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Top 10 Best Basketball Games For Android | Dunk Shot Fever

Top 10 Best Basketball Games For Android | Dunk Shot Fever


The Best Basketball Games For Android are all from google play store, with the latest and updated versions. All the basketball games on the google play store are suitable for basically all Android devices. It also supports tablets and other Android devices. Take a pick from my list of Basketball Games on Android, live the dream and experience the game.

Basketball fans, as well as players, are advised to download the games that I will list out below in a short while. This is because, this game will help them improve on their tactics, skills, speed, and accuracy. Although you might be using the screen to play you will be learning new techniques as well. Get the feeling, live in the moment and enjoy the game.

List Of Best Basketball Games For Android

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a whole new world of basketball experience you can tap into. Experience a realistic gameplay in this fun sports game. Create and build up your own squad and lead them to greatness. Engage in amazing PvP matches, Go online and play amazing matches against friends. This game needs a stable network connection, so endeavor to have such.

Connect online and lay it all down on the pitch and prove that you are undoubtedly the best basketballer in the game. Once you have created a squad of all of your top players, then you are ready to begin the basketball thrill ride. Get involved in the PvP challenge every day and compete with friends around the world. This game is been downloaded worldwide by a whole lot of people, it has 50 million downloads right now and still counting. The game is 53mb in the installation size.

Real Basketball

Real basketball is an amazing 3D realistic basketball game with a real-life basketball experience. Show off your dope skills in this game, play on different game modes, play as a single player or in multiplayer mode. Play online with friends in your local region and all around the world. There is the in-app purchase feature that can be used to buy some cool equipment and upgrade your current equipment.

Earn more MP’s and upgrade your basketball gear and other necessary equipment that shows you are ready for the match. There are six different amazing game modes available in this game. Choose your preferred game mode and begin your journey into the world of Real basketball. Experience the cool friendly interactive session in this game. Now, there are 40 outrageously cute uniforms to buy and wear and a lot of features to customize. 20 basketball techniques, and features, 4 unique basketball courts to play on and improve on your skills. Win cups and unlock all the achievements available in the game.

Basketball Stars

Play one of the badass multiplayer basketball games for Android. Commit to training and all other basketball tutorials, learn all the skills in the book. Improve your skills, ball patterns, and techniques. Conquer your rivals and be a star. The objective of basketball games has always been the same, dribble, shoot accurately and score. Win and take control of the court as the champ.

In attacking, deliver accurate passes, move, fake opponents to pass them, aim for the basket and score. When on the defense, try and stay directly in front of your opponent trying to get by you, block his passes and advancement to the basket. Customize your 3D players and all other customizable effects. Challenge friends in this amazing 1-on-1 multiplayer game, access the multiplayer mode and begin. A lot of cool features will be unlocked when you progress in the game, level up and enjoy the game better.

Basketball Stars has dope 3D graphics, cool, decent gameplay, and cool sound effects. The game is just 45mb in the installation size, with over 10 million downloads so far. This game is going to need a consistent internet Data connection.

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Fanatical Basketball

Fanatical basketball is one the most popular and stunning Basketball games. Play as the amazing basketballer, create your squad and build your team’s skills and possession ability. Challenge your teammates to go the extreme to win and improve on their skills. If you ever get tired of playing 1-on-1 basketball game, you can play 5-on-5 instead and conquer the whole division.]

Basically, you have 2 options in this game win or lose. Win and stay and keep dominating or lose and go home. The 3D graphics are totally amazing and the controls are simple and easily accessible. You can easily find the buttons on the screen, for more instructions on how to use the controls, visit the controls settings.

Two basic game modes are available, quick gameplay mode and league mode. In the quick gameplay mode, the basketball teams will be chosen for you at random. While in the league mode, you can choose your favorite team, customize the squad and drive your team to victory.

Basketball Battle

This game is fun, totally a game to relieve stress and relax while playing. You have cool amazing graphics, smooth controls that allows you to play and move your players easily. The animations in the game allow you to perform some amazing step-backs, and cross-overs.

Engage in the LIVE EVENTS and compete against tough players from around the world. You can customize how the game looks.  Customize the basketball court, your players, their gear and every customizable effect. Play against friends in a unique 2 player mode, with the screen been split in two. This is a really popular basketball game on google play store. The game is 39mb in the installation size and also with over 10 million downloads.

Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania is an arcade kind of basketball game, with immerse shooting activities and a whole lot of missions and challenges. To move onto the next level in this game, you will have to move the ball to hit its target. Stay on point, score more points, as many as you can to stay in the game. In this game, you will need to keep playing until the player who can’t keep up stops playing.

In a particular game mode, you have a given time to earn more points and win the match or time challenge. Level up and improve your gameplay. each level in this game has a different unique gameplay, so play well so that you be changing your gameplay from time to time. And in turn, enjoy the game. The way to play this game is very simple, touch the ball and throw or fling it to where the basket is located to shoot. Basketball Mania just keeps getting better and better, while playing just enjoy the beautiful sound effects. This game is cheap and can be downloaded for just 7mb in the installation size.

Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot offers an amazing basketball experience, aim for the basket and score. Basketball Shoot is a simple game with all of the simple, easy to use features. Download this game from google play store for just 8.5mb in the installation size. This game is one of the most popular games on play store with over 10 million downloads.

Playing is made easy with the simple “drag and release” feature. Simply tap and drag the line you’ll see to adjust angle and power.

Then release it to fire the ball into the basket. The game is easy to play, even a child can easily play and enjoy the game. You can change backgrounds in the options menu. Adjust or change the background to whichever background you wish to play with. 11 backgrounds are available to be used, so change at your discretion. More updates will be coming. Stay tuned and wait to be surprised for what they will have in store for you.

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American Basketball Playoffs 2018

Play like a champ, dribble like a god, shoot like a pro and score like a hero. Engage in some intense amazing basketball game in American Basketball Playoffs 2018. Intense cool 3D graphics and smooth gameplay. Take full control of your players, switch the cursor from one player to the other. Dribble and score.

This game is a new basketball game on google play store with just over a thousand downloads so far and just 20mb in the installation size. This game has almost all the latest basketball stars and all the cool skills and tricks in basketball.

Play as frequent as you can to get better at the game to stay at the top as the champ. This game can be very addictive and fun to play with friends and family. The “how to play” rules still apply in this game. “Drag and release”, use it and score as many baskets as you can.

Street Basketball Association

You are welcome to the amazing Street Basketball Association. One of the coolest basketball games. The cool fun character that will keep you entertained. Play this game with the express purpose of winning, that is what it’s all about. Win leagues, cups, and achievements, win them all. You can also get involved in the real-time multiplayer online mode. Play against friends from around the world and prove your superiority in this game.

The 5 major game modes are available. The Quickplay mode, Cup match mode, league mode, Three-point contest mode, training mode.

In all these modes, engage in them actively. You can start with the training mode to build up your team. Get involved in an intense basketball experience, play with the full support of the team solidly behind you. Engage in authentic touch controls and compete with friends online. You can also replay any match or shoot that you make by tapping on the “replay”. You can also save any match and share such saved matches with friends online.

Rival Stars Basketball

Create your very own unique basketball team, draft all the popular and tough basketball players for your team. There is a whole lot of way to get players to your team. You can draft them or just simply buy them. Work your way steadily and straight to the top. Level up and earn more points and coins. This game is totally free, but unlike most Basketball Android Games, it has some in-app purchases.

Dope graphics and well-coordinated animations are present in this game. Allow this game to flow through you, enjoy the game and I assure you. it’ll be totally worth it, and you will enjoy the game to the fullest. There are a ton of other prizes and rewards to collect from the game. Ensure to play as good as you can to win basically everything.

Become a rival star and lead your team to victory. This game is just unique and the size might vary on various Android devices.


The Basketball Andriod Games in this article can be found in google play store, for affordable installation sizes.

All you have to do is select the particular basketball game that suits you and download. Begin playing and enjoy unlimited fun basketball experience. All the Basketball Games For Android on my list are free. No money is needed to buy and play any game here, unless in-app purchase. Which you might need to purchase some equipment in the game.

Thank you for sticking around.

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