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12 Best Highly Compressed Android Games 2021 | No Ad Links

12 Best Highly Compressed Android Games 2021 | No Ad Links


Hey there, android game freaks, I have another amazing article to show you how you can easily play highly compressed android games on your smartphone.

There are a lot of highly compressed android games out there, but I will be sharing just the 12 best highly compressed android games for today.

List: Best Highly Compressed Games For Android.

Asphalt 9

This is by far the top-ranking high-end game on google play store. If you haven’t played Asphalt 9, then I urge you now to click on the download button, get the Apk, and OBB file and download this game right away.

You have no idea what you’re missing. I have never seen a racing game with such a wide selection of cars and tracks, I mean, I was blown away the first day I played this game.

You can download the Apk file for just 95mb, then download your OBB file, paste, and enjoy. Thank me later.

Dead Effect

I have played this particular game about a hundred times now, metaphorically speaking, and I can wholeheartedly endorse this game as the best Zombie FPS game on android.

The graphics is to die for and the game-play is just like holding a physical game-pad in your hands. You like that feeling don’t you?

Well, I like going straight to business, so, you can get all this now for just 17mb, and then, you’re left with the OBB file that won’t cost you more than 500mb.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

I have yet another exciting FPS game for android that will light your day. The legendary modern combat 5. This is one of the most intense shooting action game, with lost of missions and beautiful-looking guns.

I have played this game as too, and it is simply amazing, if you’re a fan and a believer in the US army, this should be one of your dream games on android.

Life After

This is a unique role-playing game for android that has one of the sweetest game-play on an android device. It’s just like playing one of these PS3 games on a big screen, only that this is on an android screen.

This game has a lot of missions, with an engaging storyline that will keep you glued to your seat. Go on survival missions to save the world, just a tip on what to expect when you download this game.

The most important thing is to get the OBB file first, the Apk is not a big deal, just 70mb and you’re good to go.


This game needs no introduction, the most downloaded and played game on google play store all around the globe. This is by far my best mission game ever, I can never get tired of playing this game.

That is why it is so important to get the OBB file and start playing this game. PUBG MOBILE requires an internet connection to play and if you spend all your internet data on trying to download the game, what then, will you use to play the game.

It’s just a thought, so I pose it to you, my friend, get the OBB and apk version, and start the life of a PUBG MOBILE player with your friends.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

This game is what you will call the king of all the call of duty series for android. If you call yourself and you haven’t heard of this game or haven’t even played it, then you’re in luck.

This is your chance to team up with your friends online and play an intense game of several tough missions and battles.

You should be shocked to hear that this game has over a hundred million downloads on google play store alone, not to talk about other android app stores out there.

There are no words to correctly describe how good it feels to play this game, why not find out for yourself, here are they download buttons, give it a try, you can never regret it, and that’s a fact.

You need to download both the OBB file and the OBB patch file, paste them in their respective folder and it will work!

CSR Racing 2

You think you’ve seen it all, we’re just getting warmed up. Here’s what I have next, CSR Racing 2, not 1 but 2. That is to say this game has better than graphics and smoother game-play than it’s predecessor, the CSR Racing 1.

So, when we talk about CSR Racing, we’re talking about one of the latest racing games for android.

When we also talk about best highly compressed android games, there are other great highly compressed racing games out there, but you just can’t take it away from this bad boy right here.

To get the best out of those download links below, you’ll have to download both the OBB and the OBB patch and paste them in their respective OBB folder, for it to work correctly.

highly compressed android games

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

This one right here is for all my basketball fans out there. Do you like what you see? Yeah! That’s more like it if you’re not a basketball fan, and you don’t like basketball games either, then just skip this, and move on to the next game, thank you.

Good, now I’m talking to you Basketball gamer, I want to let you know that you are about to play one of the most entertaining, charismatic and addictive basketball game that has been highly compressed, just for you.

You like that don’t you? so, stop wasting time and get this game now. The package is quite simpler for this game in particular. You will have to download a zip file that contains both the OBB and Apk file that will be required for you to play this game. Good luck!

Dead Trigger 2

If you haven’t played dead trigger, then you haven’t lived my man. This is a really tough FPS game for android, it’s not easy to play though.

The controls are kind of hard, but not impossible to learn and play with. It’s not just any ordinary zombie shooting game you will see out there when you’re checking the android app store for zombie Fps games.

Now, if you were to download this game from google play store, you will have to download the entire file, both the apk and the additional file that works as the OBB to enable you to play the game.

Naturally from google play store or any other android app store, it will take a while to download fully, but with this compressed file, you can get the Apk, and get the OBB separately at a smaller size.

Injustice 2

Why play Injustice 1 when you have Injustice 2 available. Well, there isn’t that much difference, from both versions but, the Injustice 2 obviously has better graphics and smoother game-play, that’s why it has more downloads than the previous version.

Play this super-amazing game with your favorite superheroes and supervillains. My favorite hero in DC comic’s Justice league is superman, but now, I have the chance to use whoever I want to kick superman’s as* and enjoy it.

That’s just part of the fun of playing games like this, and even better, this is made easy, as this game is also a highly compressed game for android.

For this game, you will need to download the OBB and OBB patch files below and put them in the same OBB folder for the game to work.

EA Sports UFC

Boom! this is a top-notch high-quality graphic fighting game, UFC. I can’t think of one person who hasn’t heard the words UFC before, that is to say, this is a popular sport around the world, and now, it’s a popular game around the world of android users.

Sponsored by EA Sports, I don’t need to tell you what kind of game-play awaits. Just the likes of Gameloft, Ubisoft, Rockstar, Playstation, and the rest of al the amazing game developers you know, their graphics and gameplay are to die for.

So, let’s get down to the business of you getting the game for android devices.

Cover Fire

Now the last on my list, The Cover Fire, Yeah! I’m announcing this game because it’s not your regular action game for android, but it does have amazing graphics, good gameplay, and it’s an offline game too.

Although you might not have heard of this game, it has over 50 million downloads so far, and that is pretty impressive if you ask me. So, I would totally recommend that you play this game, and of course it’s on my list so it has got what it takes to give you that amazing gaming experience.

There are a lot of missions and badass* guns in this game that will keep you at the edge of your seat, so what are you waiting for? 1, 2, 3 go? well, here it is, 1, 2, 3, go!

highly compressed android games

How To Download And Install Via OBB

This is a very easy process.

  1. Download your preferred or selected game > only the Apk file, which will be smaller, than if you were downloading from google play store.
  2. Install that apk file on your Android device.
  3. Download the OBB file separately.
  4. Locate the downloaded OBB file from your file manager.
  5. Extract or copy the OBB file from the location folder and paste it in the folder of the installed game.

And voila! the game will open without requesting any additional download and you can play the game’s original high-definition graphics.


And now, we’ve come to a sweet end. I believe everything was simple and concise enough for you, I tried not to bore you with too many details.

So, after all said and done, highly compressed android games are even way cooler than downloading the full game pack from google play store or any other android stores you know.

Thanks for checking out this post, I hope you find the right compressed game for android.

If you encounter any issue at all, drop a comment and I will reply as soon as I receive it.

See ya!

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