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How To Find The Best Gaming Websites in 2019

How To Find The Best Gaming Websites in 2019


Either you’re a die-hard video games fan or not. 

These websites will provide you with accurate information on several types of game. These websites feature gaming news, reviews, and forums where player’s opinions on games are shared. 

Some of these websites have download links attached to the games.

In a nutshell, they all deserve to be bookmarked, as they are some of the only platforms with worthy content.

1. Kotaku

This is a gaming site that features opinions and news about games, and other game-related topics. Apart from being an entertaining website, it’s also educational. Kotaku was created in October 2004. It was targeted at young men. During the first few months of its release, Kotaku was a failing site. It only began to blossom when Brian Crecente was recruited. And since then it has been a huge success.

It now has several sites targeted at specific countries like Japan, the UK, Brazil, Australia.

Kotaku also offers a “list of best games”, cosplays, highlights and reviews. The site is very simplistic.

2. Royal Panda

Royal Panda was launched in 2014. This gaming site supports a multilingual audience which makes it a game beyond borders. Also, it is regulated by the Government of Malta.

This gaming site is powered by some of the most phenomenal software in the video gaming industry. The likes of Microgaming, Barcrest Games, Evolution, and so on are made use of.

There are several live games you can play on Royal Panda, as well as digital table games too. You can as well pick from their over 300 slot machine games which are mostly from Microgaming and Net Ent.

All the games on Royal Panda can be played on a mobile device. Before you start playing, it’s best that you check the Royal Panda reviews page for additional information and explanations. Moreover, becoming a loyal player will give you access to several benefits. It’s one of the few gaming sites which has a reward system.

3. PC Gamer

PC Gamer was founded in 1993 in the United Kingdom. It was formerly a magazine before becoming available online. Its focus is mainly on PC games. Recent developments happening in the video game industry are also talked about. Along with reviews of new games as well as popular ones too. PC Gamer also features topics relating to mods, classic games, hardware and so on.

Before PC Gamer had a website, their magazines had several regional editions. The US and the UK were the best selling editions in their respective countries.

This site is known for giving in-depth reviews on games.

The content contributors on the website are also the in-house staff writers of the magazine.

PC Games relaunched their website in 2010 and brought together the online communities of the UK and US into one website.

There is also a podcast for PC Gamers readers in the UK. Participants on the podcast discuss the recent games they had been playing. They also talk about recent news in the gaming industry and answer questions submitted via Twitter.

The podcast was launched on the 4th of May 2007. It was relaunched in March 2016 and since then the episodes have been released weekly.

4. IGN

This gaming website focuses on not only games but also television, comics, films, tech and so on.

This website was formerly available for desktop only but now it’s functional on mobile. It can also be accessed on console programs like PlayStation, Roku, Twitch, FireTV, Hulu, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Under the gaming section, there are reviews and gaming industry news specifically for Nintendos, PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

Also, there is a rating system known as the ‘Best of’. It is an end of the year event done yearly to honor the best games, television shows, films and comics of that year. Readers are allowed to cast votes online. This is used in every category to determine the ‘People’s Choice’ award.

IGN was formerly known as Imagine Games Network.

It was founded in September 1996.

Final Words

Now that we’ve covered some of the best gaming websites to check out in 2019, you can start checking them and see what each website offers and what you can gain and what kind of games fit you the best. One of the biggest advantages of playing browser games is that you don’t need a superior gaming computer and you do it from anywhere – your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and almost any device you can think of. Also, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have internet access. 

Make sure to add a comment with your favorite gaming sites and tell us why they are so great – maybe next time they’ll get on our list. 

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