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7 Best Baby Monitor Apps For  Android 2021 | Tested And Trusted 100%

7 Best Baby Monitor Apps For Android 2021 | Tested And Trusted 100%


Baby monitor apps for Android offer you the luxury of monitoring every speech action or reaction of your child without being there. You can be far away but still, close to your baby.

With the advent of busy mom and dads, this app comes in handy. You can be absent but still there with your child even though it isn’t physically but at least you can monitor them.

For these apps to work it requires an Internet connection, two mobile devices (one for the parent and one for the baby). With these, you’re all good to go.

List Of Best Baby Monitor Apps For Android


This is one of the best baby monitor apps for Android out there which features an audio/video monitoring capability. It makes you feel like you’re just right there with your baby.


• Works at any distance

•  Can be used with various routers like WiFi, mobile data – Edge, 3G, 4G, HSPA+, LTE

• The app has strong cryptography to keep you from unpleasant surprises that are all too common on regular IP based dedicated HW monitors

• In parent mode, you can connect more than one device to your child’s own.

• Dormi audio sensitivity is sharp. Leave the device several meters away from the  baby and it will still be able to detect when it cries and

• The Talk button lets you talk back to soothe or calm the baby.

Baby Monitor Saby

This app is simple to use and views your baby actions in HD. You get to miss nothing with their frequent notifications.


• It notifies you when your child wakes up

• Anywhere or anytime you can use this app via WiFi, 3G and LTE networks.

• The app data is encrypted by the latest SHA256 protocol.

• Easy to set up and change settings

• Mute all Notification On your child’s station Device

• Get a notification when battery gets to 20% battery left.

• The app keeps logs of your child’s sleep.

• The app require payment but offers 3-days free trial

• Parent forum for communication with other parents or sharing of info

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Faebir Baby Monitor

Unlike other apps which gives a notification when your baby is crying, this app actually calls you. It’s a lightweight app and easy to navigate through.


• No display of ads on the app

• Microphone sensitivity is sharp

• Silent incoming calls on the  baby’s phone so as not to wake the baby

• Low battery consumption

• Runs in the background, even when the device screen is off

• App automatically recover from temporary problems of mobile network

Baby Can

For BabyCam to work, it is necessary that the devices are connected to the same WiFi network. This app is free but Includes a Premium version to eliminate advertising forever and costs just $ 0.99.

You can still monitor you baby through WiFi Direct if you have no Internet connection. Listening and talking are also one of their best features.

The app offers you various angles to use in viewing your baby as you can switch between the front and back camera

Parents can see the battery level of the baby device as well as take pictures of the baby.

You can connect multiple devices to the baby’s camera at the same time.

Ahgoo Baby Monitor 

This app allows to hear your baby and watch it on your mobile or tablet using an Internet connection. The app allows multiple connections to the baby’s device.


• You only need to pair the devices once. The paired device will be saved and can be used anytime

• Baby device constantly streams audio and video simultaneously

• You can adjust noise level of notifications

• Get informed when battery is low PR connection is lost

• Use any connection type like Wifi, 3G, LTE, GPRS, etc

• Sharp sound sensitivity so as not to miss any sound from your baby

• Connect several Parent devices to one Baby device.

WiFi Baby Monitor

This app offers a free and lite version. The free version is filled with ads. Through your local Internet network you can connect your baby’s device and yours.

Features of the free version:

• Audio transmission on noise detection

• Connect through WiFi network

• End-to-end encryption of all audio and video data with a custom password

• Show battery level of baby device

• Notifies when on low battery

• Notifies on connectivity issues

• Support for temperature and humidity sensors

• Low data consumption

• Alternatively connect through Wi-Fi Direct when without Internet

Baby Monitor 3G

This app has a free trial and a paid version. The trial version of this app still allows you to test all features on your devices. Each monitoring is limited to 30 minutes.

This app is a universal video and audio baby monitor for your phone, tablet, or computer with sound sensitivity as well as talkback features.

It works with an unlimited reach (WIFI, 3G, LTE).


• No registration or connection adjustments are required and the initial setup takes less than 30 seconds.

• Never worry about a weak WiFi signal. Switch automatically from WIFI to 3G.

• Stream live video from the child´s room to you. The light feature makes it possible to view your baby when it is dark.

• Clearly hear every sound coming from the baby’s room.

• Activity log to check, how often was your baby awake, discover its sleeping patterns and replay sounds from current or any previous monitoring.


Now we’ve gone through the list of the best baby monitor apps for Android so, it’s time to make a pick. Be far away but still close to your baby.

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