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13 Best Calculator Apps For Android | Updated List 2021

13 Best Calculator Apps For Android | Updated List 2021


We’ve all been in a situation where we found ourselves in dire need of a calculator when one was absent, or worse still, we need a calculator with live feeds, multitasking features and Internet settings for researching on a mathematical problem or simple issues such as sending our calculations to a friend or colleague.

This is where calculator apps for Android come in handy. And here are 13 of the best calculator apps for Android to choose from.

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List Of Best Calculator Apps For Android

All in one calculator

As the name implies, this is an encompassing calculating app. It consists of 70+ calculator types with categories under finance, women, health, construction, lifestyle, and maths.

Moreover, it has the standard division which includes percent key, bracket, negative signs, and history saver. It also has the advance division which consists of memory key and functions for trigonometry, logarithms, roots, and exponents.


• It has a unit converter and currency converter which has simple and compound interest calculator alongside savings calculator.

• The health calculator has within it a calorie calculator and can also measure BMI and BMR, body fat percentage.

• Women calculator has a fertility calculator and gives the due time of birth. It also calculates conception date and menstrual cycles.

Clevclac calculator

This calculator also has multi-purpose uses, although a little bit limiting. It offers conversion in temperature, length, width, speed, energy and so on.

It also has an ovulation calculator which calculates the ovulation time and fertility using the menstrual cycle billing date. This is one of its unique features.

Other features are –

• world clock conversion

• Calculation of the reduction

• Health calculation; BMR and BMI metabolism

• Conversion of units

• Currency conversion

My Script (Paid)

If you’re not a typing freak then this is a better alternative for you. This calculator app for Android turns your device into an interactive piece of paper. It provides you a blank space which you can handwrite the mathematical problem you want to be solved. Ease at its finest.

Moreover, it has a history for all your calculations. And also supports operations such as trigonometry, logarithm, brackets and so on.

Scalar scientific calculator

Here’s another amazing calculator on my list of best calculator apps for Android. This is a smart and advanced calculator. It comes with a powerful math engine and math scripting language allowing users to write scripts capable of solving complex things and feasibility to define arguments and functions to be used in calculations, expressions, and graph. Once you’re done you can share it online.

This App has an Amazing interface.

This app is not suitable for beginners due to its complex interface and structuring type.


This calculating app possesses uniqueness similar to my script calculator.

It is a picture taking calculator. No need for typing, just set your camera on the paper your calculations are on, snap it and have your answer presented to you.

This calculator also has standard calculating of roots, linear equation, algebraic equations, absolute equation and quadratic equation. It also offers various equation types and also performs logarithms, trigonometric functions, integration and derivation, exponential calculations.

This is a huge plus for a photo taking calculator.

Desmos graphing calculator

Here’s another amazing calculator App for download. This deals with problems pertaining more with the use graph. But it’s worth a mention here because it’s set up and functionality is above par.


• It eases graphing for you. You can plot polar, cartesian,parametric graphs with no limit to how many expressions you can graph at a time.

• It helps in statically finding parabola, best fit lines and so on.

• It offers point of interests showing maximum and minimum points of intersection

• Zooming of the axis

• It also serves as a scientific calculator. It handles equations, roots, logs and more.

If you want a calculating app with wider features on graphing then this is a must-have for you.

Calculator ++

This a smart calculator app and looks similar to Google calculator app. It has two layouts (standard and engineer layout) the latter having more options.

It as well has various gestures and numerous themes to choose from. With its slight normalcy, it still rates better than most apps out there.

Smart hide calculator

Here’s a fun one.

This is an unusual calculator because not only does it calculates, it also hide things for you. It functions as a secret vault.

Once you input a password which you can set up when you first operate the app. The “=” button takes you to the vault’s interface where you can hide your photos, videos, document or files with any extension type. You can also hide apps if your device is rooted.


As the name implies, it allows ease in solving graph functions used in geometry. It as well can be used in solving algebra, calculus and statistics.

Its simple interface provides ease in creating graphs, dragging and dropping of shapes.

One of its greatest features is the real-time access to changes in your calculations and variables in the bottom section while still working on your graph.

Calckit calculator

Calckit is another amazing calculator which has numerous features. Availability of 150+ calculators including converters.

Saving of complex 3d geometry makes it a must-have for advanced scientific workings. It also can be used to solve geometry and analytical geometry, equations, algebra, matric, and electronic problems.

Its integrated search and integrated notepad make it a handy calculator for multiple purpose use.

For different feels and gestures, you can customize the calculator and also choose a light or dark theme.

You can switch it to various languages depending on the one you’re most versed in.

Mechanical engineering one 

I can’t talk about calculator Apps for Android without including an app dedicated to Engineers. This app is created by engineers for engineers. Its interface is straightforward.

Some of its features apart from calculating includes reference table, converters, metric (SI) and imperials (US) units.

Financial Calculators 

This calculator is unlike its scientific counterparts. This focuses on personal finance issues.

It has a loan and mortgage calculator where you can see interest rates and monthly payment options on an amount.

You can also use the credit card and auto loan calculators to see how you can afford a new car and new credit cards.

If you are planning to manage your money in a better way and need a functional calculator you can operate with ease and make the best financial decisions, this app awesomeness is enough for you.

Google calculator 

The simplest if all on this list. It’s a well-designed app which handles basic maths problems. The Google Calculator App is one used by All.

You can get some complex features but it’s still not up to par with the other calculating apps listed above.

Latest reports speculate an upgrade in this app but for now, you can only use it for led complex maths tasks.


So, there you have it, that’s all I have for you on my list of best calculator Apps for Android. With this info, you should have a guideline on which calculator app for Android suits your purpose and provide you with added functionality as well as smooth operation.

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