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12 Best iPad Mini 5 Screen Protectors That Are Top Rated (2021)

12 Best iPad Mini 5 Screen Protectors That Are Top Rated (2021)


Have you just gotten the new 2019 iPad Mini and searching for the best way to protect it?

Here are the best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors you can find on the market. Trust me, to protect your loving iPad mini, you will need more than just any screen protector, but a high-quality tempered glass screen protector that will help protect your device from dirt and scratches.

Below are the 12 best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors to give your device the best protector that it deserves.

List of 12 Best iPad Mini 5 Screen Protectors

Tech Armor

Tech Armor is a popular name known for producing high-quality screen protectors for iPads and iPhones. This is a ballistic glass screen protector that is specially designed for the 2019 edition of the iPad Mini 5. It is case-friendly and ultra-slim that you would hardly notice it while it still gives your device the optimum protection against scratches and impacts.

It has a really nice design and provides excellent protection, thanks to its 9H hardness rate. It’s super easy to install and bubble-free. With this screen protector, you can be sure of enjoying your iPad Mini 5 without any fear to its clear screen.

JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is another fantastic screen protector that was designed to protect your iPad Mini 5 and make it looking pristine every time you look at it. It is a tempered glass screen protector of about 0.33mm thick. It comes with a 9H hardness rating. That means with this protector, nothing can damage your iPad Mini’s display – not even a knife.

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Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Another worthy protector that has secured its space on this list of the 12 best iPad Mini 5 screen protector is the Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It is laser-cut and will perfectly fit your iPad Mini 5 to give it the best protection you can get. Like most of the other screen protectors on this list, the Anker protector also features a 9H hardness rating, which makes it a great protector against dust, keys, fingerprints, and other daily hazards.

ESR Glass Screen Protector

You need to see the scratch-resistant design built into the ESR screen protector as it also delivers industry-standard transparency. That way, it helps protect your iPad Mini 5’s retina display against scuffs without sacrificing its amazing viewing experience.

Another unique thing about this protector is also its responsive touch sensitivity. With that, you can be sure your long-press and gentle touch will work spotlessly on the screen.

Avidet Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

If you are looking for a bubble-free, anti-scratch screen protector for your iPad Mini 5, this might just be your best shot. Rated 9H in hardness, the Avidet screen protector is virtually indestructible even against the worse form of accidents. It is also 0.3mm thick, which means you will barely notice its there while it gives your iPad device an extra-premium feel. It has a curved, 2.5D edge that fits perfectly to the new iPad Mini 5 devise without stress, so you don’t have to worry that the protector will prevent you from having the same tactile response. This is a perfect way to protect your lovely device from everyday smudges, bumps, scratches, and drops.

Qoosea Tempered Glass Protector

Qoosea has designed a screen protector for the new iPad Mini 5 users who desire to have extra toughness. More than any ordinary glass screen protectors out there, the Qoosea screen protector is more durable and resistant to damage. if you desire to have your iPad device screen display free of scratches more than anything, you will love the Qoosea screen protector. With the glass protector on your iPad Mini 5, it means you can now slip your device into your pouch, bag, or backpack with your pens, keys, and USB drives without the fear of having its display screen scratched or damaged.

Pulen Temepered Glass Protector

If you are using a screen protector for the first time, the Pulen tempered glass screen protector is the best beginner-friendly screen protector you can get. I have included it in this list of the 12 best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors for a reason. Thanks to the laser-cut edges and the zero-bubble technology of this protector, it is super easy to install – even for a complete newbie. Its oleophobic coating helps protect against oily hands and fingerprints. It is super-thin and does provide an excellent viewing experience. All in all, this is a worthy purchase for your iPad Mini 5.

Mr. Shield

When it comes to offering protection to Apple phones and tablets against harm, Mr. Shield is quite a household name. The screen protector from Mr. Shied is a fair balance of hardness and thickness for ultimate form and protection for iPad Mini 5.

It has 9H toughness rating and comes with a year warranty, which means you can get a replacement in case it doesn’t pass the test with you. It doesn’t hurt your iPad Mini 5 retina display while protecting your precious device from the daily bumps and scratches. It has a perfect touchscreen accuracy, and its HD clarity is also top-notch.

amFilm Glass Screen Protector

Do you enjoy using your iPad Mini 5 for watching YouTube videos, binge-watching Netflix, and watching the latest blockbuster movies? You will surely need a high-quality screen protector for the device – one that has super-transparency, so you don’t miss out of all the effects, eye candy, and explosions in full HD.

You will be glad to know that amFilm provides an unrivaled viewing experience with their screen protector. It comes with 9H hardness rating and boasts of an ultra-thin thickness that makes it such a classy choice for your device. It is highly resistant against scratches, abrasions, and stains that could ruin the display of your iPad. Also, its oleophobic coating makes it excellent protection against smudges and fingerprints from forming on the surface.

IVSO Tempered Screen Protector

Unlike most anti-glare screen guards out there where you only get to enjoy the perk in label, the IVSO offers you the real thing. It is a tempered glass screen protector for iPad Mini 5 that will help make viewing outdoors just as though you are indoors, thanks to its retina display clarity and its 99% rated transmittance. Just as it is with the rest of the 12 best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors on this list, the IVSO screen guard also offers anti-scratch properties and finger-to-screen touch accuracy.


This is an anti-glare matte tempered glass screen protector you will be glad you purchased for your iPad Mini 5. It is anti-bubble and anti-fingerprint, which makes sure your iPad screen is clear and neat for a long time. You can be sure of getting 100% customer satisfaction when you get this screen protector as it also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

SuperGuardz uses high-quality optical-grade tempered glass to makes sure your device is safe from shatters, scratches, and fingerprints. Its also has resistance to high-impact drops, thanks to its 9H hardness rating.

LK Tempered Screen Protector

The last but not the least on this list of ‘the 12 best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors’ is the LK screen protector. While most screen protectors lose their responsiveness because of smudge and fingerprints, the LK comes with oleophobic coatings to make it stand out. The extra layer of safeguard built into the screen guard doesn’t allow fingerprints or grime destroy the sensitivity of your display screen.

Another thing that makes this screen protector a wise purchase is its maximum hardness, which means the protector has got the power to withstand even the sharpest scratches.

Best iPad Mini 5 Screen Protectors

The list of screen protectors for iPad Mini 5 is endless, but these are the best 12 iPad Mini 5 screen protectors you can trust on the market. Your screen display deserves all the protection you can get, so choose one of the screen guards and enjoy a long-time experience.

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