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25 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021| Jaw-Dropping Extensions

25 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021| Jaw-Dropping Extensions

best google chrome extension 2018

Today we will be looking at the best Google Chrome extensions 2021.

Best Google Chrome extensions 2021? Well, Yeah! I kinda did time travel to the future (2021).  So, you can be sure that these Chrome extensions are AMAZING.

Personally, I’ve always had good experiences with Google.

Just the other day, I accidentally formatted my phone and as expected, I was distraught (if you know me on a personal level, you’d understand).

I actually shed some tears when I wanted to call one of my best friends to talk about it, I then realized that I didn’t have his number saved to my sim card and that was when Google came to my rescue.

You know how it works so I’ll spare you the details.

Now to the matter of the day, best Chrome extensions 2021.

Everyone has their own opinion on which Chrome extensions are worthy of belonging to the best Google Chrome Extensions.

This right here is my opinion.

I hope you like it.

The web browser, Chrome is one of the awesomeness (one out of many) of Google. Chrome not only makes your Google lifestyle easier, it goes the extra mile by making extensions available.

Extensions are all about ”extra”. Extra time, extra speed and extraordinary web experience. These extensions make life easier and make you lazier. Yeah, they’re great like that.

Google (Chrome) is awesome enough to allow extensions because without them the whole idea of having a user-friendly internet would be defeated.

As restless as I typically am, I went out looking for what could possibly give me the perfect web experience and here are a few I came across. I broke them into a few categories to enable you to find your niche.

Best Chrome Extensions 2021: Google Services

Boomerang for Gmail
best google chrome extension 2018

When I was younger, you’d say the word Boomerang and I’d think of cartoons. Now say the word again and I think of an awesome email service Google offers.

When I’m less busy, I like to do things I would have to do later, at the moment.

Like draft an email that is to be sent in a few hours. The problem with this is, I might forget to send it later. That’s where Boomerang saves me.

Boomerang gives you the leeway to do it now and send it later. That way you don’t send a mail unfashionably early. It includes features that enable you to schedule when an email is to be sent using a handy calendar picker or the available text box that understands language like “next Monday”.

It reminds you to follow up on an email if no one replies or even regardless and the best part is, it’s available for iOs and Andriod.

Google dictionary
best google chrome extension 2018

Another Google chrome extension worthy of being on this amazing list of best Google Chrome extensions 2021 is the Google Dictionary.

If you’re like me and have to know the meaning almost every word you see, then Google dictionary is your friend.

It enables you to find out the meaning of words on a website without having to minimize your browser. All you need to do is double tap the word you want (when the dictionary is loaded up) and the meaning pops up.

It also has a toolbar where you can search for words and it supports multiple languages.

Awesome right?

Goo.gl URL shortener
best google chrome extension 2018

The next sweetheart on my list of best Google Chrome Extensions 2021 is Goo.gl URL shortener.

Google senses our frustrations and stops them before they become full-blown meltdowns.

Copying URLs is a struggle for me and that sometimes makes me not share vital information.

Don’t give me side eye, we’re all lazy like that;

In a world where we’ve all become generous information providers, Google makes it possible for long URL’s to be “squeezed” into fewer, shorter characters to form links that we can email, share and tweet to friends without losing our gossip drive.

Sorry, I meant our need to “give”.

google chrome extension

Ever had a person send you an email and you instantly thought them scary? Only to meet them later and realize that they’re this goofy bundle of joy?

That’s okay.

I think it’s safe to say that we all have.

The problem is that the meeting usually takes place after the impression has been formed.

Rapportive gives us an inside look at whoever mails us, showing us what they look like, where they live and their special interests. It helps you build a rapport with a person before the meeting so you don’t walk in with the wrong game plan.

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021: Interface/ Utilities

Chrome remote desktops
google chrome extension

The thought of having someone else control your computer or have you do same can stir some weird feelings but if you see it how I see it, you’d reconsider.

Chrome remote desktop helps you take control of another computer from your own or lets others do the same in situations when things such as tech support is needed.

Hover zoom
google chrome extension

We sometimes download images that we don’t need simply because we didn’t realize what they truly looked like before the download.

Hover zoom lets you see the picture in a bigger size (if it’s available) by just letting your mouse hover on the image. This way, you can save time and data spent on unnecessary downloads.

Thank me later.


More Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021 Below

Lazarus (Form Recovery)
top google chrome extension

It sucks to lose anything, even if it’s just a pin.

Filling forms can sometimes be a long ordeal and just when you’re glad to be done with it, some error happens and you’re left in the cold. Betrayed by your very own browser.

Lazarus “resurrects” your forms even after errors occur. It also comes with ambient sounds that help you keep focus while working.

Image downloader
best google chrome extension 2018

Back forth isn’t lovely where browsing experiences are involved.

For that reason, image downloader makes it possible for you to download all the images on a single website without having to up and down. It also provides room for you specify the images you want before the downloading starts.

best google chrome extension 2018

Most of us would rather live with the fear of missing out than deal with another pop-up or before-YouTube-video ads.

AdBlock makes that happen for you.

With AdBlock, most ads don’t even download at all. That way you can spend more time viewing the content you’re actually interested in instead of waiting for an ad to go away.

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021: Productivity

best google chrome extension 2018

We want control. We hate being disorganized (even a Sanguine like me).

A to-do list is boring. We still want to be in control.

Any.do takes your conventional to-do list and puts a spin on it by syncing all your devices, creating list and tasks and subtasks and reminding you, once or constantly. You don’t have to always be on the web as the Andriod and iOS apps let you take tasks on the road.

best google chrome extension 2018

We’re constantly told that technology is taking the jobs of a lot of people and this extension is proof of it.

Who needs an assistant when you have this?

Assistant.to gives you an easy interface to contact people, set up meetings and keep track of your schedule, without having to y employee.

Related content by Zemanta
best google chrome extension 2018

When I write, I feel things and sometimes those things can’t be expressed of the tip of my tongue so I reach out to the web and search for my feelings.

Problem is, sometimes it’s hard to find content that is relatable and so a genius came up with this extension.

This extension sources images and related article links from big image and content sites like Flickr and Wikipedia and is available on multiple blogging systems (specifically Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad).

DuckDuckGo for Chrome
google chrome extension

This extension claims to protect you from everyone including itself.

It is a search engine that does not profile its users and shows all users the same results for the same search term. You can also boost your foreign vocabulary while you surf using DDG with available translations, quizzes and article recommendations.

Project Naptha
google chrome extension

Copy and paste made easy, at least from images.

By applying Optical Character Recognition algorithm, it makes the text on an image copyable and editable and also helps translate if the text is in a foreign language.

google chrome extension

Better writers make for easier communication.

Grammarly boasts of being more thorough and efficient than Microsoft Word. A double-click on a word shows its definition and its replacement synonym.

The paid version has a plagiarism detector and can be genre specific

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Security

best google chrome extension 2018

All the awesomeness of your organized and great internet experience would be lost without security.

A number of things can track your web activity without your knowledge. For this reason, ghostery helps you control what you share with trackers on the sites you visit.

History Eraser
top google chrome extension

Beginners and professional computer users have a common need to cover their tracks and this extension makes it possible. With a simple and neat interface, it is easy to enjoy private data protection and the ability to delete your browser history without anyone knowing your business.

Personal Blocklist (by Google)
best google chrome extension 2018

Don’t want to see certain websites on Google search? Well, I got the plugin for you. This plugin’s task is a simple but lovely one. It blocks domains and host from showing on Google search.

Is this possible?

Yes, it is. I thought it was actually a joke until I tried it out myself and found out that it actually does block websites and hosts that you select.

What do you think? doesn’t this plugin deserve to be on our list of best Google Chrome extensions 2021?

For me? I think it does.

best google chrome extension 2018

 Two-factor authentications are smart things to do. When your mobile is right next to you. Authy makes the code available on your web browser so that you don’t have to fish out your phone to prove that you’re not a robot.

best google chrome extension 2018

The Web of Trust helps put your mind at ease if you’re wondering if you can trust a website or not. It acts as the first line of defense against websites showing red, yellow and green in order to give you a heads up on what you’re getting into.

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021: Shopping

Turn Off the Lights
best google chrome extension 2018

Okay, this is not me telling you to actually turn off your lights. I remember when I first came across this Google Chrome extension, I was like ”turn off the lights?”.

The name sounds funny, right? Well, as funny as it may sound, this plugin is amazing and is top rated, with over 32k reviews on Google Chrome web store.

What does it do?

Well, it works with youtube. With a single click of a button, it makes the background dark. This, in turn, makes viewing experience great. I personally use this extension while watch videos on youtube. You should totally check it out to know how it works.

best google chrome extension 2018

Looking for a discount can become a chore, I know. That’s why Honey gives you a drop-down list of available coupons on some sites, add the coupons to your checkout service so you don’t have to type long codes.

lovely right?

best google chrome extension 2018

Here’s another Google Chrome plugin that must be on our list of Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021. LastPass is a password manager that basically saves passwords and usernames for you.

With this Chrome extension, you won’t have to go through the stress of knowing tons of passwords and usernames. LastPass manages all your passwords and uses autofill feature too.

Cool right?

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021: Social/ Sharing

Netflix Party
best google chrome extension 2018

In case distance decides to stand in the way of your chill, this Google Chrome extension has got you covered. It lets you start a Netflix movie or show and then start a party with friends running the same extension, even from remote locations.


best google chrome extension 2018

Status updates are fun when they are spot on. Right timing included. Buffer helps you schedule your posts and puts them up automatically, based on your posting schedule. It is a simpler way to track all your content and manage your social media accounts in one place.


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