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12 Best Chrome extensions for Gmail | Enhancements For Gmail

12 Best Chrome extensions for Gmail | Enhancements For Gmail


Gmail is the best email service I’ve used since like forever. 

It is so user-friendly and convenient that it’s impossible to imagine my phone without it. From being free from intrusive ads to more storage and syncing with Google Drive, Gmail is a staple go-to for any and every one.

That said, the extensions listed below are our best Chrome extensions for Gmail in 2018. They will take your already great Gmail experience and make it even better. Think of it as an “extra arm” that you’ve always wanted. Enjoy!

List Of Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail


Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

MailTag is a free Chrome browser extension for Gmail and GSuite that provides an easy-to-use all-in-one solution for email tracking, scheduling, and auto follow-up.

It’s without a doubt the best email productivity tool in the Chrome store. MailTag offers more free and unlimited features than any other extension (by far). Some features include Free real-time email open tracking, Free real-time link-click tracking (with desktop notifications), Free email reopen tracking (know how many times your emails have been reopened), Free email scheduling (schedule unlimited emails at no cost) and others.

Trust me when I say MailTag is awesome.

Send from Gmail

Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Some websites have “mailto” links in them that open “Compose message” windows so you can send them to someone. Usually, when you click on these links, your browser opens up an external email client. Send from Gmail makes it that the compose message window is opened on Gmail. That way, you’d be sending the mail from Gmail and not any other mail host. It also comes with a button attached to the Chrome toolbar for you to forward links via a Gmail message.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

This extension is listed as one of the best chrome extensions for Gmail 2018 because it helps you flex between multiple Gmail accounts. It provides quick and easy access to your accounts through a drop-down menu in Chrome. The accounts are color coded and you can also input messages via voice.


Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Sometimes in a moment of either sheer madness or curiosity or “I might need this later” feeling, we subscribe to things. These things go on (sometimes) to betray our beautiful feelings and become headaches in our emails. Unroll.me provides an easy way to unsubscribe from a lot of subscriptions at once by going through your emails, making a list of your current subscriptions and letting you “lose the weight” in a single click. It even allows you create a list of subscriptions that haven’t betrayed you…yet.


Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

We often share important and maybe sensitive files through our Gmail messages. Digify acts as an email tracking service that keeps you in control of your attachments. It lets you know when your attachment has been opened, printed and even forwarded. It also has features such as undo send after it has reached the person’s inbox, activate “self-destruct” and even control what can be done with the attachment after it gets to the recipient’s mailbox. This is possibly my favorite Chrome extension for Gmail in 2018.


Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Ignoring a read message or procrastinating on a reply is a right we all have; one that is often infringed when people can tell that we’ve read their messages. PixelBlock stops that from happening. With a little red eye shown on the message, it indicates that the message cannot be tracked. Now you can go ahead and peacefully read your messages without guilt trips.


Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Emails sometimes come with instructions for tasks to be carried out and as often they come, we forget that they exist. This extension turns the messages in your inbox into a to-do list of tasks and even turns groups of tasks into projects. It prioritizes and tracks these tasks to make sure you get them done. Now, the world doesn’t have to know your little “forgetful” secret.

Dropbox for Gmail

Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Dropbox is an active and efficient way to save files online and sync them between devices. This extension lets you send the files available in your Dropbox through a Gmail message by simply clicking the icon and attaching the files you need. However, you won’t be attaching these files in the way you normally would. You would only be providing a link to their location for the receiver to access. By doing this, you won’t be using up your Gmail storage space which has a 25MB file limit.


Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

On some days, I wish I could type what I click. KeyRocket makes that happen by telling you what you should have typed instead of clicking what you just clicked. It’s a simple way to learn keyboard shortcuts and work faster (or lazier) on Gmail. To step it up a notch, this extension is available as a really cool app that teaches you the shortcut keys in Office apps.


Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Because emails don’t have to be boring, we’ve added this extension to our list of best Chrome add-ons for Gmail. It adds a button to your Gmail compose message box that lets you search and discover tons of GIFs across the world to suit your mood. Let the drama begin.


Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Discoverly is another unique extension on our list of best Google Chrome extensions for Gmail quest. Bust the mystery bubble around unknown mail senders by using this Chrome extension for Gmail. It does a deep search through social media and even Gmail, to tell you more about whoever sends you a mail.

Gmail Offline

Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail

Being able to check and use your email is fine until you don’t have internet. This changes a lot of your plans and that’s why this extension is one of the best Chrome extensions for Gmail. Gmail Offline lets you read, respond and search your messages even without an internet connection. Despite this awesomeness, it doesn’t let you receive or send new messages until you’re online again. It, however, queues up the messages you type out as pending tasks and sends them when you’re back online. It’s worth your while and you never know when you might need it.

So there you have it! Techy tab’s very own best chrome extensions for Gmail 2018 list. Tell us if we left out any of your favorite in the comment section.

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