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13 Best Icon Packs For Android in 2021 | Too Fancy

13 Best Icon Packs For Android in 2021 | Too Fancy


Icon packs give your phone a new look, besides you get to personalize it to your taste. There are also various themes to choose from.

Icon packs require 3rd party launchers for it to work on Android devices. In-app launchers do not support the external icon pack since it already has one in place.

We have a list of the best icon packs for Android out there. Some are heavyweight while some are lightweight, but still, they’re very functional.

List Of Best Icon Packs For Android

Pixel pie

This is one of the best icon packs for Android out there and it’s relatively new. It has over 6000+ beautiful icons which are all round in shape. The icons have a resolution of 192x192px HD.

A drawback you might face is the intrusive ads the app displays. Moreover, you need to download a special launcher to be able to use the app. Besides, the available 3rd party launchers you can use this app on aren’t much.


This icon pack app is just two months old, yet it’s already a popular choice, garnering over one thousand downloads with high ratings on most websites.

Minma’s icons all have dark themes. The icons on the app aren’t that much, they’re around 800 and this is very small compared to most icon pack apps out there, but there has being a steady release of new icons. Additionally, you can request for 10 new icon packs per app update.

The resolution of the icons are  200×200.


This icon pack makes use of minimalist designs with defined outlines and high resolution. Within the app, there are also matching wallpapers and a matching analog clock widget. You also get rotating wallpapers because Lines supports Muzei.

Editing the icons can be done manually to suit your taste. Unlike the other apps mentioned on this list, you can use Awesome Icons or Unicon to change your icons without having to use a 3rd party launcher.

Lines has a free and paid version.


If you’re a painter or lover of paintings then you probably might like this particular icon pack. It’s icons has a new-age vintage uniform design with dark themes. The edges of the icon has the looks of an artwork painted with pastel.

Over 200 matching wallpapers are included in the app for you to download and use. Additionally, there is a Dynamic calendar which changes its icon everyday.

You can also request for icons. This is only for premium users of the app.


When it comes to lightweight icon pack apps that are very functional, this deserves to be included. Delta uses a minimalist pastel design on its icons.

There are over 1400 hand-designed Icons and Delta supports 20+ launchers, all 3rd party. This icon pack app is part of the few apps that work on almost all launchers. Some icons within the app can only be accessed by premium users. They usually charge a fee for most of these locked icons.

iOS 11

I think this is my best of all the best Icon Packs For Android.

With iOS11, you can now use iOS icons on Android with this app. It comes with over 11000 beautiful iOS styled icons. Some of these icons are locked and requires a fee to unlock them.

The resolution of the icons are 192×192 HD. Cloud wallpapers are fitted into the app along with dynamic calendars.

iOS 11 app has pop up ads.


If you want Android Pie and Oxygen Os kind of icon pack, then this app is exactly what you need. The icons also have minimal design and are all in round shapes.

Personalized icons from Samsung, Huawei Emuli, Motorola and One plus are featured on this app. Though they’re slightly redesigned. This app requires no in-app purchase. All the icons are available for free.

Mellow Dark

You’re required to pay a fee before you can gain access to this app. Nevertheless, this app is still one of the best out there so you should know it’s worth your money.

It features shapeless icons and are stylized with dark themes.

Mellow dark has lots of Cloud Based Wallpaper which are also scrollable.

Some icons require you to pay a fee to access them. A drawback of this app is that the icons are not updated regularly.


This app is super simplistic and has colourful visuals which are appealing to the eyes. It’s not your regular kind of app with straightforward functionality but bad visuals.

All Icons have definite vectors. It features Icon request and Icon Mask options.

To gain access to this app you need to pay a fee, but this comes with a plus because you won’t be interrupted with pop up ads.

Esini updates their icon pack every month. There are cloud-based wallpapers. Additionally, there is a link for Help and also a FAQ section.

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The icons on this app are like drawings being coloured with crayons.

This app has over 296 icons with regular updates as well. Crayonic make use of Hand made vector graphics to draw the icons. This is why the icons don’t have refined edges.

The app has a Smart Icon Request. From all the requests they receive, they usually choose only about 30 icons.

Glass pack

This app features glass icons which are glossy as well. The wallpapers on this app are all dark themed, and the analog clock widget too. Some parts of the icon are transparent, giving you a complete view of your background wallpaper. Muzei support is allowed for rotating wallpapers.

The resolution of the icons are tagged as xxxhdpi which is high definition. Also there are various languages to choose from.

There have been complaints on the widget not updating. If you ever experience that, check your battery settings, and make sure the app is exempt from battery optimization.

Silhouette icon

The icons and wallpapers on this app are all unique. The designers took an innovative approach with everything on the app.

Silhouette icons feature a dark glyph with a colored background to give a floating feel. Icon masking is allowed for those icons without a theme. You can also request for icons but you need to be a premium user, besides, there is a huge possibility that your icons might not be considered due to the tons of request they receive from their 500k+ users.

Paper icon

This app is only available in premium mode. It’s a slightly average app. It’s only uniqueness is its wallpapers which are multi coloured.

The app has icon masking and icon changer and dynamic wallpapers.

That’s all the app has, but still, it deserves a spot here due to its simplistic interface and how fast it debugs.

Best Icon Packs For Android

Techytab has once again brought you a top 10 list, this time around on Icon pack apps.

There are hundreds of icon pack apps and most of them are not functional. They crash a lot and the icons are all amateurish. But this list we’ve for you features some of the best icons out there and there are no issues of the app crashing frequently.

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