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14 Best Driving Simulation Games for Android | Trucks & Cars

14 Best Driving Simulation Games for Android | Trucks & Cars

Best Driving Simulation Games for Android

Hey there! Let’s get our hands on a fresh topic, which has also been gaining fast potential on mobile. That is the best driving simulation games for Android.

There are lots of different car games out there – ranging from simulations, racing, and puzzle games. Simulation games are quickly taking over due to the real-life experience and excellent graphics they portray on mobile.

There are many driving simulation games for Android on the market presently, and I have had good playtime with lots of them. While some are pretty good, a few of them are great.

This article will highlight the 14 best driving simulation games for Android, so you got to be ready to take some ride!

What Should You Know About Driving Simulation Games?

I think I should open your eyes to a few things about this type of Android games before I dig into the list of the best ones.

Driving simulation games are driving games that provide you with the chances you may never get in real life due to some restrictions.

But with simulation games, you won’t have to worry about the possibilities of committing some errors as lives and properties are not at stake here. From the comfort of your home, you can learn the rudiment of excellent driving right there on your mobile device.

List Of Best Driving Simulation Games for Android

School Driving 3D

Developed by Ovidiu Pop, the School Driving 3D game is one of the best realistic driving simulation games for Android.

It features real-life experiences like taking licenses to drive cars, bus, and trucks, in a real-world environment. It offers more than 40 levels of different real-life driving scenario in dealing with driving cars on the road. You need to suddenly hit the break to see how other cars bump and drivers complain behind you.

Driver Simulator

This is a brand-new game from the producer of City Driving and Truck Simulator 2017.

Driver Simulator provides a completely realistic car driving experience with different missions and tasks awaiting you. Do you want to become the king of the road? Play Driver Simulator!

Extreme Car Driving simulator

This is another amazing game that just has to be featured on this list of best driving simulation games for Android.

The Extreme Simulator game gives you the thrill of a real car, letting you become a furious racer while driving through a whole city.

You don’t have to break due to traffic or because you are trying to outrun other rival vehicles, therefore giving you the chance to run full speed and perform illegal stunt actions without the fear of having the police chasing you. Looking to drive your way to fun and feel alive? You got to play this game.

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Dr. Driving 

A rebrand of the former Dr. Parking game! Get crazy with Dr. Driving!

If you have ever played the Dr. Parking game and enjoyed it, then it’s time to burn up the street with the most visually stunning and fastest version of Dr. Parking series.

You can’t get enough of Dr. Driving. It’s a game anyone will love to play on their mobile.

Euro Truck driver

The unparalleled driving experience the Euro Truck Drivers delivers is what has put the game in a hot spot among various truck driving simulators available today.

You can build your own company and wait to see revenue increases. This is a real-life truck driving experience you can’t wait to experience.

Just Drive Simulator

This is new and free simulation game for Android which offers players the true simulation of how it feels to drive different types of vehicles, including an F1 car and a truck on different roads, cities, and even in dirt bumpy roads. With the Just Drive Simulator game, you can choose to drive between almost 20 different vehicles. That way, you can have the real feel of any vehicle of your choice.

While lots of simulators out there offer different cars, one unique thing about Just Drive Simulator is that it also has a variety of truck vehicles to choose from.

Russian Car Driver HD

Looking to have a feel of what it looks like to be a Russian and drive your car in the countryside? This is just the best simulation game for you.

Enjoy the most realistic driving simulation game on different Russian roads, where you will gradually drive your way up from being a beginner to a professional in the countryside.

You can customize the game and race against local riders or completely get yourself immersed as you explore mother Russia while you drive an old but powerful car. The huge varieties the game features will get you completely thrilled.

Drive for Speed

This is another real car game for Android that will get your butt fixed at a position for hours.

The game allows you to navigate your way through a city full of obstacles. Nothing is as thrilling as seeing yourself win some points as you drive your way around the obstacles.

It offers up to 20 different cars from which you can choose one that best appeal to your taste. There are missions you can complete to earn some money. Just make sure you get each mission completed before the time runs out this makes the game always fresh and never boring!

City Car Driving

The realistic environment combined with the extreme car physics and traffic with different camera angles featured by the City Car Driving game makes it a must-play for anyone looking to have some good time with driving simulation games for Android.

You can decide to play choosing either the drift mode or the career mode. Either of the modes is guaranteed to give you the best playtime.

Truck Simulator 3D

Driving a truck is cool, and there is no better place to learn the feel than driving one in full 3D.

This game allows you to choose your favorite truck and drive in 11 different American cities.

You can choose from 8 different types of trucks available, and you can customize them to give you that perfect feel you crave. Get ready to drive your truck in this full 3D game!

POV Car Driving

POV Car Driving is a driving simulation game that will open you to different curved roads, trial events with no limits, and endless highways.

This is a long ride driving game, which also allows you to have a feel of racing as you race with other faster cars in the traffic.

This game opens you up to the awareness of traffic jams, speed limits, crashed cars, speed camera, and more real-life events featured in the game.

Driving School 2016

This app teaches you how to drive a wide variety of vehicles, including buses, cars, and trucks.

It prepares you for real-life experiences as it offers more than 50 levels with driving simulations teaching you what exactly is required of you to do in case you are faced with such scenarios in real life.

Taxi Sim 2016

This is the last game on our list of best driving simulation games for Android, and it is just the perfect game for you if you are the type that loves transporting people.

Sit behind the wheel of the most famous taxis, and get people to their destinations safely.

The game allows you to drive the New York Taxi in their yellow color, take the german cars for a ride, or drive the London Cab to have a feel of right-hand side driving. You will also have the chance to explore many cities like Frankfurt, New York, London, Moscow, etc.…

You can either play in the one-player mode or play with your friends online in the free ride multiplayer mode. Play Taxi Sim 2016; it is simply the best cab driving simulation game you can find on mobile.

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