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12 Best Chess Games For Android | 2021 Best Picks For You

12 Best Chess Games For Android | 2021 Best Picks For You


When it comes to the Best Chess Games For Android the list just keeps growing and growing, not only wider but better, newly updated chess games with the latest features have flooded google play store, which has made it difficult for us to search the internet and get the very Best Chess Games.

This article is totally useful and important to help you search and select the very best chess games out there so that you don’t have to rack your brain anymore. The list below talks about amazing chess games with easy and smooth gameplay, making it easy for anyone who is a novice at chess and wants to learn how the game works.

List Of Chess Games For Android


Chess Games For Android

This is one of the most popular and the oldest puzzle or chess game in the world and on google play store, very addictive and fun for the entire family.

This particular chess game is very easy to learn and play if you are learning how to play chess for the first time. You can go to the options menu and learn a few basic rules that apply in this game. This game is rated the Best Chess Games for android on google play store with over 50 million downloads, latest updates, and very cheap in installation size, just 2.1mb.

Real Chess

Be the best at chess, play as the grandmaster and play as if you are not a beginner, you can choose to either operate with the landscape or portrait mode. play with a really good high-quality graphics, decent gameplay, easy to learn and play, you have about 2400 difficult levels which you are required to complete.

You have the capability to chat with your opponents in the game, while you are still playing and communicate with them to keep the game fun, you can also call your moves through the chat forum. The multiplayer mode is also amazing, allows you to play with other chess freaks and challenge yourselves to get better at the game.

This game is an amazing Chess Game For Android, it has 10 million+ downloads on google play store and is 40mb in installation size.

Chess Offline Free 2018

This game is a really cool one on one, two on two games, play with more than two players and you can also play against humans, real opponents.

This game is totally free, willing and ready for the taking, cool graphics and amazing gameplay with really decent sound effects, you have the undo and redo button, in case you need to undo a particular move that was not well calculated, you can also save your game, go grab a quick bite or grab a beer or something, return to the game and load from where you stopped. Hints are available in case you need further assistance in placing your chess piece in the right place.

Chess-Titans 3D

Chess-Titans 3D is an amazing addictive 3d puzzle board game with all the awesome features, the new cool background that you can change to, for as many times as you please and you can also change the Titan pieces to different 3d variables. This is a board game of basically two players in which each player will start the game with 16 chess titans pieces.

You have 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 1 king and finally 1 queen, the queen is basically the strongest because she can move in all the available directions and even when you wish to upgrade your pawns to another piece if you move your chess piece into your opponent’s side, it is the queen we all basically want to upgrade to.

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Real Chess 3D Free

What are you waiting for? bring out your Android devices and download this amazing board game now! This is the Best Chess Game For Android, you can customize your chess table to look like whatever you want from the list of beautiful custom colors and designs. Play in four challenging levels against human opponents and computer opponents as well, you also have soft cool music in the background that will just be filtering into your ears motivating you to think better and play smarter.

On this Best Chess Game For Android, the graphics are very cool with a realistic 3d view, you can change the view of the chess table simply by tapping on the camera icon on the left side of your screen if you are using landscape or portrait mode, the location remains the same. You can also switch from chess mode to checkers mode and other few amazing modes.

Chess Masters 3D Free

Keep yourself occupied with this fun chess game, play smart, take your time and be the best, be a part of this cool Best Chess Games For Android by clicking on the link below and download this game. become a chess master. You can adjust the camera angle to the angle you prefer, you have the undo and redo button to go back and forth if need be. Now, this particular game has 6 difficulty levels in which you will be playing not with a human opponent this time, but with an Al opponent.

Tricking Al is allowed, anything you can do to win is basically allowed just know that losing is not allowed. Apply some clever calculative strategies to help yourself have an edge against Al. This game is suitable to be played by anyone both young and old. The game is 21mb in installation size, it is very affordable, so anytime you are feeling bored and in need of a fun cool board game and you have an Android device, don’t hesitate to download this game.

Battle Chess 3D

Battle Chess is a unique chess humanoid board game where the chess piece is being replaced with some spartan dressed warriors. Just 3 difficulty levels and you can play in the multiplayer mode online with as many friends as you can get to be involved in the game.

The game is a simple 2 player mode with 5 different customized humanoid appearance. Play online with your friends both far and near, show them who is boss in this game is and join the battle to win the whole thing.

Chess Live

Keep records and statistics of the game, to view at a later date. You can even create and have your own leaderboard where you can view your progress and the progress of your opponents, this will help motivate you to play hard and stay ahead. You can play in the 1 player mode or the 2 player mode or also play online with friends as well.

Beautiful graphics and dope sound effects that just make you want to go crazy for the game, but please don’t go crazy literally we still need you, jokes aside, this game is very addictive and so full of fun. Chess Live has over 10 million downloads on google play store and is just 3.9mb in installation size.

Chess Online

Guard your king, use your other chess pieces properly, try not to get your chess pieces eaten by your opponents, play and be the best in this Free Chess Game. The basic objective of this game is simply for either one of the 2 players to checkmate the king of the other, once that is done, you have won the game and you can start from the beginning or increase your level and challenge yourself.

Play online with real-life players who are also logged on to this popular Chess Game For Android, playing with you with the same objective in mind. Try your very best to dominate and don’t let yourself get beaten, to get better you can practice offline so that when you get back online, you will be the boss.customize and change the theme to get the full chess experience.

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Chess Game Champion 3D

Chess Game Champion 3D is at this moment top search on google play store as the Best Chess Game For Android with an awesome 3D graphics and good sound effects, it saves battery, so you don’t have to worry about your battery draining fast. A whole lot of challenging levels to pass through.

You have the ability to undo any wrong move, redo and play again, make sure you have properly thought every move thoroughly. You probably want to start this game at the easy level to get used to the game before increasing the difficulty to hard, but I assure you it is preferable to start the game at a difficult level, challenge yourself, reach your limit and see how best you can perform under such difficult circumstances. Perfect your skills on this amazing Chess Game For Android.

Chess Board

How to play “Chess Board” is pretty simple, each player involved in this game will have to start the game off with 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen, 1 king. Now basically in my opinion the king is the weakest link in the chess pile and I think that isn’t only my idea but is a fact as well, the king can only make one move forward either left, right, front or back, which could turn the king into a sitting duck if you are trying to checkmate the king.

You have the ‘hint’ feature to help you predict your every move, but master the game to the point where you don’t need the hint, it is basically for the beginners, and I know that you are better than that right? Enter the game every day to get the daily challenge, where you get special challenges to complete, also access the chess tutor to improve your board skills and be the boss in this Chess Game For Android.

Classic Chess Master

This Classic Chess Master has one of the best friendly user interfaces with good graphics, mature sound effects and it allows you to pause the game and come back to it whenever you want, change the camera view to different angles in the room, become a classic chess master and dominate.

You can play the chess game with limited time, set the clock and time yourself to improve your board techniques and challenge yourself to be the best, it is all about being the best and staying on top, let them know how good you are, in regards to the limited time you can also play in the free mode, no time restrictions, take time to think every move through, playing against computer from the lowest level to the hardest level. 2 players are totally allowed in this game, so get your friend and have fun with this game.


The Best Chess Games listed above are totally entertaining, addictive, fun-filled and totally a good way to get rid of boredom. You can play in the 3D fashion, customize your background, the board wallpaper, the chess titans and many more, play cool soft music filtering in smoothly, help you think better and when you are thinking with a clear head, you can definitely make more well-organized moves.

Finally, I won’t end this without saying thank you for the time spent going through this looking for a suitable game for your Android device.

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