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Top 7 Best First Aid Apps For Android | Download For Free

Top 7 Best First Aid Apps For Android | Download For Free

Best First Aid Apps For Android

First aid apps are replacements to occurrences with the absence of a proper first aid box.

While there can’t be physical materials like bandages, this app provides an alternative for emergency situations. It serves as a guide and reference book to help in seamlessly caring for a patient until the medical care service workers arrive.

These apps are lifesavers when we need them the most since everyone is always with a mobile phone and the same can’t be said for physical first aid boxes. Brace yourself together for my list of best first aid apps for Android.

List Of Best First Aid Apps For Android

First aid app

The first App on my list of best First Aid Apps for Android is First aid App. This app has features of typical first aid kits that are mandatory while you are on a journey. This app helps you to perform first aid if you have any or find yourself in any medical conditions.

First aid kits contains the entire medication inventory that you may require in a medical condition while a hospital isn’t nearby.

The main aim of this app is to ensure your safety until you are reached by the rescue. Emergency numbers all over the world are also available. It helps you out when you are in a foreign country to reach the emergency unit quickly. There is also a call widget for even super fast emergency rescue.

An added feature are prescriptions that you require in medical condition.

St John Ambulance first aid 

This app is structured as an advice guide. This app is squarely offline based with no Internet connection required or in-app purchases.

This app includes the latest first aid advice and protocols when in an emergency situation. It has illustrated guides and voiced instructions that are easy to comprehend.

The guides in this app are based solely upon UK protocols. Both the UK and European emergency service numbers are provided as well.

Baby And Child First Aid App

This app is by the British Red Cross.

Infants and toddlers need more attention and cases of quick emergency needs do arise. As s parent you need to understand how to overcome any of this emergency conditions when the it arises. This is were this app comes into play. It’s packed with useful videos, easy to follow advice and a test section and it’s all free.


• Record child’s medication needs

• Videos structured in a step by step format with animations to make it easy and fun as well

• Expert tips on how to solve common emergency situations

• List of tips and handy checklist.

• Take a test to determine how well versed you are in first aid

• Learn about the life-saving work of the British Red Cross, including volunteering opportunities, latest news, and steps to signing up for a first aid course.

IFRC First Aid

The official IFRC First Aid app provides super fast access to information you need to know on handling the most common first aid emergencies.

This app is developed by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) and available from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies (IFRC).


• This app is supported by the Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies totaling into 60+ countries

• The app comes with emergency numbers you can try in any part of the world

• Videos and animations to ease learning

• The app is available in 40 languages

• Safety tips for natural disasters like severe winter, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes

Pet First Aid

This app educates you on how to take care of your pets. It offers in-depth approach on how to take care of your pets in mild and emergency periods.

Some of its features –

• Several First Aid Medical Techniques  

• Responsibilities of a Pet Owner

• Raisins and effects on pets

• Info on things that can Harm Your Pet

• Treating a poisoned Dog

CPR First Aid App 

As the app name implies, this app is a guide basically on performing CPR. The app provides detailed guide and how to explanation on performing proper CPR and first aid for choking patients.


• Standard CPR for adults.

• CPR for kids, children, infants.

• CPR for pets (cats and dogs).

• CPR facts and questions with answers

Psychological First Aid App

This training resource was developed by University of Minnesota: Simulations, Exercises, and Effective Education Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (U-SEEE PERL)

The Tutorial based app provides a quick and thorough review for those who have previously received training to provide PFA. Responders, health care providers, mental health providers, MRC volunteers and students will find this resourceful and handy.

The tutorials in this app is needed during traumatic event, natural disaster act of terrorism, or personal crisis.


• This app reviews the four core actions of PFA providers:

    – Promote Safety

    – Promote Calm and Comfort


There you have it. A list of the best first aid apps for Android to opt for. It’s required you have this app on your phone even if you have no use for it yet. A day will come when it will be most needed.

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