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Top-Tier 12 Best Bartender Apps For Android 2021

Top-Tier 12 Best Bartender Apps For Android 2021


Do you want to get the hang of becoming a professional bartender? You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to learn basic bartending tricks.

In this article, I have listed 12 best bartender apps for Android.

All the apps listed above have been reviewed and starred by professional bartenders around the globe.

After reading this and download one or more apps, you’ll learn a lot of things.

Are you ready for my list of best professional bartender apps for Android?

Here goes;

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List: Best Bartender Apps For Android

  • 8,500+ Drink Recipes Free

This app takes the top spot on my list of best bartender apps for Android. It has 8,500+ drink recipes. Now, that’s what I call amazing. So, this app will teach you how to make 8,500 plus drinks. If you know how to make all of them, you might turn out to be the best bartender in your area.

The only down side to this app is that the ingredients required might not be readily available in all locations. If you are looking for a less complex bartender app for Android, you can check the ones below.

Best Bartender Apps
  • My Cocktail Bar

So, a group of friends came over to your place and asked that you make something for them to drink. You go to the store and find some beverages, fruits, and alcohol and you don’t know what to do with them, that’s where this app comes in. My cocktail bar is an amazing app that can help you make an amazing cocktail out of simple to get household items.

This app doesn’t have 9k cocktails, the developers carefully selected the best tasting cocktails that you are sure to like. Download this app and you’d be thanking me afterward.

Best Bartender Apps
  • Cocktails Guru

If you truly and absolutely want to become a cocktail guru, downloading this application might just be your first step to success. This particular bartender app for Android shows you how your cocktail would look after you finish making it. It even tells you the total time that would be taken.

In this bartender app for android, you will find top 100 cocktail list, even the most popular cocktails are listed in the app. Download and give me your feedback.

  • Drinks and Cocktail Recipes

My brother loves this one. He said it has a lot of options to choose from. Everyone has their preference. This is a completely offline guide that has over 10,000 different cocktail recipes at your disposal. Yeah, you heard me right, 10k.

It might not be easy to get all this in your head, but after using this app for about a year, you would be glad you downloaded it. After a year, you should have more than 50 cocktail recipes in your head, if not more. This app can totally be classified as the best bartender app for android.

Best Bartender Apps
  • Mixologist – Cocktail Recipes

There’s something called “the official IBA cocktail recipes” This app lists 77 of them and also shows you how to make them yourself. isn’t that amazing? I like the fact that this app is ad-free, in my course of researching, most of the best bartender apps I found either has too many ads or terrible UI. This one is amazing.

Another thing you would like is the fact that you won’t need internet connection to access all the cocktail recipes.

  • BarSim Bartender Game

Even bartenders need to have some fun too. I added this here because it’s cool. One of the best bartender simulator games for android users. You don’t only get to play the game, while playing you learn. There are over 100 different cocktail recipes to learn from this bartender app.

It is highly customizable. You will love it. You know bartenders like shaking and pouring? This app uses censors on your device to give you that feel. Download this app now and thank me later.

Best Bartender Apps
  • Tipsy Bartender drinks recipes

Here’s another app worthy of being on my list of best bartender apps for Android. Tipsy bartender drinks recipes is one app that every bartender should have installed. This app contains a lot of drink recipes with concise and detailed information on how to make them.

The best part? There are video tutorial on how to make the cocktails. Basically, most of the videos are gotten from youtube. You can see this app as an organised way to view bartender related videos from youtube.

  • Shake and Strain Cocktail Recipes

Just like the previous app, this one also is an organised way of playing bartending related videos from youtube. What this app does is that, it fetches relevant youtube videos that teach how to make specific cocktails and serves them for your viewing pleasure.

It doesn’t just show you videos, you also get to see a written text containing the ingredients and process taken to make specific cocktails. If you are an aspiring bartender, this app will do you more good than harm.

  • Cocktail Flow – Drink Recipes

Here’s another app worthy of being among my list of best bartender apps for android. There’s a feature called my bar, my cabinet, with this feature you can make a great tasting cocktail from what you already have at home without having to buy. You can also buy some ingredients when you’re ready, the app will still serve it’s purpose.

There’s also an advance search feature, with this feature you can search for your favorite cocktail and find it. Let’s say a friend walks up to you in a party and asks you to make a particular cocktail, the app can be your savior on a those kind of days.

  • Jigger: Cocktail Drink Recipes

Explore the world of bar-tending in a fun way. Even as a professional bartender, you’d agree with me that there are some things you might not know. This app besides it’s great user interface, has some of the best cocktail recipes you might have not heard of.

With this app, you can filter by tastes, glass types, alcohol volume and more. If you asked me to pick the top 5 best professional bartender apps for Android, I’d include this one.

  • Whisky Suggest

I think this is a must have app for every bartender out there. This app offers a lot. It has a barcode scanner that you can use to find out what a whisky tastes like. You can easily find a smokey or salty whiskey with the help of this app. Totally worthy of being on my list of best professional bartender apps for android.

I think my favorite feature of this app is the barcode feature. All you have to do is scan the barcode of any whiskey and watch the app perform its magic. This app might not show you the best cocktails, but you’d be a professional when it comes to whiskey recommendations.

  • Mr Bartender – Drink & Cocktail recipes

So, your friends are coming over for a party at your place and you have little or no experience in bar-tending? Just download this bartender app for android and you’ll be just fine. In this app they are over 90 different cocktails from around the world, the best part is, the app will teach you how to make every single one of them.

Most times your friends might want non-alcoholic cocktails, not to worry. Mr Bartender has an almost even mixture of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.


What are your thoughts on my list of the best professional bartender apps for Android? I would say that these bartender apps listed in this article have won their special place in the heart of a lot of bartenders out there. If you ever find yourself in a stranded position at a party, download any app from my list of best bartender apps for Android and you’ll be just fine.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have been able to choose a particular best bartender app.

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