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Top-Tier 10 Best Dog Whistle Apps For Android 2021

Top-Tier 10 Best Dog Whistle Apps For Android 2021


Hello dog lovers. What kind of dog do you have, a Neapolitan, bull mastiff? Caucasian?

I have done my research on some of the best dog whistle Apps for Android and I gathered 10 of the very best.

You can use these apps to train your dog.

I know a lot of people who do not know how to whistle, no need to worry if you can’t whistle, allow these apps to work for you.

Ready for my list of best dog whistle apps for Android? Here goes;

List Of Best Dog Whistle Apps For Android

  • Dog Whistle

Here’s the first app on my list of best dog whistle apps for Android. You can use this app to train your dog. The app has the ability to play different series of high pitched sounds, there’s no way your dog would hear the sound. You can connect your phone to an external speaker.

Did I mention that it is customizable? Yup, you can customize this dog whistle app to play different variations of sounds with just the swipe of a button.

Best Dog Whistle Apps
  • Dog Whistle – Frequency Generator

Here’s another great tool you can use to train your dog. This whistle app is one of the most efficient apps you could ever use on your dog. You’d be surprised how fast your canine bud would be able to catch new tricks.

There’s a clicker feature embedded in the app that can be used to make your dog to stop barking at odd times. This app doesn’t just give you a dog whistle app, it teaches you how to use it effectively.

Best Dog Whistle Apps
  • Anti Dog Bark Whistle: Stop Dog from Barking

So, the main aim of this particular Android is to make your dog stop barking. I remember when my dog had a very serious barking issue. He would bark for over an hour, why? He probably wants my complete attention, and I can’t give him that all the time.

If you have a dog that barks all the time, even at odds times, you should download this app and see if it helps fix the issue.

Best Dog Whistle Apps

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  • Dog Training Whistle Sound: Train a Dog 2020

This app has two features, the whistle feature and also a clicker feature. All you need to do is select the feature you want. There’s also a dog teaser mode that you can use to get your dogs attention. The teaser mode has all kinds of animals sounds that you can play by simply clicking on the icons.

There’s also a whistle training feature that you can follow and train your dog on how to perform basic tricks like sit, lay down and more.

Best Dog Whistle Apps
  • Dog Whistle – High Frequency Generator

Call your dog from wherever he or she is, get your dog to do amazing tricks and more with this Dog whistle app. I have seen a bunch of Dog whistle apps but this particular one has the best UI, UI means user interface.

The only down side to this app is that it contains way too many ads that might affect user experience. But hopefully, the developer would fix this issue soon. A lot of users are complaining about it. But, generally, the app is great.

Best Dog Whistle Apps
  • Anti-Dog Whistle- Train your Dog

Another app on my list of best whistle apps for Android 2020 is this one from wise tech apps. They sure did a good job in creating this one. I like the user interface of the app. It does contain ads, but it might not mess with user experience while accessing the App.

If you have a small or big dog this app is perfect. Anti-dog whistle has a lot of sounds that will surely get the attention of your Dog.

Best Dog Whistle Apps
  • Dog Whistle

If you are looking for a dog whistle app with utmost simplicity, here is the one to download. This should be the easiest to you. If you have a very old android version, this is the one you should download, it won’t give you any issues.

Using this app is very easy, after launching the app, you will be presented with different frequencies to choose from, select whichever you want. This app can be used as a dog repellant or dog training tool.

Best Dog Whistle Apps

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  • Dog Whistle – High Frequency Tone Dog Trainer

I like the ease of operation of this one. Basically all you will need to do to increase the frequency of the whistler is to use your thumb to increase the green meter. This app has frequencies up to 22 kHz.

While using this frequency training, you need to make sure you use it cautiously, if you can’t hear any sound, remember your dog can hear it. Use this application responsibly.

  • Sonic Sound Wave Generator with all Tones

Looking for a dog whistle app with a more hybrid look? Here you go. This is my overall best dog whistle app. Why? I love the user interface and the colors used. I tried using the sounds on my dog and it worked perfectly. You can change the frequency of this app by simply sliding up or down.

The tone and sound generator in this app works perfectly well. You can use this app for a whole lot of other purposes besides training your dog, like tuning your instrument, stopping a stray dog from barking and more.

  • Doggy Trainer – Clicker & Whistle

The last but not the least on my list of Best Dog Whistle Apps for android is doggy trainer. It’s one of those apps that you should have on your phone that’ll help get your dogs full attention.

You can choose from the clicker or the whistle, set the frequency and voila! You are ready to get the attention of your little or huge canine bud. According to the developer “download this and have fun with your canine best friend”


There you have it guys, these are by far the Best Dog Whistle Apps for Android. All the apps I listed in this article have positive reviews from different people that have used it.

Download a dog whistle app today and have fun with your canine buddy.

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