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10 Best Escape Games For Android 2021 | Amazing But Addictive

10 Best Escape Games For Android 2021 | Amazing But Addictive


Hello viewers, I’m about to introduce a list of unique Best Escape Games For Android. Escape games are totally fun and entertaining. Escape games will require you to think fast on your feet and also be able to use your environment to your advantage. Some will say escape games can help you in the real world, escape from danger, wherever it might be.

The latest, Best Escape Games For Android can be easily downloaded from google play store. The games are totally free and easy to play. The graphics of about 90% of Escape games are really, surprisingly amazing. One will think because of the nature of the game, the graphics won’t be high-quality 3D graphics. It might not be high-quality 3D graphics but it will totally get you addicted. Intuitive gameplay allows you to explore every option and feature you can access in the game.

Now, what are you waiting for? Follow my list of Best Escape Games For Android and download your favorite Escape game from my list. Totally free and worth it.

List Of Best Escape Games For Android

Adventure Escape: Asylum

Use the objects, features and past memory to connect the dots and escape the asylum. Join forces with other adventurers that are looking to escape the asylum. Combine all your initiative and see how you can put the pieces together. Successfully escape the asylum with your friends.

The storyline of this particular game is very interesting. You will be playing as the character Anna. You will wake up in an asylum, with a blurry memory of the past and how got there. Use the clues around to try and escape, some clues will present themselves in funny ways. You might encounter a mystery girl that will help you and guide you to escape from the asylum. There is basically more that happened in your past that you are finding it hard to recollect, but eventually you will. With the help of the mystery girls and some of your friends, you will find your way.

There are about 10 chapters that are available to be played in this game. Try and check out the asylum grounds for clues and try to uncover the mystery. This game is 98mb in the installation size.

Survival: Prison Escape

Survival: Prison Escape is one of the oldest and most popular escape game on Android. The intense gameplay and high-quality graphics are probably better than all the Best Escape Games For Android. Now, if you are looking to engage yourself in some survival escape type game, this game is perfect for you. Based on the storyline of this game, You have been sentenced in the game, to 10 long years in prison. Your Objective is to escape the prison and be free.

Survive for as long as you can, try not to get killed and find a way to escape the prison into freedom. Now, so that you know, you are innocent of the crime you were sentenced to prison for. You can’t escape that easily, there are security patrol cars everywhere, cops, snipers, police officers with assault rifles. There are even CCTV cameras has been spread everywhere in the prison. You will need to escape undetected. Make sure that the police’s k9 dogs don’t sense or spot you.

Pay attention to your environment and escape smartly. The corrupt prison warden is out to keep you there for as long as possible. Even longer than your 10-year sentence if possible. This game is 33mb in the installation size, with over 10 million downloads.

Prison Break: The Great Escape

Based on the storyline of Prison Break: The Great Escape. You were arrested and sent to prison for a crime which you didn’t commit. Your main objective here is to break out of this high level, well-guarded security prison. You have no friends, only enemies that will try and stop you from escaping. You are faced with challenging inmates, thugs, gangsters that are willing and ready to kill you. These inmates unlike you are there for crimes that they committed. They will stop at nothing to ensure that you who came in as an innocent man won’t leave the same way.

This game is totally fun, full of activities and features and also some annoying Ads. But regardless of the Ads, overall this game is amazing. Very addictive and enjoyable. Manipulate the situation and your fellow inmates as well as the prison guards to escape and prove your innocence. In some scenes, you have some fun puzzles to solve, clear them and move ahead. This game is totally free and easy to play, just 69mb in the installation size. Totally the most exciting of all the Best Escape Games For Android.

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Royal Escape

Welcome to an amazing escape game in Royal Escape, this game is full of life. A very active and critical game, you might want to play critically when playing this game. Be a part of the royal family, infiltrate the family as a spy and discover some thrilling, jaw-dropping conspiracies and secrets.

Now, you are been chased, to be stopped from bringing any information from the royal family. You are basically being chased and you have to run, knowing that you have gathered a whole lot of information. Buckle your seat belt and get ready for a joyride of a lifetime in this amazing game as a contender on my list of Best Escape Games For Android.

There are a lot of diamond and other crystals to be collected. Collect as many as you can to help you reveal some hidden passengers if you get stocked.

Escape Game: Prison Adventure

Begin the adventure and escape from the prison that you have been put into. It is a prison cell, there may seem to be no way out, but if you look well enough and pay attention to your environment, you will find a way. This is a classic room escape Android game on my list of Best Escape For Android. Information on how to escape the prison will be hidden and spread around the prison, get the clues and find your way out of there.

In this game, the graphics are amazing and gameplay is moderate. Cool features and other game modes are present in this game. You can change between different styles of rooms and figure out a way to escape, it’s your only chance.

War Escape

This is a puzzle escape game, full of fun and very entertaining. Now, based on the storyline, you are in Europe and you are in a prison after a very devastating war that nearly killed you. You need to escape from this horrible prison before time runs out.

Use the clues you will find in the prison cell, hidden objects of interest, your skills and reasoning will also play an important role in your escape. This is one of the most fun puzzle escape game on my list of Best Escape Games For Android.

You can play in 15 various locations in a lifelike kind of atmosphere, a real solid 3D graphics. This game is 70mb in the installation size, click the link below and download away, and begin your journey into the world of War Escape. Don’t be left out.

Can You Escape The 100 Room VI

Can You Escape The 100 Room VI is loading, an amazingly outstanding escape game, with all the latest feature an escape game should have? Clear 3D graphics and gameplay will totally keep you glued to your Android device. Now, ask yourself this question, can you escape? Are you good at escape games? If yes, then join in the fun of this amazing escape games for Android and escape while you still can.

There are about 50 challenges waiting for you, embark on each one and successfully complete each task that you will be given to complete. At different points in this game, you will be seen in 50 various rooms, trying to escape each one and earning yourself more points.

This game will basically cost a few, 99mb in the installation size, good enough for any puzzle gaming freak, like me, stop thinking about it, whether you should download this game or not. Do yourself a favor and download this fun puzzle escape game for Android and every feature that comes with it.

World's Hardest Escape Game

Hey, I’m really thrilled to present this amazing escape game, one of the world Best Escape Games For Android. Totally free, no in-app purchases, just a few Ads and that’s it. No glitches, no error, this is a uniquely created escape game just for you, for the express purpose of you getting the best fun time out of this game.

Use the clues around you and figure out a lot of puzzles in 20 various locations. Get engaged in hours and hours of captivating gaming, with an undoubtedly cool gameplay. From the environment,t you will find yourself, test your ability in challenging missions, in a fun escape adventure. This game is 43mb in the installation size.

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Spotlight: Room Escape

Let the spotlight be on you, you are in a room, try and escape and be free. Like all Best Escape Games For Android, your mission begins in a room, be it a prison cell, or a normal well-furnished room, with all the clues at your disposal, figure out what means what and what leads to what.

Play with cool 3D graphics, sweet gameplay, awesome touch mode, when it comes to controls, simple and sweet. This game just comes alive, when it comes up on your Android screen with stunning graphics. Get fully involved in this game, although the size varies with different Android devices.

A lot of scenes, riddles, clues that are well hidden for you to find, challenging missions and levels that will keep you interested. A game like a Spotlight: Room Escape is been constantly worked on to bring a new update to your device. Feel free to download and enjoy this game to the fullest.

Room Escape Game: Exits

This is a challenging, but very simple escape game, all you have to do like all other Best Escape Games For Android, use the clues in the room to escape. Try and solve the puzzle that holds the key to your freedom from this room. For now, there are 6 rooms, but with other updates pending, I am positive that other cool rooms will be added on a later date.

To play a game like this, you need to tap on your screen. When you must have found an object of interest, save and follow to gather more clues to escape from this cruel room. The objective is very simple, explore the room, solve the hard riddles and. Don’t get scared this game is totally worth it.

This game has over 5 hundred thousand downloads so far, but this is also part of the upgrade. When the developers of this escape game are done with the game, this game will become the Best Escape Game For Android. Just 76mb in the installation size.

Best Escape Games For Android

When it comes to Best Escape For Android, there are a lot of cool, action and adventure escape games for Android, with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. This particular list of Best Escape Games For Android is different from other lists, very unique. I’m sure you were expecting some action or adventure escape game, but sorry to disappoint you. These Best Escape Games For Android are totally meant for gamers that like games like chess and calculative games.

My list of Best Escape Games For Android has all the latest escape game. Escape games are been played worldwide by everybody in the world, you can change the language to the language that suits your country.

I really don’t have much to say again, I just want to say a big thank you for sticking around and viewing this article. I hope you have found that escape game that gets you every time, till next time, bye.

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