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Top 10 Best Calendar Apps For Android | Schedule | To-Do List

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps For Android | Schedule | To-Do List

Best Calendar Apps For Android

If we look around, we will find that everyone around is busy with their life. Our life is full of parties, appointments, and work deadlines, therefore, in these hectic schedules, it becomes a challenge to handle everything.

Even sometimes it is almost impossible to work according to our program.

So, to make things a little bit easy, we need to have a third party calendar app.

Since we carry our smartphones on our pocket, having a calendar app seems to be the best option.

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Having a calendar app on your Android device will ensure that you haven’t accidentally overbooked yourself, or miss your friend’s birthday party.

Usually, our Android smartphones come with a default calendar application.

However, it doesn’t help that much because it only shows the dates and the day.

So, to be productive, we need to have a third-party calendar application.

In this article, we are going to list some of the best Android calendar apps that will help you be productive.

List of Best Calendar Apps For Android


Any.do is basically a to-do app list which comes with a calendar.

The app is massively popular amongst Android users and its one of the best productivity app that you can install right now.

The app is mostly used to track tasks, manage schedules, set reminders, etc. Talking about the calendar features, the app allows users to add both tasks and events straight from the calendar view.

Calendar Notify

Calendar Notify is one of the newer calendar apps for Android on this list.

It does a lot of the right things, including a full suite of customization tools and an at-a-glance style UI.

The premium version also gets more advanced customization tools. In terms of the basics, you get Google Calendar as well as any other calendar with Android Calendars support. The app does the basics without any problems, but its big draw is the customization and control users get over their calendars.

one calendar 

Next up on our list is the one Calendar app that comes with a customized offering on the traditional calendar viewing. It has a host of features like calendar viewing, event reminder and much more.

The app comes with a tone of reliable organizer that can be color coded as per the liking for each event. It also has offerings of themes that can be selected as per the liking. Furthermore, the app comes with no ad-intervention and is clean to use.

Cal – Google Calendar + Widget

A unique offering of calendar app than the ones prevailing in the market, this one has an easy to use flowing kind of design.

It comes with multiple features like support for the existing Google Calendar, widget viewing, predictions and much more. It can be integrated with the Any.do To-Do-List that makes it an excellent option for those seeking to use two apps at once. The app comes with no in-app purchases and is completely free to use.

Touch Calendar

If you’re fed up with a constant need for flipping in between the views on other calendar apps, then Touch Calendar will help you out. It comes with a whole calendar glance at one and has options to tap, zoom and further scroll it.

It can be synced with Google Calendar and offers exciting options to integrate. Furthermore, you can also use the app with your finger gestures.

DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar is a solid calendar application. It features Material Design, a dark theme, tons of add-on and more. Some of the features include sports calendars, TV schedules and more than 500,000 additional events.

Other features include themes, weather information, calendar widgets and support for Google calendar, the Exchange calendar and the Outlook calendar.

The free version has many of the features, while the pro version has it all. It’s just a bit of buggy, but nothing too serious.


A robust piece of the calendar app, this one offers friendly integration that can be easily used upon.

It offers sync option with the stock calendar on Android, i.e., Google Calendar and has a large variety of customizable options.

The app comes with changeable event colors and can be configured in different modes of viewing. It offers the weather forecast along with recurring events around. It also allows the user to just drag and drop to make a change in their event and schedule.


An ideal calendar app for many, this one comes with a neat interference that offers the great organization. The app gathers around all of calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts into one place for better viewing.

The app has an auto backup option and integrates changeable themes. It can be used on month view scene like that of the typical physical calendar. The events can be further listed adhering to different color coding too.

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Business Calendar

One of the standardized calendar offerings in the market, Business Calendar is one to look forward to. It comes with the traditional outlook of the physical calendar paired with event viewing options in the form of days, weeks, months and even further by agenda and tasks.

It has color-coded view integration and also offers changeable themes. The app can be synced with Google Calendar and comes with recurring events notification. This app comes in two variants, i.e., a free one and paid one.

Jorte Calendar & Organizer

If you are looking for a highly customizable Android calendar application, then Jorte Calendar & Organizer may be the perfect choice for you.

Guess what? Jorte Calendar & Organizer also offers an organizing tool that can be used to add and schedule tasks.

Not only can that, but Jorte Calendar & Organizer also synchronize Microsoft Office 365. It certainly is another of the best calendar applications you can use today.

Best Calendar Apps For Android

Everyone needs an effective way to manage appointments, meet deadlines and remember birthdays and anniversaries. Juggling all this in your head is impossible, but fortunately, you will find tons of mobile applications that will help you keep everything in order.

So, take a look at some of the calendar apps for Android listed above that is currently available in the Google Play Store.

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