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19+ Best Android Tips And Tricks 2021 (All Android Secrets leaked)

19+ Best Android Tips And Tricks 2021 (All Android Secrets leaked)


21 Best Android Tips And Tricks

Android tips and tricks

Hello there android user, if you find yourself reading this post then my guess is you own an Android device and you want to know some cool android tips and tricks. Well, firstly I’d say


Sometimes we (Android users) just have the feeling of wanting to do something outstanding with our devices, and most times we run to Google Playstore in search of applications that perform basic tasks.

But did you know that Most of the apps we download from playstore have features that are already accessible directly from our Android devices?

Well, Third party developers deserve credit because they do their best in providing you with android applications that can be used to improve android user friendliness. You would agree with me that with android apps around, things tend to be quite easy for Android users.

But, Did you know that most times you might not need to install an application to gain access to hidden/unknown android features?

Yes! There are tons of Android tips and tricks on your android device that you probably don’t know.


Well,  yes it is true. But not to worry in a bit I’ll tell you about some amazing android tips and tricks on your device. You would know a few but I bet you would not know all.

Buckle up, Because the list is quite LONG.

21 Ultimate Android Tips And Tricks


The edit mode is a cool feature embedded on the android Marshmallow 6.0, This mode enables you to easily send applications via Bluetooth, Delete apps, and also insert apps inside a folder.

Whenever the Edit mode is activated, Your android device knows that you want to manage your file or folders, so it brings out certain buttons that are located at the top of your android device.

Command = On your Android device, tap on the app drawer, then hold any application for 3 seconds.

best android tips and tricks


Screencasting simply involves watching the events of your Android phone on a bigger screen. You can cast photos in your gallery, your games, apps, and lots more.

Imagine having a game controller connected to your android device and you are playing Fifa mobile soccer, but this time the display is not on your phone but on your HD television. ?

Yes, that’s how cool screencasting is.

This feature can be found on Android 4.4.2 and higher versions.

While screencasting you should ensure that your device is not on power saving mode, because it will affect the performance of the screencast feature.

You will need a chromeCast or a TV that has chrome cast built-in

A chrome cast is a device that looks like a flashdrive, that is connected to the HDMI port of your TV screen.

Some TV’s come with built-in chrome cast.

Command = Go to settingstap on moretap on cast and connect.

android tips and tricks incredible


Is your notification bar always filled with irrelevant notifications? Are you tired of getting tons of notifications from different applications on your phone?

Well, As a dedicated android user, your device is opened to notifications from different applications you have installed. Like facebook and Whatsapp, these two applications are widely used around the globe.

You’d agree with me that lots of notifications come in from these social platforms. Notifications we get from Facebook are sometimes irrelevant and most times useful.

Ultimately, there is a cool android trick that lets you stop notifications from apps on your android device. It works like magic. Below is how to achieve this on your Android device.

Command = Go to settings, tap on apps, select the application you want to block, tap on notifications, and finally tap on block all

android tips and tricks incredible

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For security reasons, we always lock our android phones to prohibit people from gaining access to our data. Some of us use pattern lock, some pin, some password, sensors and so on.

You would agree with me that most times that fact that your android device is always locked whenever you try to access it can be quite annoying.

Maybe you are at home and no one else is around and you want to access your device, but you always have to go through that long process of unlocking your device with your 19 digit password or hybrid pattern lock.

Or, maybe you hate the fact that you always have to unlock your android device to change a playing song or reply a message.

With this cool android feature called ”smart lock,”  your days of being vexed are over.

Smart lock lets you enable basic options.

1. Trusted places: Set specific places where your device won’t lock.

2. Trusted devices: Set devices that when paired with your device, your device won’t lock.

3. Trusted face:  Looking at your device will unlock your phone.

Later versions like the marshmallow has options like;

3. On body detection: Your device will be unlocked while it is on your body and lock when it has been set down.

4. Trusted voice: Your device will unlock when OK Google recognizes your voice.

You should set up a lock on your device before setting up ”smart lock”

To activate the smart lock android feature.

Command = Go to settingstap on security(for other devices), tap on screen lock( for android marshmallow). Then tap on smart lock.

android tips and tricks marshmallow smartlock


This is one feature that up to 80% of android users do not know its use. The Hot Knot is a new feature that was recently installed on android devices.

How does it work?

Well, I am no hardware engineer, but research has made me know that it involves the interaction of touchscreens on Android devices in such a way that one acts as a transmitter and the other acts as a receiver.

In a lay man’s term, You can transfer files from one android device to another without using Bluetooth or wifi.

But for this to work, both devices need to have Hot Knot and they need to be at about a centimeter close to each other.

What can you send?

Well, you can send just about anything.

From photos, videos, contacts, share application data and lots more.

To activate this cool android tip, Go to settings, Select Hot Knot, Then switch it on, 

Note: Devices must be close to each other and both have hot knot enabled to share files.

android tips and tricks marshmallow


Do you have files on your device that you would like to add an extra layer of security?

The encryption feature on android devices is another cool android trick, it adds an extra layer of security to files.

How does it work?

When you hit that ”encrypt button” and it is successful, files on your SDcard like your music, applications, photos, account data and other files can’t be accessed by other persons.


When your data is encrypted it doesn’t delete the files, it scrambles the files to an unreadable format making it very difficult to access unless decrypted.

You cannot use your SDcard on another phone without removing the encryption.

Note: If you encrypt your device, removing the encryption feature might not be possible on some devices, but some devices can allow you to remove decryption.

To activate this android tip follow the command below.

Command = Go to settings, tap on security, then tap on encrypt phone.

android tips and tricks 2016


Do you have specific songs, videos or other files that you want to keep private? And by ”keep private” I mean locking the files so that only you would have access to them.

With this cool Android tip, you don’t need to download apps that lock files, the data protection locks just about anything on your internal storage or sd card. From your gallery files to PDF files, ZIP files, and other file extensions.

Although this Android feature has been confirmed for only Android Lollipop and Marshmallow devices.

To use this cool android feature;

Command = Go to settings, tap on security, Then tap on data protection.

You will have to set a new pattern lock that will differ from your android device’s initial pattern lock.

To lock files follow the steps below;

Step 1: Tap on the (+) button located at the top right of your screen.

Step 2: Select the folder where the file you want to lock is located.

Step 3: Tap on the pencil located at the top right.

Step 4: Finally select the files you want to lock and tap on the lock symbol located at the top right.

When files are locked, you can unlock them by tapping on edit, then select the file, and finally, tap on the unlock icon at the top right.

android tips and tricks 2016


I once wrote a full post about Hidden android features (Games). The post covers hidden games on android Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, and Jellybean.

Did you know that there are games on your android device that you have never played?

Well yes.

Each Android device has its unique hidden game that is accessible by performing certain operations.

These hidden games are quite very difficult to play, trust me, I have tried and have gotten epic fails while playing.

You really don’t have much to do in the game, it’s basically just tapping you will be doing to avoid moving obstacles.

The process to access this game is quite long, I would advise that you see the full article in the link above.

android tips and tricks 2016


This android trick is not common among android users, the magnification gesture lets you zoom in on any on-screen activity on your android device.

This feature is a cool one, you can zoom in on anything on your android screen by simply tapping on your screen.

After you zoom in by triple tapping, you can adjust the zoom level by pinching two fingers together or by spreading them apart. You can zoom out anytime by tapping on the screen three times.

You can also triple tap and hold your screen to temporarily zoom in, when your finger is off your phone, it will automatically zoom out.

Command = Go to settings, select accessibility, then tap on magnification gestures, switch it on by toggling on the button at the top right.

android tips and tricks 2016


Google now is a personal assistant developed by Google to aid Android users.

Aid you how?

This feature on your device uses your data to serve you quality information, it uses data like (What you search on Google, your locations, and other details). It uses these details to provide you with the best answers.

All you will need to do to get an amazing result is,

1. Ask a question via your microphone.


2. Type the question into the search box.

You can also set it to show feeds even before you search.

I’d advice you customize the google app, it will ask you a few questions and you should reply with the appropriate answer for the best app experience.

That’s not all.

The ”Google now” can also make calls, send texts messages, get directions, set reminders, play music and videos, set alarm, etc.

All you will have to do is.

1. Open Google now

2. Tap on the mic.

3. Say ”Ok google”

This android feature is embedded on Android 4.0 Jellybean and above.

Below is the command to access ”Google now”

Command = On some devices, hold the middle button for about two seconds to activate, if this doesn’t work for you, you can look for the ”Google” app in your app drawer or download the Google app from playstore.

android tips and tricks 2016

➦ EDIT APP PERMISSIONS (Marshmallow 6.0)

Did you know that most of the apps you have on your android device, have permission/access to different areas on your android device?

For example, you can see in the photo below that xender (an application for sending and receiving files over wifi) has permission to access my contacts and SMS. Which is so not cool.

The edit app permissions will let you remove silly app permissions, but unfortunately, it is easily accessible only on the Andriod marshmallow.

Other android versions would need to be rooted to be able to control app permission.

I was reading a post once and learned that companies can actually spy on you when their apps have specific permissions on your device.

You can follow the command below to edit app permissions on android marshmallow 6.0.

Command = Go to settings, tap on apps, tap on the settings icon at the top right, then tap on app permissions.

android tips and tricks 2016


This android tip should be the most common,  It works on almost all android devices, now to do this you’ll have to hold the power button and volume down button at the same time.

Command = power button + volume down button


You can schedule your messages to be sent later without you remembering to send them to recipients.

There is a more descriptive write-up on how to schedule message on your android here.

Though this cool android feature might not be found on some phones but you can download a schedule message application from playstore.

android tips and tricks 2016


Have you ever had the moment when you’ll have to quickly remove the battery of your android device or unlock your ultra pattern locked device to silence your device because of your in a meeting ?

Those embarrassing days are over.

This feature lets you set your phone to airplane or silent mode with just two taps. You can do this by holding your power button for 2 seconds and tapping on the airplane or silent icon.

Command = power button (hold for 2 seconds) tap on airplane or silent icon.

android tips and tricks


You can set a data limit so that you won’t go over your monthly allotment.

Perhaps you purchased 5gb and you want to be alerted when you have used up to 4gb.  You can access the data limit function under settings – data usage.

Note: if your mobile data is not on you won’t see the data limit option.

Command = go to settings – data usage – data limit.

android tips and tricks


For less aggressive calls on your phone, you can create and send quick messages.

To create a message you will have to go to call settings to edit or create quick messages.

Now, this is how this android feature works.

When your phone rings and you don’t want to pick the call you can simply just swipe your thumb up on the screen to let your caller know that you are busy instead of you ignoring or hanging up the call.

Command = swipe thumb up when you have an incoming call. 



Are you tired of typing every single letter of your nickname or slang everytime you want to send a text ?  Or maybe you want to send an abbreviation (g2g, brb).

You can easily add the words to your dictionary by long pressing on the typed words and then tap on save (from your keyboard).

Command = (before sending) Tap on word and hold for 2 seconds and tap save.

cool android tips


Taking a selfie just got better without a selfie stick, android users can use the delay capture option to take pictures using a timer. All you’ll have to do is start up the timer and get set for the camera to snap.

Command = camera – settings – self timer

cool android tips


If you are careless or slow while drawing your android phone unlock pattern, someone may be watching you to gain access to your files, messages and much more.

You can make your pattern invisible as you draw it to outsmart people.

To do this you will have to go to settings on your android then security,  on security click on “make password visible” make sure the box is unticked.

Command = Settings – security – make password visible.

android tips and tricks


Most people know this hidden android feature. The schedule power on and off automatically switches your phone on and off at specific times.

To activate this you will have to go to your phone settings and select schedule power on and off then set the specific on and off time. You can now say bye to switching off your android device at night during bedtime.

android tips and tricks


This final android tip comes in handy for people who do application review videos.

You can make your on-screen videos and show viewers the specific points you are tapping on your screen,

to activate this feature on your android device you have to enable developer option.

To enable go to settingsabout phone–then tap on build number up to 7 times fast.

You will then get a report telling you “you are now a developer” after that, you will be able to see the developer option from your settings.

Tap on it and then locate show touch and tap on it to activate.

Command = Settings – developer options – show touches

android tips and tricks

These 21 secret Android tips and tricks can be found on most android versions. (marshmallow, lollipop,  jellybean or KitKat) Some of these features can also be found on old versions like gingerbread. Feel free to comment if you have any issues regarding this post.

Beejay adoghe I'm Beejay Adoghe, I have always been a lover of tech and gadgets and subsequently, this led to creating a top-notch platform where I could share free basic information about Tech that'll help lots of people fix problems and learn new Techy trends. P.S I love Singing and Playing the piano.


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