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8 Best Anime Apps For Android | Anime Streaming

8 Best Anime Apps For Android | Anime Streaming


In this article, I will tell you about the best anime apps for Android.

Some years back, watching anime or getting anime niche app was somewhat stressful due to the limited websites offering anime content. DVD discs were the main cool medium of watching anime movies with slight ease.

Fast forward to 2019, mobile apps are the new cool, numerous entertainment companies have doled out apps with user-friendly features and clearer video resolutions (which the DVD era lacked)

Before we go on, note that these best Anime apps for Android have almost the same functionality and features but why they deserve a spot here is because they’re void of malware, intrusive features to help gain access to your phone and other issues.

Let’s Go……..

List Of Best Anime Apps For Android | Anime Streaming Apps


The first app on my list of best anime apps for Android is Crunchyroll. This app is over a decade old and one of the best anime apps for android with the largest directory. While other anime apps require you to sign up before accessing their videos, Crunchyroll can be accessed without signing up.

Apart from being an anime viewing platform they also offer Asian TV shows and dramas but this doesn’t limit their anime library as they still lead as the platform with the most anime.

You can create a queue of your favorite anime and track your watch history.

Moreover, they allow streaming of live videos over platforms like Facebook, twitch and so on, bringing their videos closer to the multitude of anime fans on this social media. This is a good way of getting the latest updates on newly released episodes without having to visit their app everything.

Like so many other best anime apps, they offer free viewing but your viewing experience is littered with ads and it takes over a week before new episodes are available. To have them block ads and have access to new episodes upon release you need to pay a fee of $6.95 per month. The additional advantage here is the access you get for more popular anime not doled out for the free users.


I first accessed this platform when I was still a diehard fan of bokuno hero academia anime. And one unique feature they have is the professional design of their platform. The chronological list of their available anime and newly released episodes.

They are in a partnership with Crunchyroll as a means of increasing their anime catalogues.


•  They offer simulcast which makes their videos accessibly on various platforms at the same time.

•  For non speaking Japanese country they offer English dubs on some anime.

•  They offer free viewing service, the downside here is, only new anime or not so popular anime can be watched for free. For more popular anime they charge a viewing fee for 5$ per month.

•  They’ve been around for a while and they’re reputable for early updates immediately an anime airs.


While these platform has been characterized with copyright issues (this was dropped because no plausible reason was seen on their violation of video sharing rights of anime not affiliated with them).

Like others, they offer free content but with the downside being you can’t view some popular animes.

They offer various video resolutions to choose from.

For non-speaking Japanese country, they offer dubs as well as subs. While you can’t get dubs of all anime videos you can get their sub.

They also upload new episodes frequently so this is a good stop for you to check out episode releases. Totally worthy of being on my list of best anime apps.


This platform should have been given the #1 spot but since it isn’t a predominant anime platform and their anime library is still behind Crunchyroll and Funimation they would fit better into the midsection. Their interest in anime picked up around 2017 and they’ve immensely improved.


•  Netflix is the world leading Internet entertainment service.

•  Their interface and functionality is superb.

•  They offer a free month trial afterwards you have to subscribe to view any of their videos. You can use this free trial to download anime as well movies listed on their app.

•  Their apps works on an array of devices and bug issues or glitches are uncommon with them.

•  If you’re the busy type you can always save a video to watch later. This stands them out from other anime platforms which offer only live streams.

Anime prime

This is a relatively new anime streaming app created by Super Stone Apps. It was released in April 2019. The ease in accessing their app and the user-friendly features give them a spot on this list. Though for now, their anime catalog is still limited, they’re immensely pumping anime of various genres into it frequently.

There has been issues with bugs on their apps but it has being settled and their UI has improved.

You can download to watch offline.

 Anime avatar creator 

Change your appearance completely and turn yourself into an anime avatar.  Create your virtual persona to your taste.

Choose from various templates and make new combinations. Here are some features of this best anime app.


•  Create different facial expression

• Add all kinds of emotions on your avatar’s face with different shapes of eyebrows, eyes and mouth.

• Choose the style, shape and color of hair and eyes.

• Add various accessories such as glasses, hairpins, ribbons, tiaras, hats, wings, horns and tails.

• Choose a suitable background from an array of background themes

• Share it online right away.


This is an anime community for discovering and sharing anime. In-app streaming is only limited to US members.

Get anime recommendations from the community and discover new series.

Set up your own library of anime you’re watching, want to watch or have completed.

See people views and reactions to an anime and get updates from the community.

There are various anime categories to check out on the app.


This is an anime viewing app. Apart from anime they also offer manga updates and have an in-app community.

• Get anime recommendations from the community and discover new series

• See anime reactions on the community.

• Discover new anime and explore anime by category and advanced filters.

• Discover new manga character and explore manga character by category and advanced filters.

• Discover new anime celebrity and explore anime celebrity by category and advanced filters.

• Build your weekly calendar with currently airing shows.

• Add a widget with shows airing today.


For all the Anime fans out there, I hope you love my list of best anime Apps for Android. If you feel I omitted your favorite anime streaming App, you can drop a comment in the comment section and I will update the article.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy streaming your favorite anime with any of the above-listed Apps for Android.

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