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The Best Android White Noise Apps for Mental Clarity


Apps can do quite a bit for you, and there is definitely an app for every situation imaginable. White noise apps are one such app that can allow you to handle anything life throws at you. A few good uses for white noise apps include:
Sleep. Some people can’t sleep unless they have a fan on. White noise apps are great for travel and when you don’t have a fan to sleep with.

Meditation. By playing some white noise, you can meditate better and stay more focused.
For discreetness. If you need to have a conversation, playing some white noise can help make sure that there is no one listening in.
To unwind. This goes hand in hand with the sleep reason. Sometimes, playing some white noise can help you unwind.
For staying focused. White noise can help you stay focused, whether you’re housecleaning, doing a school essay, or working.
With that out of the way, let’s look at some white noise apps.

White Noise
This app comes in a lite or a pro version. Though the lite app has a lot to offer, and the pro version lacks ads and has background play. It includes nature sounds, fan noises, different colored noises, and other sounds. Plus, you can play your own noises too. They loop perfectly and you can rest easy.

Baby Sleep
If you have a baby you know how hard it can be to get them to sleep. Luckily, this app can help. It has a cutesy theme and has many different sounds to help the baby sleep easily. They have sound effects such as a rain and the sound of a heartbeat. Plus, what baby-themed sound app is complete without lullabies? We say try this app out and also look at this site as well and see what it can do for your baby.

Relax Melodies
Are you tired of the same white noise apps? With Relax Melodies, you can play quite a few sounds and do them at the same time. This allows for creativity and you can mix or match until you find the sound that’s best for you. It comes with a lot of beats to choose from, especially if you pick the pro version.

This app has plenty of sounds designed for complete concentration, and it is available for all platforms, meaning you can use it on your PC and your iOS device as well, making it quite convenient.

YouTube or Spotify
When you think of these apps, you think of rocking tunes or funny cat videos. Yet YouTube and Spotify have quite a few playlists dedicated to white noise sounds. You can find 10 hour videos that can help you focus or sleep. Because you are streaming a video, you should be mindful and make sure your device is connected to WiFi, or at the very least, you have unlimited data. This will make sure that you don’t end up with a surprise later on.

Seek Help!
If you are having a hard time sleeping, focusing, or doing anything else, even with the help of white noise, it may be a sign that there is more afoot. Talk to a therapist and see if there is any reason as to why you’re feeling this way. Online therapy is another great way for you to find help you need, and you can talk to a therapist anywhere. Apps such as Regain allow you to speak to anyone, anytime. Try them out and see what we are talking about. They are well worth checking out when you need help the most.

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