes job hunting for you. Moreover, the app loads very fast across its vast database.

If your device’s GPS is on, you will also get job openings in cities near you. 

Indeed Job Search provides full-time, part-time, contract, freelance and internship jobs. You will need to submit your resume before you can start job hunting on the app. Also, you can personalize a message for each job before applying.

Newest jobs are delivered to your inbox. You can check the photos of what it’s like to work at companies before you apply and read reviews by the company employees.

LinkedIn Lite

This app is very easy to navigate through and has a very fancy interface. The app is also very lightweight, it takes approximately just 1mb space on your android device. Very worthy of being on my list of Best Job Search Apps For Android.

There is an in-app storage space where everything you want to keep is saved on.

LinkedIn Lite works seamlessly on 2G connections which are like an added advantage since other apps out there only process faster when on 3G network.

Alerts on job offerings are regularly doled out. Also, you get to follow your favorite company and get daily news about them.

You can also send private messages, directly to your connections at companies to get job referrals and career advice.


This app works specifically in Australia and New Zealand. Once you input your info the app will begin recommending jobs for you, their results are usually based on your search history. You can as well search manually if you wish to.

To avert you the stress of seeing the same job offer from a company regularly, Seek notifies you of jobs you’ve already seen. The app also notifies you of new jobs.

While most apps won’t notify you if your job application has been viewed, Seek regularly informs you on the progress of your application.


This mobile app recently went through some new upgrades. Now it has new and better features, new design, and new capabilities created to improve your job hunt. The app gets job openings for you anywhere and at any time.

If you don’t want to register the traditional way with your email and password, you can register quickly using your Facebook or Google account. Once your account has been created, you will need to create your CV.

If you ever find a job suitable for a friend, you can recommend it to them if they’re also a user of the app. Moreover, if your friend gets hired, you will be notified so you can also check if the company is still hiring.

You can increase your profile visibility by setting up your profile fully. You will instantly get notified when employers view your CV, and what keywords were used to find it.

Bayt.com also provides information that can help you tailor your CV, Public Profile and job applications based on the needs of employers who search for your job position or title.


If you need a job in India, the US or the United Kingdom, this platform is one of the best out there for you.

Once you upload your resume, there are thousands of jobs already available for you to browse through. They also have an array of job types, ranging from a full-time job, part-time, temporary, freelance, remote job, internship, casual jobs among others.

Mintly also provide tips and advice on career building and interviews, this helps in improving your job skills and land that dream job of yours.

They have a blog providing information on jobs and recent happenings.

If you find a job suitable for a friend of yours you can share the job with them via e-mail or social networks.

Also, Mintly offers 24/7 customer support and it’s available in 4 languages (English, Hindu, Tamil, and Bangla).


This platform provide job opportunities only in the  Middle East. The interface of the app is user-friendly and fast.

You can view how many employers/recruiters showed interest in you. If you still find it a bit difficult to land jobs, there are recruitments agency within the apps you can reach out to.

You can also communicate with the employers showing interest in you.

GulfTalent also offers a free resume builder, salary calculator, and online courses.


This platform doesn’t just provide any kind of job for you.

This app helps you make the right career decisions at the right time, with the proper information and insights (ratings and reviews of the company, salary, skill benchmarking, interview type). All these are based on the information you provide them.

TimesJobs also allows you to add your skills, most times this can help you in landing a job.

You can check the recruiters who viewed your resume. The app has an in-app chat room where you can connect with them.

TimesJobs uses StepAhead career services to help you create a detailed resume.

This app requires very intrusive permissions on your android device. It requires access to your storage, location, contacts, phone number, camera, phone state. If you’re not okay with this, don’t consider this app.


Here’s another app on my list of Best Job Search Apps For Android. This app offers private company jobs and government job openings.

A feature of this app called Shine Learning provides 500+ certifications/courses for career advancement and job assistance services. Taking one of these courses will improve your chances of getting a job.

You do not need an account before you can search for jobs. Shine offers an open job sourcing platform. Though to get more features, it will be required to open an account with them.

Job fairs are also available and they’re updated periodically.


This job portal rewards you when you get hired by amazing companies, or when you refer your friends to their dream jobs.

You can filter your job searches based on country and years of experience. Most of the jobs listed here are more suitable for people with some few years of work experience.

Google Drive and Dropbox are the two supported online storage where you can upload your resume from. Once you’re hired you will receive a hiring bonus from Wanted.


There are millions of job listed on this app and very honest review of every listed company. These reviews are gathered from both former and current employees. The company benefit, salary structure, and office culture are usually talked about in these reviews.

Typical interview questions likely to come out are presented to you based on the company you applied to.

The “know your worth tool” in the app, informs you on how your market value has trended over time. It also compares it to typical workers in the same field.

Most of the companies on this app offer benefits. You can check out how reliable they’re based on what their employees are saying.

You can also follow your favorite companies to know about their latest job offers and other happenings within the company.


Jobs on this platform are offered in real-time. They’re sourced from industry associations, company websites and job boards. They offer some of the most reliable jobs.

After getting hired, Jora still helps you in 00managing your career with various in-app features.

The “find job near me” feature uses your location to show you local jobs. The app keeps track of your recent job searches and tailors your job alerts based on that.

The app makes use of Quick apply to create a fast job application.


This job platform offers jobs and salaries across several industries. It also allows you to instantly apply for jobs within the app.

Detailed salary insight is also offered to their users, such as calculating after-tax income, converting salary to another time basis, or comparing to similar jobs or locations. This presents you an opportunity to negotiate your next raise.

You can also easily contact their team for any query you have.

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This job platform target job opportunities in Singapore. You can search for freelance jobs, work at home jobs, holiday jobs, contract jobs, student jobs and so on. They offer jobs based on the time frame that suits you.

This app is the leading platform in Singapore. Almost every employer has a job listed on this app.

It’s best to only opt for new vacancies since your last search, most of those previous job offers are likely to have hundreds of applications already.

JobsDB offers fast job applications using 1-click Apply.


This app is revolutionary and still relatively new.

Once you create an account and edit your profile, several jobs are sent your way by JobSwipe.

JobSwipe uses the Adswipe intelligent search technology to improve the quality of your job matches, this is based on your previous swipes for jobs.

If you shortlist a job, the app will find similar jobs and put it in your job searches and results.

You can upload your CV through the app, and use it for several job offers.

Also, the app uses email and push notifications, to keep you updated if you get new job matches.

Best Job Search Apps For Android

This list we curated for you features some of the best apps out there. Every job openings and employers on these apps are genuine. Go online and submit your CV to get started.

I hope this list helps you land your first job.

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