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10 Best Fishing Games For Android ~ Learn To Fish!

10 Best Fishing Games For Android ~ Learn To Fish!


Best Fishing Games For Android

So, among all the other amazing games on google play store, this particular game just makes a whole lot of sense. Want to take your family on a fishing trip, you’ll probably need a fishing game to go with it. Fishing games are fantastic, trust me you really need to try out one of my fishing games on my list of the Best Fishing Games For Android on.

Now, I know that fishing games are not that popular among us Android users, but they are very entertaining and addictive when you start playing them. Fishing games are suitable for people of all ages, but most especially for the Younger ones. So let’s begin so that I can introduce the Best Fishing Games For Android that I was able to gather for you.


List Of The Best Fishing Games For Android

The Fish Master

The Fish Master is one of the best fishing game on Android, very addictive and very entertaining. The objective of the game is as simple as physically going fishing, you have to drop your fishing line down the water, stream or lake, and literally haul as many fishes are available for you to haul right up.

Your fishing line might not be able to reach some certain depths, that is why the game has provided upgrades to enable you to upgrade your fishing tools and reach for the depths of the waters. There are also some idle games elements in this game, you don’t want to leave anything undone. This game has really cool graphics and good gameplay, very easy to play. This game is also totally free.






Ace Fishing: Wild Catch 2

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch really brings to life the real fishing experience, makes you think you’re living in the real world fishing. with great fishing simulation, you can be a top pro fisherman. The Primary purpose is to catch as many fishes as you can obviously, but you can customize your fishing tools while you’re at it.

Now, simulation is obviously different from the real world fishing, but there is a worldwide leaderboard that records your catch and shares it with the world, and even compares it with other catches too. In the real world, catching a fish is not hard, so when you are in the game it’s also not quite hard at all. This game is a freemium game, with a lot of skills you need to learn that is required to be an expert in the Best Fishing Games For Android






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Fishing Break

Here is another amazing fishing game for Android, I Fishing. This game is thrilling, a lot of challenges, missions, and victory in all these challenges will earn you more points, achievements and also earn you a spot at the top of the leaderboard.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to catch as many fishes as you can in eight various locations, by doing so, you’ll be one step closer to the leaderboard. The graphics are unique, the gameplay is amazing and very simple, even a novice can play this game without stress. Although there are some annoying ads in this game, it’s totally free.







FishingStrike is one of the popular fishing games and also very new to google play store. This game, developed by the popular, amazing ”netmarble” has one of the best graphics of all other Best Fishing Games For Android. The game is totally free, no paid feature here.

Your mission, catch fishes, move up in rank and catch some more fishes, upgrade your gear to help you catch some more. There are about 500 different locations in this game where you can hang out and catch fish. Watch out for some in-app purchases and other undiscovered features in the game.






Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook as the coolest fishing game is one of the games that try so hard to be so real in terms of the graphics. It’s totally not easy to develop an amazing graphic fishing game, but this fishing game can be said to be a success in that department.

With wonderful simulation, you can spend hours and hours playing this game and never getting tired. The mechanics of this game might seem a little bit off or weird, but when you get used to the game you’ll come to understand how it works. No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, you can play this game, there are about 16 different languages, download now and begin the fishing experience.






I Fishing - Paid

I Fishing fist came out for IOS users, but now, it’s on Android and it’s a paid game, not free. With the paid feature, you will have to buy the game, like the IOS users do and enjoy the amazing fishing experience. There are about 3 hard levels to pass, about 15 different lakes that you will end up fishing in.

There are so many fish in the water, set your line down and catch all of the fishes that you possibly can. As this game is not a free game, it might cost you a lot, but if you want to find out if this game is worth it, then I can tell you it is. With the cool gameplay, you got an entertaining game for life.






Bass Fishing 3D

Bass fishing 3d is amazing, with high-quality 3D effects, it makes the simulation a whole lot real and adds real effects to the water and the fish and other little details in the game. This game is very fast and very quick at getting things done. The fishes will fall for the bait, once you drop the line in the water.

From the United States, there are so many locations that are present in this game, upgrade your gear and get ready to go fishing. As a freemium arcade game, you can play this game without fear of any glitch or bugs.






Let's Fish 2019

Let’s Fish is the latest fishing game for Android, with cool graphics and soft gameplay, so easy to play and so easy to upgrade your gear to be way better and effective. There are basically about 650 different species of fishes in the waters of about 60 different locations I all around the world.

Collect as many fishes as you can possibly collect, and with the amazing online multiplayer fishing mode you can expand your scope, not only focusing on a single play for your own personal achievements but playing to be the best among other fishermen out there who are looking to beat you.

Win challenges in PvP mode to climb up the leaderboard and be the best and baddest. This is a freemium game, so there are limitations.





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Rapala Fishing 

Rapala Fishing is one of the most challenging arcade fishing game, very addictive, high-quality graphics and good gameplay, totally one of the Best Fishing Games For Android on my list, with kind of a more realistic experience.

This game might have its flaws, but it’s totally okay and very entertaining, play as many times as you please. A lot of fun features were added to make the game a whole lot better, It’s actually a freemium game, so there is still a lot to do. You also got tournaments to engage in, so no dull moment with this game.






3D Carp 2 - Paid

3DCARP have been improved upon, way better than the very first version, amazingly outstanding and very addictive. We got about 4 rivers flowing, 8 lakes and over 65 different species of cool fishes, but they won’t be so cool when you hunt them down, because that is your objective here, do so with prejudice.

This game can get you laughing when you try to get some fishes and some just jump out of the hook you got them in or others jump out of the water, it’s just so crazy. There are different vantage positions you can stay to get more fishes, using bait, you can climb trees, use boats and move really slow to avoid been detected by some fishes.

This is not the most popular fishing game we got, one of the reasons being that it’s a paid game, but regardless, this game is totally fun and very good for young ones, let’s them think outside the box for a change.








Best Fishing Games For Android

So, by now you should have downloaded and installed one of my Best Fishing Games For Android on my list, but if you haven’t tried any out I recommend that you do. Fishing games are very easy to play, with really good graphics and amazing gameplay, you can play fishing games anywhere, anytime, no dulling and no glitches.

Some of the games on my list are paid games, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the amazing Best Fishing Games For Android on google play store. Thanks for viewing this article, fishing games ready to rock your Android device. See ya!

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