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Best Android Phones For Soccer Games

Best Android Phones For Soccer Games


Due to the expensive nature of the most recent and the advance of PlayStations series and Xbox series in the market, many gamers are left frustrated with their infatuation in the game of soccer they can’t bulge to play anyhow they want. 

However, due to the advancement of the android phone in recent years, many gamers on phone hold the hope of enjoying their pleasure as the android phone is getting improvement and standard of gaming in comparison to the PC mode and the game series itself is appalling to the base of full-time enjoyment despite the low budget of many who wish to partake in the virtual enjoyment of this sports gaming. 

More so, while there are different types of phone out there, many fancied their choice on what pleasure they’ll get while using their phone and not because of the network facilitation alone but how well the phone can alleviate their mind of the worries of this world while they enjoy their time using their phones at the end of the day playing games they like so much.

Moreover, there are a ton of soccer software and like most sports, the mobile gaming side of the sport has generated many followers, which have sustained the followers that can’t afford the expensive exclusive of the PlayStation series or the Xbox ones. 

Even the more recent tech giant company, “3” partnering with Chelsea in recent time have increase the surge of the Chelsea’s fans across the world and most especially in African and Asia to fancies their chances on the mobile platform as they are generally wishing their darling club and the tech developer’s partnership could help shape their team’s dominance despite the odds being against them to win English Premier League or Champions League this campaign at +1400 the best sports betting sites have a consensus that they have a rough road ahead. 

Moreover, most football games either let the players play on the field with their favourite players or simulate the game to make the gamer manage a team as they wish. But below are the best android phones for the virtual games of soccer that could implode the game to the next level while they enjoy their soccer game on android phones. 

Oppo A73

Oppo has been in making wave in the phone industry in recent time and when it comes to choose a phone that can best be suitable for gaming affluent, the Oppo A73 is worth the consideration, not because of the look of the fastness in response, but because of the fact that the specification garnered by this phone would entice any gamer in the world to be just a lover of mobile game and with the latest pro Evolution soccer series and EA Sport, PES 21’ and FIFA Mobile 21’ would make any gamer dream on this phone. 

Not just a phone with a resolutions and specification, but a phone with smartness, clear identification and HD’s for suitable graphics and 4/6 GB ram for gameplay and steadfastness of the soccer game and roughly 128GB internal memory to ensure better storage of the game couple with the display intensity with AMOLED, 430 nits or 600 nits while the screen resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels at 20:9 ratio (-409 ppi density). Also, the phone comes with a high magnitude of loudspeaker which enables the gamer to better audio prep for the soccer game.  

With the above feature, it is no doubt that the Oppo A73 would be a better phone for the soccer game on android as the phone comes with Android 10 and can later be upgraded to Android 11 which even makes the phone better.  

Infinix Zero 8i 

Infinix in the most recent time has been releasing a new phone at an alarming rate trying to match the market demand for new phones and the likes. Recently, there have some release of new model series in Hot and Note series and Now there is Infinix Zero where 8i and with the sumptuous specification of this phone, the gamer would have to worry to play the soccer game on android phone effortlessly for such versatility and simplicity in the later product of the Infinix. 

With the panache of the phone specifications ranging from 8GB RAM, 128 GB storage capacity, MediaTek Helio G90T processors capacity, the display resolution 6.85 inches (1080 x 2460) pixel is a sumptuous attribute that would ensure that the phone is one of the most suitable gadget for soccer games. More also, the connectivity options on the Infinix Zero 8i include Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS, with 4G LTE networks across boards while the sensors on the phone like accelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor would ensure that the gamer do not enjoy the soccer game alone but can connect to any part of the world playing different league at the gamers comfort zones and wish. 

However, with characteristics of the phone itself, it is no doubt that Infinix zero 8i would be a sumptuous gadget for the mobile soccer game on android as the phone comes with Android 10 and 4500mAh for simplicity and longevity of the gamers while they are playing even makes the phone better.  

Samsung Galaxy z Fold-2

Since the dawn of android operating system \\, Samsung mobile product being a force in the mobile phone industry and while they are favored by many as the standard for the android brand type of phones, while they keep their competitive spirit alive with the iOS type of phone (Apple phone) for the most marketable phones in the industry. 

However, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold-2 specification and unique identification, the phone is one of the realest advanced phones in recent times. 

More so, the gamers would be much appealing with the nature and specification of this phone as its specification personally will enable the gamers across the globe to enjoy simplicity of game and accuracy in their bid to be the World champion in soccer game while using android operating system phone like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold-2. 

Moreover, the specification of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold-2 ranges from 12 GB RAM that would ensures that the gamers all over the world enjoy fastest and notable the best gameplay on android phone and with 256 internal memory is somewhat out of this world which would enable the gamers to have longer capacity building of any competition they wish to advanced using their phone, coupled with the High Definition display of the screen that provide 1768 x 2208 pixels is what the money that a gamer would be paying for a better graphics that can rival a PC mode, even the consoles. 

However, with the Android OS 10 that can further be upgraded to OS 11 would ensure that the game are left with latest feature possible of the phone while they will have access to their game for a longer time zone with the 4500mAh and a processor speed of Octa Core (1 x 3.09GHz, Kryo 585 and 3 x 2.42GHz) and chipsets of snapdragon will ensure that the gamers all over the world enjoy the best soccer game on android phone. 

More importantly, with the beauty of the phones specification and characteristics, it is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold-2 is one of the best phone out there for the soccer game, if not the best at the moment and it thus would be a sumptuous gadget for the mobile soccer game on android phones, although the expensive nature might be the only side effect to the wish of the gamers enjoying their soccer game on android phone with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold-2 as a dream, but beyond the price, the phone will be an additional attraction due to it foldable nature and panache in usage. 

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