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Best Guitar Tuner App | Perfect Tuning Apps For Acoustic And Bass

Best Guitar Tuner App | Perfect Tuning Apps For Acoustic And Bass

Guitar Tuner App

Guitar tuning apps are necessary if you want to have the best output before using the tune on voice recordings.

It gives it a much more professional sound which is almost like the one done in a studio.

All you need is an android device with a microphone and your musical instrument, while you play the instrument your device microphone picks up the sound and gives you feedback.

The apps we have listed here are some of the best guitar tuner Apps out there for android users. While some are easy to navigate through, the others are relatively hard. You can get online tutorials on how they work.

List of Best Guitar Tuner App For Android


This is one of the highly rated guitar tuning apps on play store and has grossed 50+ downloads, which shows it is a popular choice for most guitarists.

This app is very easy to navigate through and you can use it in a noisy area without worrying about background noise. The app has a noise cancellation technology.

Apart from having a chromatic tuner, menotrome and a chord library, the app has 6 Ultimate Chord Learning Games. You don’t just get entertained, you also get to practice and master chords.

The app also has over 100+ alternate tuning sets. From popular to least popular sets, you can experiment freely until you find the tune that is most suitable.

Moreover, you can tune numerous string instruments as well and not just guitars alone. This is a mult-tuning app.

This app is highly recommended by guitar teachers for those just starting out as a guitarist. Note, some features require in-app purchases.

Chromatic guitar tuner

This is also a very good app for guitar tuning. Unlike GuitarTuna, almost all its features are free. Though this app is slightly limiting because of its few features, but if your focus is generally on guitar tuning then this app is perfect for you. Its library of other string instrument is small.

This guitar tuner app has two modes for you to choose from, automatic (determines the string deviation and shows if it’s high pitched or low pitched) and manual tuner (you determine the string deviation yourself). For beginners, the automatic mode will make tuning easier for you and this is a major reason why beginners like this app.

The app also has a built-in tuning fork with a tone generator from 1 hertz to 22050 hz. This is standard.

Guitar Tuka

This app is free to download and has a simplistic interface. One of the drawbacks of this app is that it has just 31 tunings available under 6  categories, (guitar, ukulele, bass 4-string, bass 5-string, bass 6-string, and violin family) and the tunings are only well-known ones.

This app isn’t suitable for experimenting but nonetheless it’s still one of the best out there due to its simplicity.

One of its most distinctive features is that it offers Left Handed Mode for left-handed people. If you’re left-handed and feel left out, you can use this app but note that this app tuning sets and other features are limited compared to the two apps listed above.

Tuner & Metronome

Unlike the rest listed above, this app does only automatinc tuning until you find your choice. This app is suitable for beginners but not pros due to the lack of manual tuning. This doesn’t provide full control and this hinders experimenting with various sounds.

This app most notable feature is the uploading of sheet music. While tuning you can be viewing your sheet music simultaneously. Also it has BPM detector, you no longer need to calculate the beat per minute, it automatically aligns your tune with the BPM.

This app is encompassing, it supports all kind of instruments and transposed instruments as well.

Tuner & Metronome won’t work perfectly if your android version is below 6.0. Though you will be able to assess the app a lot of features will be left out.

This app charges a fee for some features.

Guitar tuner pro

This Guitar tuner app is only in paid version. To gain access to it you need to pay around $1. Besides, this app is very lightweight.

The app default setting is in auto and has a very  fast tune setting. Its manual mode is very limited.

This app can differentiate background noise from guitar noise, so you need not worry using it in a crowdy place.

The supported tuning modes are (standard, drop d, double drop d, open d major, open d minor, open a, open a mirror). These tuning modes are fewer when compared to the above-listed apps, but if this tuning modes are okay for you and you want fast tuning, then this app is a perfect option for you.

Ultimate guitar tuner

This guitar tuner app is very responsive. While tuning, this app shows you in real-time if the string’s deviation is either too high pitched or low pitched. This app is unlike the others where you can only determine the string’s deviation after tuning.

This app has over 100+ tunings under these categories (Four-string banjo, Five-string banjo, Mandolin, Balalaika, Charango, Ukulele, Six-string bass, four-string bass, five-string bass, seven-string bass), if your tuning choice is here then this app is worthy for you. It’s a suitable choice for experimenting various sounds within an app.

The A4 frequency can be manually set from 420Hz and 460Hz. You get to choose which is most suitable for your work and not have the app automatically choose one for you.

The app comes with a pictorial tutorial to guide you. There has been cases of people still not having a full grasp of the lessons in the tutorial, you might have to head over to YouTube to watch videos  or read articles on it

Downloading this app is free but ads are shown at intervals which could disrupt the flow of your tuning, you can pay for an upgrade with just over $2 and have the ads canceled.

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Pro guitar tuner

If you’re familiar with proguitar.com then you don’t need to worry about the efficiency of this app. It was developed by the team behind the proguitar.com which is this apps online version.

This is also the second app on this list that let’s you analyze the tunes in real-time.

Pro guitar offers tuning for not only guitar but several other string instruments. Also, you can listen to high quality samples of these instruments before you start tuning.

One complain this app has received over time is the use of pop up ads within the app.

Da tuner

This is a multi-purpose app which allows you to tune various string instruments. It has more than 10million users. This app is popular among guitarists both pros and beginners.

Da Tuner ditched fancy graphics and instead focused on making the app very fast. Though there are still some collection of built-in themes to choose from. These themes p are simplistic and not very colorful.

Da Tuner most unique feature is the “no dead zone” which changes the screen to green when your tuning is good.

The frequency rate of Da Tuner is from 8kHz – 48kHz.

You can access this app in its trial version for free, but with limited features. You can only use it for basic tuning. Paying for the pro version will give you access to all the features available.

Pitched Tuner

This app has very clear visuals which are appealing to the eyes.

 Pitched Tuner has a Hands-free feature. It allows you to tune all your strings without having to touch the screen. The app automatically picks the tunes and optimizes it for you.

There are various other strings instruments included in the app.  If your instrument or your preferred tuning aren’t included in the app, you can send them a messuage via email to create it for you.

When you’re playing the instrument, you can also keep track of how clearly the microphone is picking up the sound of your instrument using the volume indicator. This helps to keep your tune in check.

If you’re trying to train your ear to pick up sounds, there is a reference note for you. This was specifically created for beginners but nowadays even pros make use of it.

Master bass guitar tuner

This app was developed by a team from Netigen. Before the release of this app, it went through beta testers and most of them are professional musicians as well. This tuning app has 4 ratings on Google play store with massive downloads as well.

The algorithm of this app has been adapted to recognize sounds of bass guitar only. More work has been put into this feature more than the other apps listed above. This upgraded functions earned it a spot here.

You can change the name of tunes to ones you’re more suitable with. Also, this app automatically determines deviation from the base frequency in cents. This is easier to calculate when tuning.

Master guitar tunar

This app was also created by Netigen, but in this case, it works for all types of guitars. As Netigen is known for, this app went through numerous beta testers before it was released.

Other features of master bass guitar tuner are also featured in this app. This app also has some pro features that will help make your tuning sound very professional.


This app has  numerous features and best of all is, this app is very lightweight.

Airyware app is powered by 64-bit NeatTimbre DSP engine. It’s a super powerful app with smooth tune processing. It has a more than 400 musical instruments you can tune. They’re categorized into string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments.

Airyware goes on to experiment each tune until they gained a favourable scientific precision before launching the app.

The app has a 9 octave tuning with a range from 15 – 8000 Hz, and also an A4 calibration ranging from 300 – 600 Hz. The calibration works with live sounds. 

The app comes in trial mode, afterwards, you will need to purchase the full version. Though you can still keep using the trial mode a lot of features won’t be available for you to use.

Best Guitar Tuner App For Android

Techytab has once again provided you with lists of the best apps out there, and this time around we’ve shared with you some interesting guitar tuner apps to try out.

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