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5 Best Find My Phone Apps For Android ~ Ultimate Finder

5 Best Find My Phone Apps For Android ~ Ultimate Finder


Best Find My Phone Apps For Android 2019

Best Find My Phone Apps For Android

The Best Find My Phone Apps For Android, is literally one of the most important articles on this site for 2019, because believe it or not there are crazy people out there, stealing people’s device and rendering others phoneless. Now, not minding that fact, other Android users are kind of careless, sometimes we misplace our Android devices in places we go and sometimes in a cab. That is why we got this article for you guys to help you find your Android device if it got missing or was stolen, either way, my 5 Best Find My Phone Apps For Android.

Sometimes, it’s not all about the phone, but the information and data that has been stored in the phone over time, those pieces of information and data may not be recoverable, or may not be backed up, or sometimes we forget to back up our stuff, that is why you need at least one of the apps on my list of Best Find My Phone Apps For Android. That’s why you need to get a find my phone app, it can be installed in another Android device and use it to locate your device and remotely clear your information and data.

So, without further Ado, let’s dive in and see what we got today for you on my list of the Best Find My Phone Apps For Android.


List Of The Best Find My Phone Apps For Android 2019

Google Find My Device

Google find my device is amazingly outstanding, work on all Android devices and is totally free, of course, you’ll need a stable network connection to find or track whichever device you wish to. This app does everything that a find my device app should, in terms of locating your Android device wherever it might be. Now, if your phone is stolen this app can let you wipe all your personal data that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.

This app on my list of the Best Find My Phone Apps For Android is the best and totally is amazing, reasons being that it works, if you need to find any Android, the app will totally do that for you no fuzz, but if you can’t find the phone then worst-case scenario, you’ll wipe all your information. Maps will be used to properly locate anyone in any region. Just 4MB of app size is standing on your way to this app.






Find Lost Phone

Anywhere you are, you can find your Android device, very simple and easy to use. Now, this app might not be a favorite, but it works, use the features in the phone to kick start the tracking process, track any Android device that you want, even if it’s your own Android device that was stolen, install this app find the lost phone and retrieve your details.

We got maps installed in the app, so, therefore, you can access the maps, track whichever device you want to track. In every Find My Phone app for Android, there are tool and features that help you work your way around it, just in case you are not conversant with the app and how to use it to track or find other phones. This app is just 6.1MB in the installation size.





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Find My Phone

Find My Phone is an amazing Find My Phone app that helps you track and locate any device, but basically, your own Android device that was stolen. Now, this app is for those that have lost their Android device, or maybe it got stolen and you need to find it, not just for the phone but for the personal files and information in the phone.

The entire process of this app will help you find your Android device wherever it may be. Even if the network sim have been switched up, you can still trace the device and locate it. Now, this app might not be the best and most effective Find My Phone app, but it will totally help you locate your device anytime any day, but I just want to add, this app has a whole lot of features that other Find My Phone apps may not have, so you might call this app one of the Best Find My Phone App For Android.

Out of all the Best Find My Phone Apps For Android on my list, this is has the larger size though, just 40MB in the installation size.






Family Locator - GPS Tracker

Family Locator is a GPS tracking app, track your family member, know where they are at any point in time. Now, it’s actually illegal to snoop or track your family member’s Android device without their knowledge, but of course you are not tracking them to snoop, but especially for the little ones that have had the privilege to have an Android device, you can keep an eye on them as parents to know where they are. It’s basically like looking after the young ones, you got their back.

This app is actually very helpful, keep track of your family members and know where they, not literally via their Android device, because the downside of this app is the fact that this ap is not actually a device finder app, it’s mostly a people finder app, but of course it will be through the Android device. In addition, you can help a loved one or friend recover his/her lost information in their Android device if it got missing or was stolen. The good thing about this app is that at some points, you can actually control who gets to find you or also find your Android device.

This app is just 39mb in the installation size.





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Cerberus Phone Security (Anti-theft)

Cerberus is one of the most popular Find My Phone App on Android, among my list of the Best Find My Phone Apps For Android. This is not just an app that will track your device after it is stolen or misplaced, but also has preventive measures that can secure your contacts, once someone else has gotten hold of your Android device, messages and emails will be sent to another phone which you must have added as backup devices.

With this app, it can even take a snapshot of the thief that wants to steal your device, send that snapshot to a particular device or account and the person will be identified and you can use that information to get your phone back.

You can totally hide this app, no one will suspect a thing. Hide this app from anyone that wants to hold your phone, the app won’t appear in your Android device’s app drawer among other apps, the thief won’t have a clue, he won’t know that he is been watched. This app is quite expensive, free trial mode is available for the version you will download.







Best Find My Phone Apps For Android 2019

Losing your Android device can be very frustrating and annoying, in this modern world, it can be one of the most heart-stopping experience. Your Android device has a lot of information, contact data, personal information, even financial records that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.

Thankfully, we got apps and ways to help you recover your stuff, in every case the best method of prevention is protection at all times. So we got apps that can work like that, protect your important personal files, even when the phone has been stolen and even before. Keep your Android device secure at all times.

Thanks for viewing this article, till next time, see ya!

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