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Top-Tier 12 Best Apps To Learn Japanese in 2021 (Android)

Top-Tier 12 Best Apps To Learn Japanese in 2021 (Android)


Learning a language goes a long way in helping you assimilate the intricate parts of a culture. Here, I have listed the best apps to learn Japanese.

The Japanese language is also the language used in anime movies, and this is a plus.

If you ever plan of relocating or taking a tour around Japan, then these apps will surely come in handy.

Also, studies have shown severally, that speaking another language can help to delay the onset of dementia.

Techytab presents to you the best apps to learn Japanese.

List Of Best Apps To Learn Japanese

Japanese Grammar

This app is free and offline based. It tutors you on the Japanese writing system, and also basic grammars you need to know about and understand.

The app features an introduction to particles, adjectives, verb, tenses and so on. Also, you can learn about relative clauses and sentence order. This is very important if you want to speak fluently.

There are also advanced topics which you will need if you ever plan on writing articles or stories in Japanese.

best android apps to learn japanese
Japanese Alphabets

Apart from learning how to write in Japanese, this app offer tests on every new word you learn. This makes learning extremely fast.

This app features both Kanji letters and Hiragana letters. The diversity in learning which you prefer makes it a more encompassing app.

You can also write within the app if you have no pen or paper with you. As you progress in every lesson, your scores and progress analytics will be saved.

Japanese Pro

This app is a bit more advanced. It doesn’t feature much of what beginners will need.

There are over 2000 sentences with pronunciation. Popular textbooks such as Minano Nihongo, Soumatome, Mimikara Oboeru and so on, are also available in the app.

After each learning session, there are exercises to try out, and rate how well you understand the lesson.

The in-app dictionary allows you to search vocabulary, grammar, kanji, and sentences.

To learn faster try using the flashcards within the app.

Japanese Voice

Another great App on my list of Japanese language learning apps for Android is Japanese voice.
If you want to improve your pronunciation of Japanese words then this app is what you need. There are several videos to watch with full Japanese subtitles.

Moreover, there are varieties of topics, like, Anime learning, TED talks, Japanese Voice Actor, Movie trailer, Entertainment, game and much more. These videos come with Kanji, Hiragana and Romanji Subtitles.

The voice actors speaking in the videos are native Japanese speakers. Each of these vocabularies and grammars is analyzed for you.

You will receive notifications whenever new videos are released. If you’re busy at the moment, you can simply save the videos and watch them later.


This app offers a detailed Japanese learning course that teaches alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, travel phrases and pronunciation. The teaching session lasts for just 10 minutes per day.

To get better with pronunciation, there are recordings from native speakers you can listen to.

The in-app exercise modes target a variety of skills to give you a better understanding.

There is also an in-app flashcard review system, that helps you memorize new words easily.

Learn And Speak Japanese Language Audio Course

Beginners will find this audio phrasebook app very useful. This app also serves as a dictionary for Japanese words.

For tourists visiting Japan, common phrases for expressions, and greetings are provided in detail within the app. Also, numbers, time, colors, weather, personal details, geographical names and so on are talked about in the app.

The audio format features native speaking voice actors.

Only English speakers can use this app. It supports no other language except English. The lexical material is on basic vocabulary.

Kanji Of The Day

Teachers can make use of this app to tutor, test and improve students Japanese speaking skills, with the 2136 kanjis of the jōyō list. The kanjis in the app starts from grade 1 till secondary school.

You can easily browse between grades starting from 1 to 6.

On each kanji, you can go directly to the Wiktionary to find more definitions. Within the in-app dictionary, you can learn how to draw kanji.

To be certain you’re making progress, test your performance and general stats with a test. Share your results with friends and family on WhatsApp, Gmail, Hangouts or SMS.

best android apps to learn japanese

This is a multi-language learning platform. You will be taught how to speak, read, and write in Japanese.

There are games you can use to speed up your lessons. For your vocabulary and grammar, there are several tests you can take to sharpen them. Duolingo starts you with basic verbs, phrases, and sentences, and new words daily.

Spending 34 hours daily on Duolingo is equivalent to a semester of university-level education.

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This app is suitable for kids. It features 6,000 words with illustrations, phonetic transcriptions, and pronunciation recordings.

There are 15 thematic topics on vocabulary, which are divided into 140 subtopics.

Using this app, kids can learn Japanese, with translation in more than 50 languages.

Also, there are games to try out for entertainment as well as boosting the lessons. Three difficulty levels are available to choose from, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

This app is absolutely free to use.

Kanji Memory Hint

Mnemonic images are used alongside kanji words. This makes Kanji Memory Hint very suitable for beginners who want to learn Japanese letters.

Apart from using mnemonic images, you can use pictures, sound, animation, kanji, and stroke order to help you remember the kanji. There are also games you can try out to help you grasp the lessons faster.

The app also gives explanations about the Japanese writing system, and the characters used in it. it is an amazing pick on my list of best apps to learn Japanese.

Challenge With Erin

There are four maps within the app, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This setting was based the same way as Japanese schools start during spring.

There are 4 Kotoba games in all, in these games, you’re required to choose match cards with the same pictures. There is also a Kotoba list mini dictionary where you can find all the vocabulary and expressions that appear in the app.

There is a quiz about Japanese culture and society, and a review test of what you studied at the end of each stage. These tests feature 20 multiple-choice questions. There are 16 tests altogether.

The questions change each week. Once you finish the tests, you will be issued a certificate of results that includes your name. If your percentage of correct answers exceeds 80%, you will receive a pass certificate that includes a medal.

Every time you log in to study, you will receive 100 points, and when you take a stage test, that score is added as points. Once you complete a stage test, Honigon’s camera starts up. For each stage, different frames are displayed, and you can take a ‘celebratory photograph’ combining these frames and a photo of yourself.

JA Sensei

The interface of this app is very professional, you learn both Japanese culture and language.

The Japanese language lessons are step by step. Each lesson contains a Japanese text, a list of words used, a grammar section, and a culture page to learn Japanese customs and understand how the Japanese think.

The Kanji lessons are based on Jouyou Grades and JLPT levels. There are also interactive exercises on Hiragana and Katakana.

The app also features drawing quizzes in audio and multi-choice.

Best Apps To Learn Japanese

The truth is, learning a language using notes or articles is tiring. You will most likely lose interest before going far.

These apps use notes alongside other interactive ways to make the language lessons more fun, and easily comprehensible.

The diversity of Japanese culture in a way affects the language. Meaning, it might take a while before you fully comprehend phrases and sentences. But still, the main point is you’re starting something new.

I hope my list of best apps to learn Japanese helps you in your quest to learn Japanese.

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