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12 Best Animal Apps For Android in 2021

12 Best Animal Apps For Android in 2021


Animals, especially pets, are loving companions.

They are known to increase human physical activity. Knowing and understanding how different kind of animals, both domestic and wild act is essential. Their functions to our wildlife and even the community are vital. Most of the apps on this list are educational apps, but there are some which are tracking or social media apps.

Techytab once again presents you a list of best animal apps for Android devices.

List Of Best Animal Apps For Android


If your pet ever gets lost, this app will locate your pet whereabouts. Your will pet will be tracked in real-time.

An in-app feature lets you set a virtual fence also called a safe zone, and get notified as soon as your dog or cat leaves that area.

This app works alongside the GPS tracking products of Tractive. This GPS device works in over 90 countries, this means you can get it at pet stores.

The in-app interactive map displays all your pets that use a Tractive GPS device. You can add an unlimited amount of pets with GPS trackers in the Tractive app. You can view the map in 3D, or switch between the regular map view, hybrid view or satellite image view.

This app notifies you whenever your battery is getting low.


This app is a fishing log. It helps you keep a history of all your catches and the associated weather data.

It also helps you determine the best weather conditions to fish, the moon phase, tides, and so on.

The “tackle box” feature within the app, allows you to save all your equipment in a digital box, so you can go through them when planning to fish, and know what to bring along. This feature can also be used to know which equipment works best in a different situation.

You need to open an account with FishFriender so it can sync all your data into your account.

Ornithopedia Europe 

This is an encyclopedia for birds. It offers a list of all 1144 birds in the Western Palearctic. You can view this list in 17 languages.

There are 3200 pictures, 29000 streaming sound files, and 2500 streaming Youtube videos. This means the app has a wealth of information for you. The app also allows you to include your own content, usually pictures or sounds.

If you can’t remember the name of the bird, you can search by using the visual characteristics of the bird.

The app also features an Ornitho-Trainer. This trains you to recognize features of common birds.

Sea Animal Encyclopedia

This app is similar to a book of fun facts.

It covers a vast collection of sea creatures and marine animals facts. The facts include information to an animal’s respective length, behavior, geographical habitats, common name, scientific name and so on.

Not all sea animals are listed, the app only features the rarest, and most interesting of species. There are also some animals on this app, that doesn’t holistically classify as a sea creature, such as the Salt Water Crocodile, but have very interesting facts.

The app can be used offline, and it’s very user-friendly. You can easily scroll and navigate to the next page.

Apart from the carefully photographed animals used in the app, there are also picture puzzles to try out.


This is a Lithuanian app about Paleontology. This app was authored by a biology and computer science student from Lithuania.

Though this app is more about the world and the Earth’s history, there are some topics about animals. Mostly about their evolution with the Earth over the years. This will educate you and give you a better insight into animal history. Also, there are descriptions of animals and facts about them.

The app also has quizzes to try out. You can gain access to the app without an Internet connection and it can be used as teaching material.

Jurassic Amino

This is a community and chat platform for dinosaur fans. You can connect with other dinosaur lovers around the globe.

You can make new friends, express yourself, and share your opinion on topics related to dinosaurs. There is also very educational content posted by pros, and you can pick some lessons from them.

The app also offers the latest news and regular updates, on topics and happenings concerning dinosaurs.

You can try out their trivia to sharpen your knowledge, and also very beautiful artworks to use as your wallpaper.

Jurassic wiki is an in-app encyclopedia featuring various dinosaur topics and interesting facts. You can also contribute to the wiki if you know a lot about dinosaurs.

Planet Prehistoric

This app takes you back in time, to learn about the animals that are now in extinction. Images of these animals are attached, as well as sound effects and interesting facts.

This gives you full details about the animal. You can set the animal sound effects as your ringtone. You can also save the contents on the app on your android device.

For better understanding, the animals are categorized according to their epoch.

There is a copy and share feature. You can easily share the facts through social and messaging apps.

Animal Sound

Over 150 animals are featured in this app, along with their sound. The sound effects are very realistic, with high-resolution photos alongside it.

The sounds are categorized into farm, savannah/desert, insects, mountain, ocean, forest, insects, or city/countryside. This makes it very easy to navigate through.

Moreover, the interface of the app is very simplistic. You can use gestures to switch between animals.

If you’re not a native English speaker, there are several other translations of the animals’ name.


This is a platform for asking veterinary advice. Advises are dish out by certified US veterinarians, dog trainers, pet nutritionists, and other experts.

This app is free to use. Your question is answered without a fee. They are also thousands of pet-related questions and answers you can go through.

PetCoach experts also authored hundreds of veterinary articles on the app. These topics are about pet health, behavior, nutrition and care.

This app isn’t a substitute for in-office examination. PetCoach does not provide diagnosis or prescribe medications. If your pet is severely ill, try visiting a veterinary clinic instead.

Vet Anatomy

This app is an atlas for veterinary anatomy, veterinary physicians, radiologists, teachers, veterinary students, and para-veterinary workers.

The in-app animal anatomy description is based on the same framework, that the award-winning IMAIOS e-Anatomy atlas of human anatomy visualize medical and anatomical images. These anatomical parts are well labeled.

The medical information in this app can be used as a reference, by both teachers and students. The vet anatomy description is accurate and easy to understand.

Once you register on the app, you will be invited to subscribe to IMAIOS vet-Anatomy. It’s necessary to subscribe if you want the full version of the app. The free version is very limited.


This is a very good app, and a very popular nature app. It’s used for observing and identifying plants and animals. But we will focus on its features about animals.

iNaturalist is a joint initiative by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. This app has a community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists.

Every day there is something new to learn, such as new species and so on. You can also record your own observations, and share them with the community. Your researches can be used as data for scientists.

To get regular updates from specific members you can simply follow them on the app.

Venomous Animals

This app is a very simplistic directory of venomous animals. There is an appendix section which makes it very easy to search through the app.

The animals are also scientifically classified. The region they’re most populated, their order and suborder and much more, are presented in the app. Additionally, the app can be used without an Internet connection.

Best Animal Apps For Android

Most of these animal apps have not so good interface. The developers must have had their mind more on the benefits of the app, and not the app themes and design. But irrespective of that, these apps are still some of the best you will find out there. Visit the Google play store today to download yours.

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