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7 Best Dog Games For Android 2021 | Doggy Dog Games

7 Best Dog Games For Android 2021 | Doggy Dog Games


Someone will wonder, what kind of games are Dog Games For Android, or better still, what kind of article is about the Best Dog Games For Android, but I can tell you that there are a lot of people out there that are going to benefit from this article and learn a thing or two on how to properly take care of their dogs.

Now, let’s just say you’re a dog lover and you love playing with dogs then games like this dog games on my list below are the kind of Best Dog Games For Android that you need to have fun playing with and simulating dogs on your Android device.

So you might not be a dog lover, but the games I have on my list below can motivate you to buy a dog, some might say they are a whole lot of responsibility and they disturb a lot, but dogs are amazing, smart, cute and a lot of fun being around.

So take a look at my list of 7 Best Dog Games For Android and see what kind of dog you’ll like and you can start planning to get a dog.

List Of Best Dog Games For Android 2021

Dog Run:

Pet Dog Simulator In this dog simulator game, play like a puppy dog, either the male or the female.

You can also own your very own puppy and train the dog to grow and even add other puppy dogs to your collection.

There are a lot of dogs to be won and cute puppies to be unlocked, so play and scale through the adventure like a pro to unlock more cute dogs and build up your dog collection.

This games have amazing graphics and very easy to play, smooth gameplay is what I meant. I always ensure to mention the size of all the games that I introduce in my articles so that my viewers will know what they are getting themselves into, so, this game is just 23MB in the installation size.

Dog Simulator 

There is a wide range of cute dogs to choose from, husky dogs, collie, and even bulldogs, you can change and customize them to any color you want, even change give them clothes and shoes and some other funny outfits.

The graphics are good, with smooth controls and clean gameplay. There are 6 special levels that you will need to scale through, and this game also has an online multiplayer mode, where you can play with friends and family.

There are a lot of cool features in this game that will make you say things like ‘are you for real’ and so on, you can play in time challenge mode and even in night mode. This game is 66MB in the installation size, one of the Best Dog Games For Android on my list.

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Pet Run - Puppy Dog Game 

Now, the question is, who let the dogs out? is it you? because it wasn’t me for sure, it has to be you, when you downloaded this game and play it, you have complete control of all your dogs.

Your dogs are running in a particular direction you need to steer the dog in the right direction so that the dog doesn’t crash or hit any object, pretty much like Temple Run, if you have heard of the game.

Collect coins and other valuables as you run with your pet puppy. Choose which pet puppy gets to explore the lovely city that you’re in and run as fast as you can.

Run through the park in amazing HD graphics, control your dog properly so that you don’t hit something. There are a lot of colorful modes available in this game, if I told you all about it, you would know everything about this game, so click the download link below and download the game and find out for yourselves, just 39MB in the installation size.

My Dog Game Simulator

You won’t believe how fun this game is, amazing 3D racing game, race with mature and healthy dogs in different locations.

This is literally the Best Dog Game on my list of Best Dog Games For Android, although it came in at 4th place on my list but, still topping the chart as one of the insanely amazing 3D dog games with HD 3D graphics and smooth gameplay, with good controls.

Your dog will be running against other dogs, prep your dog for the race ahead. Feed your dog well, train your dog and get your dog ready for the race of a lifetime.

This game is cool for children and also okay for Adults of all ages, so don’t be left out. Dog lovers all around the world, this is your chance to prove how much you love your dog and choose your dog to race against other dogs and win. This game is just 34MB in the installation size.

Dog Survival Simulator 

The only rule in the jungle is to survive, so it applies for your dog so control your dog to survive in this amazing dog simulator game.

Of all of my Best Dog Games For Android on my list, this particular game might turn out to be the most difficult and hard to play, but the harder they are, the harder they fall, in the end, you will conquer the game and it will become a whole lot easier.

There are up to 9 various dog breeds, 3 different weather condition, rain included, 12 new adventure missions, a large free open world compass or map. Your dog’s life is in your hand, from time to time, you can upgrade your dog’s strength, speed, agility, stamina, and senses.

All this to help your dog survive. Other features will be made known to you when you click the download link and download this dog game, for your children or yourself, just 46MB in the installation size.

Doggy Dog 

World Your dogs are ready to explore their world, take them on a ride around the city and show them what they need to see.

You have maps at your disposal to help and guide you as you go. You can customize your dogs and train them also at the menu of the game before you begin.

There is just 3 various dog breed for you to try out, with 3D graphics for you to try it out in. It is really amazing simulating your dog on the streets of your city with your Android device, real fun you know? Don’t miss out, click the download link now, and let’s begin. cruise with beautiful sound effects, as you play just for 43MB in the installation size.

Dog Games - Pet Games & Dog Simulator 

As a dog lover and caretaker, what things do you do to keep your dog, fit, healthy, strong, fast, and happy.

The joy of your dog is a very important thing when it comes to taking care of dogs, so that is why, games like this Dog Games – Pet Games & Dog Simulator will help you do so better you have been doing in the past.

This game is completely fun, about 60 challenging new levels to play, different breeds of dogs are available, an upgrade is possible, fighting is even possible if another dog tries to step into your territory, you can defend it, that is why you will need to train your dog well.

There are puppies that you can upgrade to be strong and mature as big dogs. This game has an amazing simulation, 3D graphics, smooth controls, and cool gameplay, you can never get tired of playing this game at any time, any day. just 56MB in the installation size stands between you and this game.

Best Dog Games For Android 2019

Want to know how to train your dog pet, this article is for you, to help you understand how to do so without stress.

You know there is a saying that Dog’s are man’s best friend, so also is the Best Dog Games For Android. So are you willing to know what it takes to train puppy dogs, here is your chance, don’t miss it.

Download one or more of my Best Dog Games For Android, your dogs may not necessarily play the dog games on your Android device but the games will help you know the kind of games you need to play with your dog. So thank you for checking out this article.

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