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12 Best Dog Apps For Android 2021 | Teach Your Dog 100+ Tricks

12 Best Dog Apps For Android 2021 | Teach Your Dog 100+ Tricks


Majority of us are pet lovers or wish to be pet owners and we all know that taking care of pets is not an easy task, But there are some ways to make this job easier.

Ever used an App?

Well, thanks to some best dog apps for android which you will find in the google play store, the job of training your dog can be made a whole lot easier.

There are hundreds of apps in the google play store which could be of help, but that doesn’t mean that you have to download the app, sit back, and expect the Android App to magically perform the duty of teaching your dog new tricks and other kinds of stuff.

These Apps are basically guidelines for teaching your dogs new tricks and have some knowledge of how to keep them in good health.

So without wasting much of your time, I will be listing some of the best Apps for Dogs to help inculcate some crucial knowledge on how to keep your dogs in a good state and keep them entertained too.


 List Of Best Dog Apps For Android

11 pets

best dog apps for android The first App on our list is named 11 pets.

This App offers you the chance of keeping records of your dog’s medical histories like weight, temperature etc.

You can also use it to keep track of stuff like medication schedules, veterinary doctor visits, vaccination, and other stuff. It also reminds you of detailed food sections with reminders and follows up symptoms using logged records, photos or notes.

Best Dog Food

best dog apps for androidAs we all know a healthy diet is necessary and good for any living thing. Also, we all know that the right diet keeps our dogs agile and healthy.

So this app plays the role of letting us know and understand every basic information about the food our dogs take.

With this app, you will also be enlightened on how to cook special meals for your dogs and know the preventive measures you will take while cooking them.

As long as you have this app, you have a whole lot of information on the basic nutrients your dog requires.

Dog training

best dog apps for androidMost individuals have their own methods once it gets to the training of dogs.

Well, this App gives you the basic tips on how to train your dog whether popular training methods or popular tricks for popular problems.

This App is not capable of giving you what a professional trainer will give but it is very good.

It contains ads but it sure can help you teach your dog a lot.


best dog apps for android 2018As a baby requires a babysitter while you are away, so those dogs require a dog sitter. With this App, you have gotten all you need from a dog sitter.

This app has about 60,00o users who are willing to dogsit for money and also any user who helps you dogsit from this App will give you updates on your dog while you’re away.

To round it up, this app works in U.S and Canada but we are expecting the developers to introduce this App to other countries. DogVacay is totally free to use with no advertisement, paying the sitter is a must. If you are the kind that travels a lot, you should consider using DogVacay.

Google Maps

best dog apps for android Google map is also of the best dog apps for android.

Most people use this app to locate restaurants, get traffic updates, locate a particular place and so on.

But there are other kinds of stuff you can do with this App for your dog.

You can do stuff like locating a nice walking spot for you and your dog, locating a nearby dog park, dog hotels, and veterinary doctors. Mostly all smartphone users have this app installed on their device, BUT what do you use it for? Try using it for your dog(s).


best dog apps for android Pet coach is one of the top Apps for free veterinary advice.

This App allows you to ask questions and get answers from dog trainers, pet nutritionist and other professionals based on your pet’s behavior, pets health and any other stuff you would like to know.

Using this App doesn’t me that you won’t have to make a real visit to a veterinary doctor,  but this App will give you little advice and some symptoms that you can notice.

This is totally free to use and does not contain any form of ads.

Pet First Aid

best dog apps for android

It is normal for dogs to encounter injuries, and it can be heartbreaking for dog owners.

Worry less because pet first aid App is here to tutor you on the kinds of treatments given to our dogs each time an injury is encountered.

This App has detailed information on how to give your dog a very nice treatment before taken to a professional.

It also contains steps on how to administer the treatment to your dog and you can also customize the App to have a hotline button you can use to contact your veterinary doctor once the incident occurs. This App is a free one and is a must-have for any pet owner.


best dog apps for android 2018This App is one of the best fitness apps for both pets and human.

Fitness apps help a lot once it comes to health-related matters, to be more specific this app help in keeping your dog fit.

Rundogo has a variety of activities for human and pets, all you have to do is to select activities which dogs perform like; dog running, canicross, mushing, bikejoring, skijoring and keep tracks and records and also analyze them to know your dog’s performance.

Rundogo has a free version and a premium version that does not cost much. The premium version allows its users to make use of Garmin devices and the free version supports the use of some devices but mostly all but contains advertisements.

Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder

best dog apps for android 2018This is more like a tracking App that works with a physical hardware product.

All you have to do is purchase the product, fix it to your dog’s collar or tag, download the app and register the device.

After that, you can use the App to track your pet in real-time. From some inquiries made, this app is very nice as said in some reviews and ratings, so I suggest every pet owner reading this post to give this App a shot.


best dog apps fro android This App doesn’t do much but just gives you pieces of information based on your pet’s health. It helps to create appointments for you with your veterinary doctor based on what period your pet needs it.

This app keeps tracks of medications too.

There lots of pet experts who are ready to give you advice on pet-related matters via PetDesk. PetDesk is free to use but some services cost some cash to use.


best android apps for dogsLearn to teach your dog awesome tricks and some other awesome stuff.

This app has awesome features that’ll  you blow your mind, it has features like;

  • Lots of tricks from the top 5 best America’s got talent finalist.
  • Step by step instructions with photos.
  • All lessons are taught with positive reinforcement.

I will advise all pet owners to have this app installed on his or her phone.

Dog Training : 101

best dog apps for android First off, I’d like to say how much I love the icon. LOL

Now back to business. This App will tutor you on how to speak dog language. Weird Huh? You should totally check it out.

It  can teach you how to make your dog obey some sings like;

  • Sit
  • Come to you
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Lie down
  • Wipe his or her paws before taking a step into the house.

This App is professional and has been built to help you teach your dog a lot, imagine if your dog could think like a human being.

Sounds Cool Right?


Trust me when I say the feeling of having your dog do lots of tricks on your command is one of the sweetest feeling ever. Dogs are very smart animals that can adapt to what you teach them.

So, I took the time to get 12 amazing Dog Apps that you could use on your Android device to please yourself and your dogs. As we all know dogs are mans best friend, so they deserve the best.

As for me, my favorite App is pet coach, it is my favorite because it is related to health and we all know that health is wealth and without your dog or pet in a state of good condition, it won’t be able to perform some sports activities and other stuff.

I’d like to hear from you. Which is your best?


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