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10 Best Compass Apps For Android ~ Know Your Scope!

10 Best Compass Apps For Android ~ Know Your Scope!


Best Compass Apps For Android

Like every other Best Compass Apps For Android the main ingredient to make a compass app work hasn’t changed at all, all compass apps use the same accelerometer found in your Android device to help navigate or detect directions. These compass apps also will most definitely need calibration, to get the app working perfectly without any distortion at all.

If you plan on going hiking with friends, or on a boat journey, you will totally need a compass app on your Android device to guide you. The compass apps on my list of the Best Compass Apps For Android are totally free and easy to use, get them for free and use them to detect directions, where the north is, the west, east, and south is from where you might be standing.

Now, basically, in order for any compass app to work on your Android device properly and perfectly, your Android device should have a magnetic sensor, it’s a requirment. Compass apps are very important when you want to go camping, so let’s go ahead and see the compass apps I got for you on my list of the Best Compass Apps For Android below.

List Of The Best Compass Apps For Android 2019

Compass Steel 3D

Best Compass Apps For Android

On my list of the Best Compass Apps For Android, I can tell you with confidence that Compass Steel 3D is the most gorgeous looking compass apps, not just on google play store alone, but literally on every Android play store. There are a lot of customizations with this app, you can never get tired of the themes that this app has to offer, some other amazing sunrise and sunshine features that affect the way the compass app calculates and delivers directions to you.

We got true north and also magnetic north, there is also some kind of sun direction indicator and a moon-direction indicator too, including the moon-rise, moon-set times as well. This particular app is suitable for hikers, campers, and boaters too. It has an automatic calibration tool, or should I call it a self-calibration tool, that does network too perfectly, that can be considered as the downside of this app. This app is totally free, download now and begin your journey.

Compass 360 Pro

We have got here an amazing, simple and very easy to use compass app in Compass 360 Pro. Now, if you haven’t noticed the ‘pro’ at the end of the name of this app then you’ll probably notice it now, that means that there was an older version of this app, but now, this current version is totally free, amazing and user-friendly, with cool new features.

For an accurate direction with the use of this app, it has cardinal and decimal bearing to make things easy for you, and you can also find the true north and the magnetic north with the help of this app. With no internet connection requirement, you can switch languages and choose another language, depending on where you are from downloading this compass app.

Unlike the previous app, this app has a good calibration. In addition, consider checking your device specification to be sure that your Android device has the magnetic sensor that is required to operate an Android compass.

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Compass Galaxy

Compass Galaxy is simple. It uses no unnecessary permissions and it’s relatively easy to use. It unique compass app on my list, with a very easy-going UI, no stress at all. Just because the name of this app carries galaxy doesn’t mean that the app belongs to the Galaxy brand, I mean the Samsung Galaxy brand. The calibration tool works pretty well.

However, there are no restrictions and no permissions to hinder you from accessing every part of the compass. This app has been tested, I personally have tried out this app and many others just to be sure and I can say that this app has no glitch or problem whatsoever.. The problem which might be a potential problem is the fact that this app has not been updated for quite a long time now, the last update to this app was back in 2017, ever since then the app still works okay, but eventually it will need an update or the software will just get weak and start misbehaving, but the app can’t be abandoned, so, I guess the developers are looking into it, and updates will be provided soon, so it’s still a great choice if you wish to try it out, but if you are looking for something long term, you can try out other compass apps on my list of the Best Compass Apps For Android.

Digital Compass

Digital Compass is one of those apps on the google play store that not only has a compass but also has a map. This app can calculate, longitude, latitude, can also deal with direct address too, with true north and magnetic north, with a magnetic meter, or you can call it a magnetic strength meter to be a little bit professional. In addition, we got what we call a slope level meter and also the sensor status update.

Of course, your Android device must have magnetic sensors to be able to use the app and please while confirming if your Android device has magnetic sensors, do not use magnetic covers to test, that is not correct, and it might cause the magnetic sensor to fail and not work properly. Calibration test was okay, this app works perfectly.

Simple ''Compass''

Simple Compass has its name saying it all, the compass app is that simple and easy to use. Unlike most compass apps, this app uses GPS to conduct a magnetic reading. Some of the other features in this app includes an altitude reading, sunset and sunrise time, and an accurate calibration too.

I know it is quite crazy to use GPS to get the result you need to find a certain direction with a compass app, but trust me this particular app works best with a GPS, so ensure to have a GPS and have it work perfectly to attain a perfect result.

Smart Compass

Smart Compass doesn’t literally mean that the compass app will get directions for you without you putting effort to get results, it simply means that the smart compass will aid and ensure that there are no glitches or loopholes in this app, totally bulletproof compass app for Android.

You are totally going to need a stable internet connection to be able to use this app on your Android device and totally works without a current working GPS signal on your Android device. Now, of course, the other features on this app are quite similar to other features on other compass apps on my, the true and magnetic north is present as always. We also got other features like the presence of mils, grades, and degrees. Without the presence of a GPS signal, there is a live map that can be used to navigate. The downside of this app can just be the graphics. Everything is just amazing, the theme, the user-friendly interface and more.

True Compass - Digital Compass

This compass app is truly a true compass, one of the best compass apps. This compass app is a standard compass app on google play store, no doubt about that, but you can also use this compass app alongside some maps to get a better, wider and more graphic view of the direction you are headed. You can enter points on the compass, save those points, get to another point and come back to the saved point and use it to get your next direction just a simple calculation.

In fact, you can save and see multiple points at the exact same time, amazing right? at every single point, you can see literally see your direction, distance, azimuth, speed, elevation, and also your time of arriving at your destination. It just keeps getting better and better with this amazing compass app. With this app navigating by the stars, sun and the moon, you can literally never get lost even if you want to.

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Compass Free

Compass Free is another magnetic amazing tool, one of the best compass apps on my list. Obviously for a compass app to work on your Android device, as I have already stated in the introduction, it must have a magnetic sensor, that sensor will allow your device to find direction, calculate the relativity of the various directions available and based on where you might be standing, it can also tell you if you’re going north, south, west or east.

This compass is totally free, for a way better and cheaper price you can easily download this app on your Android device and go on a camping trip or go hiking, knowing that your location or direction is not a problem. Compass free really works and it explicitly tells the correct direction. You can get lost anywhere you are with this app on your Android device.

Compass Maps Pro

Compass Maps Pro is a classic compass app that shows real metrics with the correct directions, you can even search your location, if you’re having a hard time finding the direction on the compass, you can easily tap the search icon in the app and search for the location, use the units you will give, calculate direction and basically how long it will take you to reach your destination.

You can also change your compass arrow to face any different direction and continue your journey. Use the map in this app to calculate your direction, locate your destination and move on. The map available to us in this compass app is supported by Google, the API app. This app is just 8.7MB in the installation size.

GPS Compass For Android

This app can totally support GPS signal anywhere in the world, compatible with all Android device. Search for any device in the app with an accurate map that can trace and track any location all around the world. This compass app calculates, directions, altitudes, accuracy in both calibration and direction with all the details intact.

You can also get image view places, in a city, via the map in this compass app, you can view restaurants, get its direction and altitude, pinpoint its location and reach there in time. move your smartphone in various directions to turn the arrow to know which way you are going, you can also basically hold your smartphone flat, as you move he arrow will move as well, calibrating and finding it’s direction based on your movement. This app is just 6.9MB in the installation size.

Best Compass Apps For Android 2019

Now, some compasses may seem to be a little bit more outdated, with the release of smartwatches, and other cool devices that might carry a compass in them. Always having a compass with you, in your Android device or smartwatch is very necessary while on an outdoor adventure, you need to know where you are at all times, even if you get lost, as long as you got your Android device handy, you don’t have any worries.

Compasses basically tell our position or location and directions (in relation to the rest of the world). If You find Yourself lost in any trail, you can always use your compass to locate and find out where exactly you are. Survivalist need compass, hikers, and even soldiers from the US Army or Navy also need this compass, to makes it easy, an Android device will be perfect for any operation

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