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Top 7 Best Cat Apps For Android | Best Cat Games Ever!

Top 7 Best Cat Apps For Android | Best Cat Games Ever!

best cat Apps for Android

Cats basically rule the world. Or at least they are the following on the line since they already run the Internet.

Given the high status of our furry feline friends in this digital age, it is logical that a whole segment of mobile applications is dedicated to their entertainment.

Don’t think we’re kidding: you can find games for cats that include everything from mice and digital fish to dancing laser dots. Find out what your kitten craves in the 7 selections below.

Here’s my take on the best cat apps for Android.

List of Best Cat Apps For Android

Pocket Pond 2

I still haven’t found a cat that does not like fish, whether chewing down on it or just stalking the fishbowl. Pocket Pond provides a digital form of the latter, allowing your real fish to get a much-needed respite from your cat’s hungry eyes.

This app is not necessarily for cats but works also. The gentle ripples of water will run your kitten to a trance, or you can add fish or buzzing dragonflies to take it to attack mode. This application is not just for cats, either: you can breed, feed and play with the fishes in the pond. You can also decorate your pond to make it attractive for your cat, visit other ponds and search for new fish as well.

Game for Cats

The traditional laser pointer: everyone loves letting their cat chase a laser pointer, right?

Now you can keep your cat entertained without having to strain! Game for Cats will pick a random way to keep your cat’s attention. Game for Cats is a good app to keep your cat busy. This free app for Android could be the answer to your problem.

Cat Playground

Cat Playground for Android combines several mini-games in one application, and you can choose between four levels.

Catch a Mouse presents a wandering mouse that squeaks when it appears on the screen, while Laser Chase presents a simple red dot. Whack a Mouse offers a friendly variation for kittens in the traditional game of Whack-a-Mole, and last, but not least, is Go Fishing, with a swimming fish that emits splash sounds every time a paw hits the screen. Of all of them, the fish received the most approved meow from the cat gallery.

This cat toy will work on almost any Android phone with touchscreen, so it will work best with tablets and phones with a large screen, as it will make it easier for your cat.

Cat Training

Training cats can be a frustrating and fruitless experience. You could also enter into that with a well-prepared experience. Cat Training is an application that helps.

It contains a variety of tips and tricks to train your cat. Some of the lessons include toilet training, grooming, cat conditioning, carrier training and more. It is one of the best applications for cats if you are new to the experience and still do not know what you are doing. It is also a free application without purchases within the application. There are ads, however.


This is not really for cats, but for you, the owners, to help you to take care of your cat more. PetCoach is a reference and advice application.

You can use it to find help in your cat’s daily problems. Think of it as a kind of WebMD for animals (apart from PetMD, of course). You can find a variety of questions and answers about various things. It also has a role in which you can consult with veterinarians, nutritionists, trainers and other experts for advice. It will not replace taking your cat to the vet, but it is a good way to deal with minor problems and find information quickly. The application also works for other animals too.

Cat Alone

Simply leave your cat alone with your Android device and let your cat try to chase and catch several objects on the screen. It’s not that the cats need any stimulus to act (randomly and in their entirety) crazy, but if you really want to press their buttons, CAT ALONE for Android does the work.

This free application (but with advertising) has a variety of adorable features for your furry friend to pursue, including sneaking mice, Butterfly (New Content) and Cockroaches. The faster the creature moves when your cat hits it, the higher the score will be. What better way to test those … feline reflexes? As with most cat games, CAT ALONE works best on the widest screen of a tablet. And if you also have a Bluetooth-enabled phone, you can even control the movement of bugs, making this game fun for both you and your pet.

Relax My Cat

Music can certainly influence our moods, so why not cats? This application has some different melodies that have been specially composed for cats.

It is assumed that each evokes a different mood, so there is a clue to numb them, a melody to play, and even one for separation anxiety. It’s easy to use: just choose the track you want and set a time limit. Does it really work? That depends on your cat. There’s nothing, especially feline sound in the music, so you can probably get similar results by creating your own playlists.


Our furry overlords are not always easy to entertain, so you might consider installing some applications for cats on your smartphone or tablet. Be careful: if you are going to let your cat play on your tablet or smartphone, scratches are a very real risk for some of you. Others may expect looks of disdain and general indifference.

Tell me what you think about my list of best cat apps for Android. Do you have Cat apps for Android that you love or Cat Apps for Android that you would want to see featured? Tell me about it in the comment section and it will be up in no time.

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