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12 Best Camping Apps For Android 2021 |Free Outdoor Apps

12 Best Camping Apps For Android 2021 |Free Outdoor Apps


Camping is a great outdoor activity where you get to meet more people, learn new things and have great fun in the woods, which you might not get to have again in a long time.

Moreover, camping reduces stress level due to several physical activities you can try out. This as well increases your vitamin D level.

As technology keeps advancing, there are so many ways your android phone can increase your camping experience.

Here’s my exclusive list of best camping Apps for Android.

List Of Best Camping Apps For Android


On this app, you can search for free campsites. Though for a quality experience it’s more preferable to opt for the paid campsites.

There are cell coverage map overlays to determine places with an Internet connection.

To tailor your search you can filter it by cell signal, weather, safety, road difficulty,  crowdedness and so on.

Before you opt for a campsite, you can as well check its nearness to grocery stores, dumpsites, freshwater, propane, cell towers, and even places like Walmart, Casinos, as well as rest areas that allow overnight RV.

There are several videos to watch of other campers reviewing a particular campsite.

There is an in-app trip planner which you can use after the rendezvous with the campsite authorities.

This app is totally worthy of being on my list of camping apps for android


If you’re camping in Australia or New Zealand, this app should be your companion. Unlike FreeRoam there usually aren’t any free camp. There are only paid campsites. Some are low cost while others are high-priced.

If you don’t want to sleep under a tent, you can search for available hostels and motels near the campsite.

If you end up choosing a campsite that allows mobile phones, you can search for free WiFi around using the app.

There’s a ‘things to do’ feature, where you can input your goals during the camp activities.

Using this app will provide you with exclusive deals and offers on accommodation, as well as attractions near you once your notification is on.

Spaceships Camping

This app is also suitable for those willing to camp around Australia or New Zealand. While CamperMate is suitable for solo camping, this app is more couple oriented.

There are several free campsites to check out. If you’re not sure of what to search for, there is a suggestion feature for the best camps out there. It offers you the details, contact, and comments from other campers.

If you wish to seek for accommodation in a motel, there are deals offered on certain types of room.

This app makes your camping experience as a couple, hassle-free.

Camper Leveler

If your choice of accommodation is a motorhome, you can use this app to level it horizontally.

The app shows the number of centimeters each of the wheels has to rise, taking the wheelbase and the wheel width into account for it to be balanced. Values for wheelbase and wheel width can be set according to your vehicle’s measures.

You will have to calibrate your phone so the app will work on a surface that isn’t flat.

There are instructions which are mandatory to go through before trying this out, especially as a first time user of this app.

Camping Checklist

This app helps you prepare for your camping trip. There is a list of all the necessary items you will need. Once you’ve crosschecked and confirmed that it has been packed along with other items, there is a box that you will tick so you can move onto the next item.

You can add your own items if it isn’t listed in the app.

The list of items is usually grouped into suggestive categories to make it easier for you when packing.

There are several platforms where you can share your camping checklist with friends and family.


This app offers you access to Europe’s biggest database of motorhome sites. You can search through the app for motorhomes in more than 50 countries. There are numerous reviews by other campers before settling for a motorhome. The app requires you to check out the reviews.

Apart from filtering your search based on country or region, you can also filter based on the type of site or price. Each result the app provides you comes with detailed information such as address details, photos, GPS coordinates, reviews, the maximum number of places, prices and facilities.

There is an in-app navigation software which you can use to determine the route to the motorhome. To make it easier to find, you can mark the location of the motorhome.

Using the background GPS for a long time will shorten your battery life very quickly.

WikiCamps USA

This app is a crowdsourced database of campgrounds, hostels, day stops, POI’s, dump points and information centers.

This app is a crowdsource because most of the sites are added, modified and shared by thousands of WikiCamp users which you can be among after your camping experience with them. The database is always growing and regularly updated with the latest site details, reviews, prices, and photos.

The app offers campsites nearest to your location. For faraway camps, you will need to filter your search. You can also use the map to see exactly where your chosen campsite is on a street or satellite map.

There is a satellite dish pointing tool which works out the azimuth, elevation and LNB rotation for you. You can also see the satellite right on your phone screen in real-time, so as to keep track of where it is positioned. This tool is needed only if you will be taking a satellite along to the campsite.

There is a chat forum where you can chat with other users of the app.

Easy Camping Meals

If your accommodation is separate from the camp, knowing what meal to cook will be a necessity and can be a problem if you aren’t much of a Cook. This app offers a solution to the problem. Whether it is a family or solo camping, this app will still to be a necessity.

There are 25 different meal recipes to try out. There are also eBook recommendations with assorted meal recipes you can try out.

For reasons known only to the app developers, they chose to include emergency contact numbers, and helpline numbers of the place you will be camping.

Camping Tips

If you’re a first-time camper, this app offer tips on what and what not do during camp.

From setting up your tent to avoiding bears, there are tips on every necessary thing to be considered. There are videos in the app if you’re more of an audiovisual person.

The app version is 1.2 and the size is below 3mb. This means it works seamlessly on all android devices.

Camping Party Games 

To get the most out of this app, you will need to purchase the full version, then you will get unlimited access to various kind of games.

This app is open-ended, there are games suitable for peers, such as a social drinking game, or a more reserved game that is suitable for families or couples

The interface of the app is smooth. There is a burning fire, and nighttime sound effects similar to what you will experience in the woods.

Camping Vacation Kids

If your kids will be accompanying you to the camp, this is an app you can use to give them a quality experience.

This app is very educational. Your kids get to learn how to pitch a tent, places to find interesting things in the woods, role-playing games where they act as a doctor treating an injured boy, the lighting of campfire and so on.

There are games for toddlers and kids under 13 years old. These games are aimed at improving their problem solving and motor skills.

The app is optimized for Android tablets too.

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Camping Ideas

The last on my list of camping apps for Android is this amazing app. This app offers camping tips and ideas on various tent styling, making a campfire with irregular materials, best locations for camping and so on.

There are several other kinds of camping types (jungle camping, mountain camping, and desert camping) apart from wood camping. The app also offers tips on these camping types.

There is a sharing option which allows you to share your favorite pages, on all social media websites. Also, you can save the pages into your gallery.

If your campsite has no Internet connection, this app will still work perfectly offline.

Best Camping Apps For Android

Even though most camps do not allow the usage of a cell phone during the camp sessions, you can still use some of these apps before leaving for the camp. You will just need to make a mental note of everything before leaving.

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