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12 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions

Best Google Chrome Security Extensions


This post on Best Google Chrome Security Extensions promises to be fun-filled until the end. Extensions are extras but needful, They help do what the basic does not and security isn’t left out.

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If someone asked me. Hey Beejay! Whats the most secure internet browser for PC? I’d beat my hands on my chest (Don’t know why!) And I would say Google Chrome!

Why? Google Chrome has lots of benefits, from private browsing to extensions and lots more. I have been using Google Chrome for years now, And I haven’t encountered any issue security wise.

Security extensions take all the credit for protecting our privacy and keeping threats out of our internet experience. 

They’re mostly VPN’s which we’ve already talked about in best free VPN apps for Android, best paid VPN Apps for Android.

But this time, the ones listed are particularly compatible with Chrome.

Here’s my list of the best Google Chrome Security Extensions.


12 Google Chrome Security Extensions



Promising to help you unblock anything, anywhere, Zenmate is the ultimate go-to for overcoming geo-restrictions, protecting your privacy and enjoying all this at optimum speed. It encrypts your online traffic and hides your IP address so you need not worry about having an online “presence”. Some of its top features include:

  • No login required
  • Affordability
  • Severs in 30+ countries
  • No restrictions




The second on our list of Google Chrome Security Extensions is Ghostery. Ghostery helps you control what trackers see when you visit a site so your data is as private as it gets. It speeds up your page load, removes clutter and protects your data by giving you control over ads and tracking technologies. Its top features include:

  • Smart blocking
  • Dynamic UI
  • Enhanced anti-tracking



Avast Online Security

We all know Avast from back in the day with anti-virus and all. Now the game has been upped with them providing services to improve your browsing experience while protecting your privacy with various available options. Features you’d like to include:

  • Turn off website tracking systems
  • Rate websites or view their ratings
  • Flexible protection options such as Antiphishing, SiteCorrect and Data Sharing.




With military-grade encryption, your data, identity and internet connection is never at risk. PureVPN employs this alongside hiding your IP address so you can be sure of complete anonymity online. It also has numerous servers worldwide which help to ensure that you have total freedom online without restrictions on sites. It promises:

  • Complete cybersecurity
  • Complete internet privacy
  • Complete internet freedom
  • Freedom to grow your business



With a two factor authentication, this app goes over and beyond to protect you from hackers and accounts takeovers by giving you an extra layer of protection beyond your passwords. Secure browsing has gone to a whole new level



HTTPS Everywhere

Here’s another darling on our list of Google Chrome Security Extensions. This extension changes the insecure HTTP to a secure https to protect you from all forms of surveillance by creating a “brick wall” between you and the server you’re browsing with. It encrypts your online communication, making it safer for you to browse through sites that don’t have a secure HTTPS protocol.



CreditCard Nanny

Have you ever had to fill a form online that required you to fill in your credit card details? I think we all have or will at some point. Some of these websites process your details using cleartext emails which shows them sensitive information. This isn’t supposed to be after all, isn’t this why we have SSL and encrypted communications? Credit card nanny makes sure that you know these websites before you fill their forms in order to save us from sad & sorry financial cases. Secure internet browsing just got better with Google Chrome. 




Insecure browsing is a thing of the past when Blur is involved. It protects all your passwords and private credentials such as your credit card details and billing information from shipping sites. It also saves and manages your passwords (online) in an encrypted environment. Its features include:

  • Mask your credit cards
  • Mask your emails
  • Block hidden trackers and ads too!
  • Auto-fill forms



Click & Clean

Sometimes our online activities leave breadcrumb trails that easily lead back to us. Click & Clean erases all traces of your online activity in one click.

This feature is highly flexible as it lets you set it to delete only a certain kind of data. Click & Clean has features such as:

  • Predefined cleaning mode
  • Delete all private data or specific items
  • Delete data from specific time periods



Secure mail for Gmail

Okay, folks here’s our 10th sweetheart on our list of 10 best Google Chrome security extensions.

This enables you to send emails that can’t be intercepted by a third party. The email is encrypted and can only be opened by the person which it is intended for using the encrypted password that you create yourself.

The encryption happens both ways so even the developers of this extension can’t read the mail. However, the recipient needs to have this extension in order to decrypt the mail.




This extension helps you to remain anonymous whilst online and does not let third parties intercept your data. It has an unlimited bandwidth and allows you to switch up your location from time to time. Its major features include:

  • Allows you open .onion websites
  • Uses 4096-bit encryption
  • Compresses data
  • Built-in firewall to protect inbound firewall
  • It’s free!




Our last but not the least on Google Chrome Security Extensions is Adblock. Some of you should know this extension already.

Beyond the intrusion, ads can also threaten your privacy and use up your internet data.

Uhm! You didn’t know?

Well, now you do. But there’s good news.

AdBlock prevents them from being displayed or loaded so you can enjoy the web content without any interruptions. An awesome part of this extension is that it even prevents Youtube ads from showing, not just pop up ads.

So there you have it- 12 sure ways to make life more secure for you online. Hope you try them out.



That’s a wrap. I hope you enjoy these extensions after using any of them. I’d totally love it if you could drop a feedback after using any of them and also If you think I omitted any Google Chrome security extension that you think is worthy of being on this list. Kindly let me know and I will be sure to add it. You could be that special one to add the 11th number to our list of Google Chrome security extensions.

Thanks for stopping by.

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