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Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Students 2021 | Top 7

Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Students 2021 | Top 7


Extensions! I have written on many articles pertaining to extensions in the past, from 25 best Google Chrome Extensions to Best Google Chrome Security Extensions and more.

Today’s article is also centered on Google Chrome Extensions, but this time, It’ll be specifically for students.

So, if you are reading this article, I’ll assume that you are a student. That’s cool. Stick to this article to find out my list of 7 Chrome Extensions for students.

You’re a student if you constantly want to learn something new and put it into practice. This post is for every one of us that never graduate or grow up (insert inspiring background music).

Really though, if you want to get better at taking tests, remembering study points or just being awesome, this one’s for you.

Okay, let us move right on to our list of Best Google Chrome extensions for students.

List of Best Google Chrome Extensions For Students

Chrome extensions for students

The first man on our list of 7 Google Chrome extensions for students is Google dictionary. Sometimes we come across words we need to understand for the first time or whose definition we need to see for the 100th time.

Whichever one applies to you, Google dictionary lets you do that without ever leaving the webpage you’re on. By just clicking on a word, you can see the definition in a small pop-up bubble or you can use the toolbar dictionary to view the full definition of the word and even lookup an entire phrase.

This Google Chrome extension for students also saves a history of all the words or phrases you look up and lets you download them as a CSV file. In addition, you can allow other Chrome extensions to have access to this history.

I’ll tell you why you’d want to do that in a bit.

Chrome extensions for students

If you’ve been through our list of extensions in other posts, you’d have seen this one. StayFocused helps you stay focused (obviously…what else would it do?) by placing a time limit on certain websites that take up most of your web time, like Facebook, so you don’t end up pitching your tent and living there.

Once the time set expires, that website is blocked until the same time, the next day.

How cool is that??

This way you can’t use certain sites that take up your time when you’re supposed to be doing an assignment or studying for a test or researching for a paper. Thank me later.

Chrome extensions for students

Pop up ads are annoying, this isn’t.

Memorize lets you save questions and their answers and then pops up at a set interval to ask you these questions. It won’t go away until you’ve answered correctly or until you stop it. Once a question is correctly answered, it is removed from the list.

The coolest part is that it pops up regardless what site you’re on so it basically interrupts you to help you study.

Chrome extensions for students

Text to speech tools help us do better and by doing better, I mean using our hand more or resting our eyes longer.

This Chrome extension for students reads out the webpage without you having to select text. So now, you can relax and still get work done. It’s most distinguishing feature is that it blurs the text not being read so you can follow with your eyes and not get lost in a sea of words.

Chrome extensions for students

Here’s a plugin that you’ll love as a student. PanicButton is a Google Chrome extension that hides all your tabs at the click of a button.

Believe me when I say 70% of students have experienced that awkward moment when they’re browsing on a school computer or their personal computer and a teacher walks in. Some teachers, for some awkward reason, will actually want to take a peek at what you are doing.

Now, that’s where PanicButton comes in to play.

All you’d have to do is click on the panic button and all your tabs will be closed. When closed, your tabs are then saved as bookmarks in a separate folder.

PanicButton is so worthy of being on our list of best Google Chrome extensions for students.

Chrome extensions for students

Powerpoint slides and PDF files usually contain useful information that we sometimes need to study and it can be frustrating to spend time and data downloading the one you don’t need.

This extension lets you open these files on your browser tab without the need to download them. This way you can view multiple files and be sure you have the right one with the information you need before you download.

Chrome extensions for students

Earlier on, I mentioned how you might want to allow third-party extensions have access to your Google dictionary history. Flashcards are a good reason why. Flashcards help you practice the words saved in your Google dictionary history. It contains the word definition, the context it was used in and the article it was saved from.


Okay, guys, that’s a wrap on our list of Google Chrome extensions for students.

There are a lot of new extensions coming up and old ones we might have skipped, so, if you know any extension worthy of being on our list of best Google Chrome extensions for students, please mention them in the comments and I will include them on this list with immediate effect.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Beejay!
    As a student, Google translator and Dictionary, Docs are the best from this list. all these helps us to increase or enhanced students productivity.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice post.


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