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8 Best Hockey Games For Android 2021 | Hockey Fever

8 Best Hockey Games For Android 2021 | Hockey Fever


Best Hockey Games For Android brings back old memories of watching hockey games on the cable network, it was to me then and probably to some of us as well just a sport, but now it is more than that, it has gone through a revolution and you can now play hockey games on your Android device or Tablet.

Playing a hockey game will bring out the hidden hockey gamer in you. do not think because it is not soccer, my Best Hockey Games For Android will open your eyes to a new world of sports games in a way you have never seen them before.

List Of Best Hockey Games For Android

Ice Hockey 3D

Introducing a quick explosive ice hockey game featuring agile hockey players with their hockey sticks and hockey helmets on ready to play and dribble their way to victory.

I really enjoy the quick paced gameplay, really good animations, and incredible visuals. Controls are insane, giving you a unique hockey experience. You can even customize your players and teams because you have more than 20 uniforms at your disposal.

Increase the player’s shooting accuracy and their passes as well. In addition, you can customize skating boots to your taste and upgrade their skills.

Hockey Nations 18

Amazing intensive ice hockey tournaments waiting to be played in this game with nothing but the best graphics and visuals you will ever find in any other game. Gear up and don’t forget to wear your helmet, grab your hockey stick and deliver some amazing slap-shots with proper aiming.

Challenges will emerge in different forms, from the heated rivalry of 50 hot challenges to face-offs with other leagues from North America, Russia, and some other teams. Choose your preferred team and get ready for the playoffs where you will compete with other teams and try to win the tournament and bring home the trophy.

Take note of the important features in this game, there will be a tutorial mode to guide you. The amount of downloads for this game is over 500,00 which is pretty impressive, 116mb in installation size so make sure you have enough data to commence download.

Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 1 was the very first version of Glow hockey now that it has been updated on January 29, 2016, to version 1.0.9, now Glow hockey 2 has more downloads than the previous version to prove to you that the current version is way better than the later.

This game is very cheap because it is only 11MB in installation size. You can also change and customize your hockey board with 3 different available themes.

Hockey Stars 

Prove your superiority in this amazing fast-paced fun tournaments hockey game. Beat your opponents in the tournaments, play as hard and as fat as you can to do so. graphics is totally off the charts and game-play so easy and smooth.

Unlock the new formations added to this version and boost your team. I would like to mention the other cool new added features of this game, the 4 new arenas, over 80 new teams from around the world, brand new multiplayer tournaments. play and be sure to bring the trophy home.

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Hockey Legends: Sports Game

Become a legend, train as hard and as frequent as you can in the fun training mode testing your hockey skills and double-check to be sure you are good enough to up against the best of the best in tournaments and face-offs.

The features available in this game are challenge achievements waiting for you to earn some, online leader-boards for both your multiplayer mode and offline mode, an amazing 3 game-play modes in those modes you can choose between a one on one challenge or a two on two friendly challenge.

Keep yourself up to date of your progress in the game through your leader-board and coach your team to victory in all tournaments.

Franchise Hockey 

Well, I will totally not blame you if you get caught up in the action of this sports game, the amazing game-play, smooth controls, beautiful graphics, and other satisfying features are worth every second spent on it.

Now, this hockey game is not like other hockey games out there, your primary objective is managing your own hockey team, you will buy players and upgrade them, buy helmets, hockey sticks, paddles, pucks and the rest of the other needed logistics for the tournaments.

The more you progress, winning tournaments you unlock packs and there you can get your favorite hockey stars and fill your team with the biggest worst names in hockey sports today.

Air Hockey

Play the puck with a beautiful glowing background, the fun is now, not just in the game but also in how the game looks. You have real colorful graphics and easy responsive gameplay and beautiful visuals that are very attractive.

Wherever you are, this game is meant to eliminate boredom wherever it might be and put a smile on your face while you play. Your objective? score. score as many times as possible and keep your record and title at the top.

Now you have at least 3 challenging levels to choose, I suggest you start from the easy ones, master them and build confidence and wit to take on challenging levels as you progress. I am thanking you in advance for downloading this game, it is totally worth it.

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Stickman Ice Hockey

For those who love the stickman character, you will totally love this game. Your players are stickman and you get to use them to maneuver the ball and score some goals.

You have various seasons in this game and championships in those seasons. I am glad this hockey game supports MOGA game controller, so you can use it to your advantage if it supports your Android device as well.

This game will be best enjoyed with a 5.5 inches and above screen size and an Android version of 6.0 and above ( that is to enjoy the full benefits this game has to offer). Tutorials will be made available to ensure you understand the game before you begin playing. Of all the features in this game, it is only 39MB in installation size.


I want to say a big thank you for following each game listed above and making a selection from my list of Best Hockey Games For Android. The above games are totally free and some of them contain in-app purchases and a few Ads as well.

Hockey games are legendary and respected around the world and played by different countries around the world, so while playing you can choose your own country and represent them in the game and win as many championships and trophies as you can. Thank you once again till next time, take care.

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