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12 Best App Lock For Android 2021

12 Best App Lock For Android 2021


Smartphones nowadays contain a bunch of important and sensitive data like our mobile banking apps and details, gallery and notepad apps, they all need to be secured from certain people.

Let’s say you hand over your device to a friend to perform a specific task then he tries to take advantage of that opportunity to go through your private life.

Well, that sounds awful,

I want you to know that there are ways that you can prevent unwanted access to your phone by locking your apps.

So the question here is How Do I Lock My Apps?

You can get to lock your apps by downloading an app locker for android from the google play store, An app locker can provide you with security features that can prevent unwanted access to your files and apps.

List Of Best App Lock For Android


This app is a very popular app locker for android that is being used by most people from various parts of the world.

You can use it to reduce unwanted access to any specific app you wish to and also use it to hide photos and videos which you will not like anyone to set eyes on. Using this app is quite easy, All you have to do is install the app, create a master code or pattern and use it to access your data anytime you wish to.

You can even put the app lock app icon on stealth mode, enabling it to hide from your app drawer so that all intruders will not find it easy to tamper with your stuff.

There are other interesting features this app has like; fingerprint security, fake cover for locked apps, and taking selfies of intruders.

With all these features tell me why someone will easily access your private life.

Norton App Lock

Norton is a very popular name when it comes to the field of antivirus software vendors, Well, it may surprise you that they also have an app locker.

With this app, you can lock up all your apps using a pattern/pin depending on which you feel is more secure.

Apart from locking up your apps, you can also use the app to hide/protect your photos and videos, prevent uninstallation of apps and also capture a selfie of intruders.

Sound cool right?

Well, it will also surprise you that this app also brings up suggestions on apps that you should lock up to avoid unwanted access and it also has a lot of features that will take your mind off any security-related problems.

This app is an appropriate choice and the app does it work well.

Privacy Knight

This app is totally advertisement free and doesn’t have any in-app purchase.

It has different types of method to use to lock your apps and secure your files. You can use a pin/pattern, a face tracker or fingerprint scanner or a crash message to unlock, it all depends on which you think is safer. Once you have this app installed it comes with a vault that can be used to hide photos and video which you do not want anyone to see.

Uninstallation of apps is restricted by this app and this app also hides notifications from apps that you have locked up.

This app also captures the face of any intruder who inputs the wrong password and displays them to you once you open your device.


App lock by cheetah mobile is a very unique lightweight app lock for android that allows the use of a fingerprint to lock and unlock your apps.

If you wish to use a pin/pattern to lock your apps, you can still make use of it.

This app can also be used to block incoming calls, wifi, Bluetooth and other Android device functions. The intruder selfie feature is also used in this app and you can also customize the lock timer of this app.

This app is totally free to use with no display of ads.

AppLock By IvyMobile

best app lock for android Are you looking for an app that will allow you to lock up almost everything on your android device, Then here you go…

Excluding all third party installed applications, you can also lock up all inbuilt applications like contacts, gallery, settings and more.

You can make use of a pin/pattern lock to secure your apps.

There are some extra features like hiding your pattern while drawing it, using a shuffled keyboard to input your pin or password, faking an icon and intruder selfie capture.

AppLock By SpSoft

best app lock for android 2018Securing your app with pin/pattern or fingerprint scanner is acceptable and there is also an option where you can lock screen rotation and screen backlight for some apps.

You can generate different passwords for each locked apps and also use a fake error window.

This app has an intruder selfie feature but it does not just capture and store Rather it stores and sends it to your email automatically.

It supports about 30+ languages from different countries and also has a premium version that is totally advertisement free But the free version has all features and has fewer ads.

Perfect AppLock

Perfect Applock lets you secure all applications your device with a pin/pattern or a gesture password. You can effectively manage the screen brightness and screen rotation of all locked apps.

This app captures a selfie of an intruder but it does that after three failed attempts and displays the image once you unlock the phone.

Locking of a pre-installed or built-in app is accepted, including locking of incoming and outgoing calls.

You can also customize the app to display a fake error message when opening a locked app and also remotely launch the app lock through SMS commands.

All features of this app are free and ads are displayed in the app.


best app locker for android Do your lover always check messages, call logs or WhatsApp messages? Then there is the app to help minimize that.

Lockit is another magnificent app locker that can also offer to help guard your files and also help keep your device in good condition.

You can use this app to secure your phone screen, scan your files, boost your phone and keep your notification bar clean.

If you wish to use a pin/pattern to lock your files and apps, it is okay. You can also hide the draw path of your pattern and make it invisible and also use a shuffled keyboard to input your pin.

Furthermore, this app has a separate vault for hiding photos and videos.

This app also has other features like power-saving, intruder selfie feature that most app lockers have and prevention of uninstallation of apps from your device.

Lockit App Locker is totally free to use with Ads.

AppLock | Lock Your Apps

best app locker for androidApp lock is simply an impressive app locker app that does its work pretty well.

This app supports the use of pin/pattern unlocking and fingerprint unlocking if your device has one.

It covers the basics of app locking like keeping your apps, settings, images, and videos.

The materialistic design of this app is cool and also has a nice friendly user interface which can be themed if you wish.

This app is working perfectly with all the latest version of Android and it is free to use.

App Lock By KeepSafe

It functions like every other app lock app for android.

This app supports up to 10 languages and has some settings that could be set to automatically lockup any new app installed on your device.

Apart from that this app is one of the most simple lightweight app lockers for android.

This app is for free but some features are restricted for premium users only.

Smart AppLock (App Protect)

best app locker for android Smart app lock is another smart and decent app locker for android that will exclusively blow your mind.

This app does all expected of an app lock for androids like locking of app whether preinstalled or third party, including your settings and toggles.

To add to it, this app has other functions like auto-start upon reboot, break-in alerts, delayed lock app timer and fingerprint scanner capabilities for Samsung devices specifically.

This app is free to use but it has some ads displayed on the user interface.

But I want you to have it in mind that this app is pretty easy to uninstall, which when done, it will leave all your apps and files unsecured.


best app locker for android 2018This app was not developed specifically for app locking but it was developed to secure and protect the privacy of its users.

Although it has an app lock which allows the use of pin/pattern and fingerprint to lock up an app.

This app is also capable of hiding SMS, ability to capture a selfie of an intruder, using stealth mode to hide the app icon from the app drawer and also uses the fake login to deceive intruder. This app has about 100 million users around the world and it is ranked as one of the best app locker for android too.

Free to use but to access some feature you have to purchase the premium version.


We have gotten to the end of this topic, Trust me if you get to start using any of these Apps, the risk of intruders getting access to some of your stuff will reduce.

As for me, my best app lock is the APP LOCK BY DO MOBILE (The first on my list of best App lock For Android), it is my favorite because of its uniqueness and its capabilities.

I hope you will get to make a good choice among these apps listed above.


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