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10 Best Alternatives to Bluestacks 2021 | Bluestacks Alternative

10 Best Alternatives to Bluestacks 2021 | Bluestacks Alternative


Have you been thinking of running that android app on your computer system because the screen size of your Android device is too little? Have you been discouraged by the fact that blue stacks actually causes system lagging and sometimes stops abruptly due to some bugs?

Allow me to help you with that. Look no further, because right here I have compiled a list of 10 bluestacks alternative 2019 that will help you correct the problems you might be facing with your system and help with the necessary solution.

When you must have found the particular app that will help as an alternative to Bluestacks, click on the download link below and access such app to get the full benefit.

List Of Bluestacks Alternatives

You Wave Emulator

You wave is a very much lighter version of Bluestacks and it’s also very compatible with many windows versions running Android apps meant for virtually every release of the Android operating system.

It is user-friendly and also doesn’t disturb other processes in the system thereby not causing the system to lag. Allows your pc go on by its own business, but yet running to improve the capacity of your pc.

In as much as it’s not a Freeware, you have a free ten-day trial to enjoy the emulator, after that you will need to subscribe and continue to give your pc the treat that it deserves.

ko player

With the latest kernel version under the 86x architecture, this is a cutting-edge emulator that is very durable and reliable. This emulator brings out the best in your pc and allows it to gather the necessary information to improve upon itself and upon any Android devices connected at that time.

Multi-languages are supported, graphics rendering mode for smoother and better gameplay when playing games and faster opening tab when surfing the internet.


Presented on a plater of gold is an emulator that gives you unlimited access to a vast storage space, PC compatibility, and access to play any favorite game or run any android app of your choice. Get this now by clicking on the download button below.

If you are a fan of Bluestacks, then Andyroid is an amazing app for you. Visual representation of games and applications on the pc, even Android applications that might be running on the pc already is very high. Suitable for all versions.

Droid 4X

Its rumored to be the best emulator ever leading incompatibility, performance, user experience, and gaming controllability. No lagging when playing any pc game, no hanging when surfing the internet and lots more.

This app is very efficient and very adjustable, get the best out of this app and get the best out of your pc.

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Nox emulator, Unlike the rest, is a powerful android emulator with root options. This root options will help you effectively root any Android devices, despite the Android version.

It runs on AMD chips too. it runs basically 4.4.2, which will practically help you use any app, from the android extensive catalog. The AMD chips and feature may not be preferable, because AMD is not always reliable. Overheating may occur and loss in the visual display of your screen. So it might be advisable, if this app comes with the AMD chips, you could upgrade it to work even better.


Real-time, swift, crispy looks and lightweight what can a computer user ask for again? Nothing at all, this app has it all, totally free and adaptable.

Not to mention the fact that it’s got very nice virtualization technology in the BIOS settings.

That is a sight for sore eyes! Totally worth the stress to go through to procure this app.

Leap droid

In this futuristic app with gestures enabled, swiping can make your game character go in the direction that it was intended to go. This app is pretty perfect for gaming on PC.

This is a very robust but bold emulator to have. It’s considerably flexible and lightweight too, easy to adapt and collect information.

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Introducing the Android emulator with the ability to run apps effectively on a lollipop 5.1 android version. Totally free, you don’t need to buy this app online.

Memu is a nice emulator ranging from compatibility to organization to customization. Memu is highly recommended for you. Just click on the download link below and begin to organize your apps on your pc.

Limbo pc emulator

Limbo pc emulator is a port of Qemu {quick emulator} and is a very nice lightweight emulator app. Easy to use and control. Limbo pc emulator offers an amazing feature in driving program to work in the app and capacity that they were meant to work.

Download this app and free your pc, emulate your apps, programs, games, and files as well. no glitches, less hanging.

Archon emulator

This is sort of an extension for chrome, it makes the system not to lag when it’s running any android app or game, flows very easily and allows you to access whatever Data was running without hanging. Now, you can actually run the Apk program from chrome directly, without bypassing or passing through another medium to run any program on any format.

It’s a lightweight and very efficient app. It installs very fast and won’t crash or stop working just like that. This is really an efficient App.


Basically, I’m sure you have enjoyed this article and have found the app that can be used in alternative to Bluestacks. The list of apps above will help you operate your system properly, no lagging and dragging, smooth and works without stress. You might not be able to get the Bluestacks, that is why these list of apps has been provided for you above, find the one that can give you what you want and is compatible with your system.

Thank you very much for your time and patience, it is duly appreciated. I hope this article has been able to shed some light on what you didn’t understand about bluestacks and some amazing bluestacks alternative. Till next time, bye.

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