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6 Best iOS Emulator For Android 2021 | Best Picks

6 Best iOS Emulator For Android 2021 | Best Picks


Are you looking for the best iOS emulator for android? then welcome friend, you just located the right website. We have listed some of the very best iOS emulators that are available with download links to help you get the apps as quickly as you can.

Here I will show you a list of the 6 best ISO emulators that can let you use iOS apps and games on your android device.

iOS emulators are very simple and easy to use software that can be installed on an android device. You can’t get any of these apps from the google play store.

Not all of us can afford to get an iPhone to ourselves and use those iOS apps that are only designed for iPhone users, but now, you can use as many iOS apps and games with ease with the help of any good iOS emulator available like the ones on my list below.

So, let’s check out the list of best iOS emulator for android we got here.

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List Of Best iOS Emulator For Android

  •  IOSEmus iOS emulator for Android
Best IOS Emulator For Android

This is one of the best and most popular iOS emulators for android. This iOS emulator is used by millions of people all around the world, the top trending iOS emulator you can find out there.

This app will run any iOS games and apps, on any android version from 5.0 and above without any issues. You can’t find this app on google play store for sure and although it has annoying ads that pop up from time to time, it is still very good and efficient.

This iOS emulator does not lag in any way, but you do need to have a strong internet connection to be able to install the iOS apps with ease, apart from that little challenge, this app is amazing.

Best IOS Emulator For Android

With cider iOS you can never complain that the apps are lagging or you can’t properly download any iOS app or game from the app. It’s free and fast.

Just clone any iOS app into your android interface and enjoy the wonders of iOS. Another thing you need to know is that your android device should have a large ram, at least 1G ram free for the iOS apps to run smoothly.

The only downside to this app is that not all iOS apps will run on your android device, some may successfully install and later stop working.

It is important that you get a strong internet connection to be able to update the app to get the updated iOS app version for your android device.

  • All In One Emulator
Best IOS Emulator For Android

As the name implies, this emulator is the all in one emulator that gives you all the best iOS apps and games that you will ever need. All In One Emulator is by far the best iOS emulator for android. it works perfectly with any android version, from 5.0 and above.

It really doesn’t matter if you are already using an iOS launcher on your android device like I am, you can only change the icons of the apps to look like iOS, but you need this iOS emulator to actually operate an iOS app on your android device.

Wow! did you know that with this emulator, you have Siri live support available as well. Isn’t that amazing? You also don’t have to worry about virus entering into your android device from the emulator, it’s safe and malware protected.

  • Iemu Apple Emulator
Best IOS Emulator For Android

This emulator has a lot of apps and games that are available on IOS. Get the latest and updated apps and games from the IOS store on your android device, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s real and this emulator does the trick.

This has a smooth and easy user interface, it’s a lightweight IOS emulator that won’t take up much space on your android device. Your Android device will totally be like an iPhone when you start installing IOS apps o your android device.

If you decide to uninstall any IOS app that you installed on your android phone, then you won’t lose any data at all, that’s how good this IOS emulator is. The IOS apps that are on an iPhone are smaller in this emulator than in an actual iPhone.

  • Appetize Emulator

Having an emulator like Appetize on your android device makes the job easier. There is no IOS app and game that you won’t get with this emulator on yur androuid device.

Best IOS Emulator For Android

All the apps, games, and feature on this emulator is free and available at cheaper download size. This app also has nice graphics and can also work on your android google chrome.

Another thing you need to know about this IOS emulator is that it does not require installation. You can run it free from google chrome ( Recommended)

Unlike some IOS emulators that require you to root your device to be able to install an IOS app, you don’t need root permission to get an IOS app on your android device.

  • Paranoid IOS Emulator
Best IOS Emulator For Android

Paranoid is another amazing IOS emulator that has a wonderful user interface, works perfectly with any android device from 5.0 and above android version.

If you are looking to get free and affordable IOS apps and games for your android device, then look no further. This IOS emulator is going to get the job done for you. You have no idea how good this emulator is until you try it, so why not tap the download button below and get this emulator now.

You need to have a fast internet connection, otherwise, this IOS emulator may lag at some point, but this is only due to poor internet connection, not the Emulator itself.


IOS emulators for android are amazingly outstanding, I personally got one of those apps above on my android device. You can use as many IOS apps on your android device, as long as you have enough Ram space on your device to accommodate the apps.

So, there you have it, get an IOS emulator today, and start using that desired IOS app and game that you have always wanted to use on your android device.

If you have any questions or comments about our best IOS emulator for Android, feel free to drop some in the comment section, I will respond as quickly as possible.

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