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10 Best Fitness Apps For Android ~ A Healthy Routine

10 Best Fitness Apps For Android ~ A Healthy Routine


Best Fitness Apps For Android 2019

Stay healthy, stay on point with the Best Fitness Apps For Android that I selected to ensure a healthy and unique physique. The Best Fitness Apps For Android is to help you, my viewers and every Android user out there to be able to keep track of their workout routine, maintain it and build their body and stay fit for as long as the can, until it probably becomes a part of you that  you might not need this app anymore to keep yourself fit.

To stay healthy is quite simple, take care of your body, a proper diet takes care of your body internally, but exercise, workout, and fitness take care of your body externally. So if you want to be in shape and there, then you need to start working on that body early enough, so basically this article is for everyone, but not to be mistaken, it’s most especially for the young men and women that need to maintain a good shape.

The elderly can use the fitness apps that I have compiled on my list of Best Fitness Apps For Android and keep themselves healthy and strong, maybe not as strong as us young men and women, but at least strong enough to still do some things that they might want to do that might seem strenuous for them.

So without further Ado, let’s dive in and see the apps I got for you. Are you ready!


List Of Best Fitness Apps For Android 2019

Home Workout - No Equipment

Best Fitness Apps For Android

Home Workout is one of the best, if not the Best Fitness App For Android, available on Google Play Store with a few ads and some in-app purchase. This app is a unique fitness app with a lot of exercise routines to help you keep fit and progress tracking. Home Workout’s sole purpose is to help you guy, all android users to be able to work out at home with virtually no equipment and still stay healthy and fit as those that might go to the gym

There are exercise routines in this app that can help in working on the belly fat, running (for legs and smooth blood flow), buttocks (for ladies) stretching and also arms. This app has an amazing UI that makes it easy for you to navigate through the app without stress. This app is totally free just 10MB of the installation size, with over 50 million downloads so far, you must try this app out.






Google Fit

Google Fit might not be the best fitness app ever, but it is pretty amazing and works pretty well, and it is one of the Best Fitness Apps For Android. This app has a lot of features that make use of the point system and also track your fitness level, from when you start using the app. This app also has some free features, like your fitness goal tracking. Did you know that this app can also work with the integration of some other amazing fitness apps such as Strava, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, and many more

With no stress, you can get some hardware pieces of equipment and gears like the  Xiaomi Mi Bands and the OS smartwatches as well to further keep the fitness routine going. Google fit is quite okay to use, totally recommended, one of the Best Fitness Apps For Android, with over 10 million downloads so far on google play store, this app is totally free. This app is just 5MB in the installation size.






Runtastic Running Apps & Run Tracker

Runtastic running apps & run tracker is totally the best running apps on my list of Best Fitness Apps For Android. Now, they haven’t stopped there, they have been working towards making their app way better than it was before and also always looking to their creation.

Runtastic can work as a run tracker too, or better still, also work as a water reminder app, so when you’re running, you definitely need water from time to time, this app will help you know the best time to drink water when running. Now, there are also some independent work out routine or session for push-ups, press-ups, and cycling

You can also set a timer in the app and run for a specific amount of time, each day. personally, I have used a couple of the Best Fitness Apps For Android on my list, including this app and I can tell you that Runtastic work is just amazing. There are a lot of fitness features available in this app that will keep you fit and healthy.






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Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

Map My Fitness Workout is another amazing fitness app with all the requirements to be the best fitness app on my list today, and also not to mention is also a very popular app on google play store. This app does quite a lot of things to satisfy your aching desire to stay fit.

As the name of the app says, this app is not just a software meant to guide you through courses of workout, but this app is also a trainer. Let this app tell you what to do, how to do it when to do it, how long you need to do it and you will reap the benefits later.

This Map My Fitness app supports things like diets, macros, and food, obviously, but just in case you’re not a foodie, you can also keep track of any and every exercise you do, some of the logs a keeps a record of your progress.






JEFIT Workout Tracker

JEFIT is an amazing workout tracker and trainer app, my personal favorite in the list of the 10 Best Fitness Apps For Android. JEFIT performs the functions that other fitness apps perform, other routines, exercise, training and lots more, but most times this app is more of a bodybuilding app than just a fitness app alone.

. The feature in this app allows you to access the web from within the app to help enhance and the effectiveness of this app when using it. There is a lot of equipment a body measurement, interval timer, the rest timer and don’t forget a workout shPluchedule planner.

There are a lot of workout routines in this app’s database, find the database and get other routines to keep the fitness fun going. All this is up for grabs, for just 24MB in the installation size.






Gym Workout Planner

Now, this one is all about working out your muscles people, they are no two ways about it. Wake up every morning and set your fitness or gym workout plan for the day, now, of course, you must have already downloaded this app, prior to the day you wish to start the workout routines. Once you have this app downloaded on your Android device, you can use the app to set your workout plan for a week, month and so on.

This app supports a lot of routines, serious gym workout routines that will totally build your arms, legs, lats, chest, back and so on. From time to time, you can check out your gym workout gains and progress when you access the app’s history. You can also do some cardio workout too, keep fit as you gain muscles. Shred all the fat you got and put some muscles, just get in shape with this amazing fitness app, all for just 39MB in the installation size.






30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge is totally the best thing that has ever happened to you, get ready, get prepared for an intensive hardworking 30 days routine of daily non-stop fitness. Well, this app is also a customizable workout planner that is totally active for most of your daily routines that will all add up to a month.

A lot of things can be achieved in 30 days if you put your mind to it, You can do basically every workout schedule on this app, every day as you get ready for work, you can always take a few minutes to work out. Even in your office, if you’re on break or something, you can take some time to keep fit. This app is totally free, and also cheap, you can get this app for just 10MB in the installation size.





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7 Minutes Workout

This app is a cool workout app, good for a home workout, in the comfort of your home, take 7 minutes out and work your muscles out. The workout routines are simple and easy to start, but the truth is, no workout program or routine is easy, it’s definitely going to stress you, you will always feel the effect, that why in working out or gyming, you hear things like ‘no pain no gain’.

There are a lot of workout programs that have been mapped out for you already, just flow with the routine and program. This app is totally free, with over 10 million downloads on google play store, click the download link below and get this app now!






Samsung Health

Samsung health is another amazing fitness app coming up second to the last fitness app on my list of Best Fitness Apps For Android. This app is very common on Samsung phones, especially the Samsung S5 to S10, you will see this app as an in-built app. Well, as the name implies, it is a Samsung app.

Samsung health has a very specific workout and fitness routine, you follow them, you’ll be on your merry way to a healthy and fit life. Now, not only does this app have routines and fitness programs, but it also tracks your health, your heart rate, your blood pressure, with the help of a sensor that comes with the Samsung devices.

With those trackers, you can keep track of your health, and to add to that, Samsung health also has a notification that pops up from time to time to keep you apprised of your health status and to remind you that you to access the app for your daily health and fitness routine. This app is suitable and can work on any Android device, the only problem is that, without those sensors that accompanies the Samsung phones, you won’t be able to access all the features in this app.






Health & Fitness Tracker With Calorie Counter


Now, if you’re looking for that easy health and fitness app that you can download on your Android device, that has workout and fitness routines, trackers, and also a calorie counter, well here it is, as the last app on my list of Best Fitness Apps For Android, use this amazing app to keep track of your health and also count the number of calories that you have lost so far with your workout.

This app is highly customizable, with a lot of amazing features and workout programs to stretch you out and help you stay fit, clear all those fat, put on some muscle, stay fit, strong and healthy, that’s the way to live a healthy life, not just in eating good food and drinking healthy drinks, but from time to time, with the help of any of the Best Fitness Apps For Android on my list, you can be whoever you want to be. Click the download link and try out this app, with its amazing new features.







Best Fitness Apps For Android

Fitness is very necessary for our everyday life, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, you need to stay fit and healthy to go to work every day, school, church, cathedral or wherever you want to be, whatever you want to do, you need to be healthy. If you are not healthy or living healthy, you might not live long enough and that literally benefits no one, so download an app from my list of Best Fitness Apps For Android.

This article unlike most of my article is actually all about your health and safety, control and check things like your blood pressure, cholesterol, build your stamina and muscles. Now good things don’t come cheap as you may have seen if you tried to download one of the apps from my list of Best Fitness Apps For Android.

These apps work and are very helpful, so don’t let me talk about it too much than I should say, thanks for viewing, do what’s best for your health today. Till next time, see ya!

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