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12 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Android | Money Earning Apps

12 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Android | Money Earning Apps


Cryptocurrency Apps For Android

Cryptocurrency is one of the most trending and highly sort after category when talking about online money. this platform has made “online money making” much more interesting and easy.

It’s possible, even big-time cryptocurrency dudes will need the apps on this list.

Trust me, if you need to dive into cryptocurrency, you need to swim and even drown inside these apps.

So without wasting much of your time, let me get to business.


List Of Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Android

The Crypto App

best cryptocurrency apps for android This app is one of the most unique and accurate cryptocurrency rate tracker and rate converter app.

It also has lots of features like conversion of between cryptocurrencies and currencies, set price alerts for different cryptocurrencies, add widgets and stays updated with all kinds of cryptocurrency news.

You can also a feature called Bitcoin tracker feature which will help you track the currents rates of bitcoin with no stress.

Blockchain Wallet

best cryptocurrency apps for android Blockchain app is one of the better cryptocurrency apps for android.

This app basically serves as a cryptocurrency wallet for mobile.

It works with bitcoins and some other cryptocurrencies and also has lots of features.

Some of the features include 20 and more cryptocurrency conversion, sending and receiving of bitcoin transactions, pin protection/ two-factor authentication and 18 various language support.

It has a very nice and simple user interface that even a layman can use it perfectly with no stress.


best cryptocurrency apps for android Are you looking for an app to help you run your bitcoins and other cryptocurrency transactions easily, then give coinbase a try.

This app is one of the best and popular app once it comes to crypto trading.

With this app, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and also get to spend and manage your account too.

It’s more like a replica of Paypal but basically made for cryptocurrencies.

This app has lots of other features like receiving price alerts on your device, displaying of price charts, and a nice security feature that works with a passcode.

You can also remotely deactivate phone access in a state whereby your phone is stolen.

The interface is fantastic and also has a nice materialistic design.


best cryptocurrency apps for android Delta is one of the latest cryptocurrency apps for android.

From research, this app is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with a library of 2000+ cryptocurrencies.

You can use this app to get the latest coin prices and coin markets charts and also buy and sell directly from the app.

It also supports the use of other crypto wallets like coinbase, bittrex, Kucoin etc.

To be honest with you, this app has many great features that are expected of any cryptocurrency apps for android.

This app is paid for at a price of $8.49 per month or $49.99 per year.

If you are into deep crypto trading, then you need this app.

Crypto Price IQ

best cryptocurrency apps for androidThis app is more like a price tracker once it comes to cryptocurrency.

It supports the trade of about 400 cryptocurrencies which includes bitcoins, etherum, altcoins etc.

This app features a price history charts, gives you an alert when prices fall or rises, and does not require any permission.

It also gives you news updates on crypto information.

This app is totally free to use with ad support but does it’s work perfectly.

Coins.ph Wallet

best cryptocurrency apps for androidHere is another cryptocurrency app that allows you to check your cryptocurrency balance, transfer funds, make payments, and so much more.

This app comes with a very nice user interface that has been made very easy for anyone to use.

You can also get to shop through this app, including buying of gift cards from various merchants.

From user reviews, this app is highly recommended for any crypto trader.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Best crypto currency apps for androidThis app is a bitcoin manager app, that has a very nice security feature that helps you keep your private keys safe without losing them.

You can get to have multiple accounts and also create a  pin that is more like a two-factor authentication.

While you are using this app you will be able to connect to the Bitcoin network through supernodes which are very fast.

You can also get to sell your coins by using the local trader feature to trade Bitcoin with people in person which is more secure.

Honestly, this app gives all that is required of a cryptocurrency app like Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey, and other kinds of stuff.

The interface is nice and simple, one that you can operate on with no stress.

zTrader Altcoin/Bitcoin Trader

best cryptocurrency apps for android Ztrader is a lightweight cryptocurrency app and also one of the most secure ways of trading bitcoins and altcoins exchanges.

This app uses a 25-bit AES encryption feature of API keys for security and is a complex app that provides tons of information relating to cryptocurrencies.

You can even get to chat with other people with the built-in chat room.

This app is free to download and install, but it is not totally for free.


Best crypto currency apps for android This app is a simple lightweight cryptocurrency portfolio app and market tracker.

It has so many features like the ability to give news updates on cryptocurrencies, it also keeps tracks of your total holdings, as well as your prospective profits or losses.

You can also get to trade 500+ cryptocurrency including bitcoin tokens and altcoins token.

It also gives you price alerts and lets you know when a price drops or rises.

This baby is totally free to use and help you stay in the right place once it comes to crypto.

Enjin wallets

Best cryptocurrency apps for Android Enjin coin price is an application that helps you run all cryptocurrency transactions with ease.

It has a nice and friendly design.

This app has some security innovation features like a secure keyboard that has been designed to prevent any form of data sniffing, two types of encryption, screenshot and video blocking etc.

There is more stuff that you could get to use once you install this app.

You will never have to be scared of losing your bitcoins or any type of cryptocurrency.

This app is totally free to use with no ads.


Best cryptocurrency apps for Android Hodler is one of the best once it comes to keeping track of bitcoins and other cryptocurrency related matters.

You can get to monitor all coins, examine the market condition, set up price alerts and get cryptocurrency news update from 20 sources.

This app has a very cool dark UI which is friendly.

Trust me, with this app you can never lose.


Best cryptocurrency apps for Android This app is one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps.

This app does more than tracking the price rates of each currency but it also helps you get news updates on different currencies.

Once you come to security, this app rocks it better, all you have to do is add a pin and safeguard your portfolio.

If you have any issues in this app, you can get to chat with there 24/7 support via telegram and get your problems solved.

Using this app is quite easy due to the nice UI its features.


The blockchain app is my best because it gives you the latest prices on bitcoins and some other types of cryptocurrency and also because of the user interface design.

I’ll advise you guys to give any of the app listed above a try.

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