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12 Best Android Racing Games Less Than 50mb (Top-Tier)

12 Best Android Racing Games Less Than 50mb (Top-Tier)


Hello guys, are you a fan of Android racing games? do you enjoy playing android racing games? If you do, then I have the list of the best Android racing games less than 50mb.

Yes, you heard me, 50mb, that’s good right? I know sometimes, we go to google play store to check out new racing games and we get a bit disappointed when the particular games we like have a large download size.

So, I’m here to let you know that there are cool and addictive games on google play store that go for less than 50mb in the download size.

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List Of Best Android Racing Games Less Than 50mb.

This is a unique bike racing game with amazing racing features. Enter the career mode and race in 60+ tracks, and collect coins to purchase more bikes to ride and deliver jaw-dropping stunts.

This games has an amazing 3D graphics, with real bike racing mechanics. This bike racing game is easy to learn. It’s pretty good for you, if you’re waiting in a lobby and you want to pass time. This game is just 16mb only.

Best Android Racing Games Less Than 50mb

This is one of the free racing games for android that is even below 10mb, for just as little as 8mb, you can have this 3D racing games all to yourself.

There are a lot of cars, lots of driving tracks and different steering camera views, to give you that 3D look.

You can hear your engine rev sound, so thick and realistic, if you’re using an earpiece and playing this game on a bigger screen, you might think you are actually on the road driving.

Defeat your opponents in an endless race clash.

Best Android Racing Games Less Than 50mb

This game has one of the most stunning graphics for a racing game less than 50mb. Get full customization for every car you acquire.

Non-stop gaming action. Engage in challenging race and win. Rise to the top in your career mode and be the best.

This game is just 19mb in the download size, so it’s totally qualified to be on my list and serve you well.

Best Android Racing Games Less Than 50mb

This is one of the simplest free racing game less than 50mb on my list, I can assure you, you won’t get tired playing this game. The right game to play when you’re bored.

Get faster cars, unlock better racing track, and earn higher booster and credits to enhance your speed and durability.

Get better rewards when you play this game, the car handling is really good, I know that might sound surprising to some that have played racing game above 100mb. This game is just 21mb in the download size, so you have nothing to worry about.

Best Android Racing Games Less Than 50mb

Join this realistic speed highway car racing, with captivating graphics and swift controls. You’re free to drive anywhere in this game, the terrain is open for you to drive on the city road, hills, and even on the beach.

The controls is simple, no stress in tapping your screen, good roads and you can play without WiFi or any internet connection, play this game for just 33mb in the download size.

Best Android Racing Games Less Than 50mb

Don’t think because the name of this game is race illegal, you should indeed race illegal. There are rules and conditions that are been set up in this game, that you as the rider has to follow.

You can race online against other racers and compete in challenging tracks and win boosters, credits, coins, and awards to climb to the top of the leader-board.

unlock other cars when you keep winning races and staying ahead in the game. This game is just 16mb.

There is a reason you need this hill racing game on your android device over other amazing racing games. Racing on roads and tracks is cool, but not as unique when driving on hills.

The exciting feeling you get when playing hill racing is not the same in any way. Going up and down on different terrains, changing your ride and getting winning races and earning more coins. This game is 16mb in the download size.

Meet another darling on my list of best Android racing games less than 50mb Here you have the racing game that is probably going to give you a fever. Win races to purchase new cars and upgrade them to perform better.

Obviously, you will have to win races to be able to purchase any new car or upgrade. This game is totally free and it’s offline too. With just 20mb you can have this game now. Just click the download link below when you’re ready.

fast racing 3d

Let me introduce on the most interesting racing games for android, with cool 3D graphics. Scale through over 40 tough levels, prov that you have what it takes to play this game.

This isn’t your regular racing game for android. race with powerful powerboats, earn coins and points to move up in the ranks.

The control is smooth and simple, just 17mb and you’ve downloaded this game and you’re ready to play.

power boat racing 3d

This is a unique first-person camera view game that is totally addictive. Spend hours paying this game, earn points and purchase coller cars to drive in.

Let the introduce you to the cool modes in this game, the Quest mode, where you have certain quest that you must complte to move ahead. The free mode, where you can just roam about the city and enjoy enless driving experince.

Finally, my personal favorite, the taxi mode, where your job is to pick up passengers and drop them in their respective locations unharmed. All that is available for just 20mb.

driving car

This is also one of the popular lightweight games, with just 32mb in the download size.

Enjoy the online racing experience and cool graphics. Win events, stay ahead, and top the leader-board as the unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

You can team up with other teams and join the racing competition to the top. You might think this isn’t the kind of game I signed up for, but, you’ll surely thank me later if you give it a try.

The last but not the least on my list of best Android racing games less than 50mb is Jet Ski Racing. This one right here is for all jet-ski fans out there. Are you a fan of jet-ski and do you love watching jet-ski sports? Well, you have the chance to make your jet-ski role models proud as you download this game to play now.

This game has amazing graphics, you basically have nothing to worry about from how it’ll look. This is the only game on my list that has the highest size, just 39mb and you’re good to go.

jet ski racing


We’ve come to the end of this article on best Android racing games less than 50mb 2020, I can assure you that all the games you see above are totally free and really good in killing boredom.

All the games above are also below 50mb and they are still really good for playing, with high-end graphics.

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