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12 Best Android Keyboard Apps That You'd Love in 2021

12 Best Android Keyboard Apps That You'd Love in 2021


Most keyboard apps that come with our Android phones nowadays aren’t fun to use.

Luckily there are thousands of alternatives to choose from on the Google play store, with lots of themes, features and is also customizable to your taste.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to the point.

List Of Best Android Keyboard Apps


Best Android Keyboard 2018 That this app came up as the first doesn’t mean it’s the best among all, but it’s one of the top-notch android Google integration and a very big assurance of privacy.

This app is also a lightweight app that offers you tons of language support, built-in emoji support and so much more.

Gboard keyboard is totally customizable, you can get to ask Google anything without having to leave your conversation, all you have to do is tap the Google icon displayed on your keyboard. This app is a sure one to use and you will not regret using this in place of your stock android keyboard.

This app is free from malware and it’s totally free to use.

SwiftKey keyboard

Best Android Keyboard 2018 This app has a very high accurate and nice emoji prediction feature. It supports lots of languages which makes it a bilingual folk.

This app also has nice privacy policies that cover the risk of you losing your personal details to scammers and hackers. It is totally free to use with tons of themes and lots of features.

Touchpal Keyboard

Best Android Keyboard 2018 It is a long-standing app that ensures nice security and good privacy policies.

This app has a free version and a premium version. The free version features voice recognition, emoji, sticker, and some other stuff. This app also has an internal store where you can purchase themes and other add-on features. The touchpal keyboard even has it’s own artificial intelligence assistant which is helpful and cool to use.

The free version displays ads, in other to stop that, you have to purchase the premium version which is at the rate of $5 annually.

At least you won’t have to complain of ads again and other apps taking over what you’re doing.


Best Android Keyboard 2018 Most keyboards are fond of applying themes that seems boring most times.

But chroma is here to change it all. This app is one of the top keyboard apps with features expected of every android keyboard. It has features like gesture input, a night mode feature, shortcut feature.

This app has a premium version that will break the shell and give you access to more features like customizing your keyboard size, font.

It also has the ability to sync your settings across devices and also the ability to tweak your keyboard color too. The color of any app your using.

The premium version of this app is just at the rate of $6, not costly right? 😉.


Best Android Keyboard 2018 This app is a must-have for all our international readers who find it difficult to use third-party keyboards that support their native language.

The multilingual keyboard supports 200+ languages and also allows you to choose a theme and layout for your keyboard. You are able to use the swipe input method and emoji too.

You can get to use the qwerty or azerty layout if you wish and you can also get to customize your own layout if you wish too.

Trying it out isn’t a bad idea.


Best Android Keyboard 2018 Want to type more faster? Then here you go. This app sets record as one of the fastest for texting. If you are the type that doesn’t have time for texting always and you love customization, then you should give this app a try.

This app is free to use and is totally free of annoying ads. You can choose to grow or customize your keyboard layout based on how you want it.

This app even makes it possible for you to opt out of any app that you find unpleasant.


Best Android Keyboard 2018 The minimum keyboard is a keyboard built to focus on being small. This app was designed to figure out what word you’re typing and quickly auto correct them. This feature is essential on a most 5-inch smartphone.

The user interface design of this keyboard is very nice, it even works on smartwatches too.

Minuum has a privacy policy that allows you to contribute usage data anonymously or keep it all to yourself.

AI type keyboard

Best Android Keyboard 2018 This keyboard has been around for a very long time. It is one of the best because of its solid functions. It comes with lots of standard keyboard features like prediction, auto-complete, emoji, and keyboard tweaks.

It has lots of themes which you can choose and apply them. This app had a free version trial which lasts for 18 days which after that you have to pay about $4 to use the premium version.

You can choose to stay on the free version but you will be missing some features, which I don’t think will be cool at all.


Best Android Keyboard 2018 Grammarly is one of the newer best android keyboard apps. It first started as a chrome extension for pc and it helps to correct any error made in a grammar.

The android keyboard version aims at doing the same in an improved way. It checks all your grammar and punctuation. Making sure that everything is correct. It is mostly used by bloggers because of its corrective features.

It also has a gesture swiping feature and little more. But as time goes on more features will be added.

TypeAny Keyboard

Best Android Keyboard 2018 As the name implies Type Any which simply means type anything. This keyboard is actually one of the newest keyboards this 2018. It doesn’t have tons of features but it does have tons of flash.

At least it able to boast of lots of themes, stickers emoji and much more. It had other features like customization of keyboard layouts, word predictions, and auto-correction.

Smart Keyboard

Best Android Keyboard 2018 This keyboard app is one of the few older keyboards. Well, it still tries its best with the aid of regular updates. This app is simply a keyboard that delivers basic experience together with some modern experience.

With this app, you’ll be getting all emoji, auto-correction, and word predictions. It also has tons of themes.

This app has a free demo version and a premium version.

Simple Keyboard

Best Android Keyboard 2018 One it comes to minimal Best Android Keyboard Apps 2021, this app is among them. It only comes with the basic features required f every android keyboard.

The only permission this app asks for is the haptic feedback and vibration. It also has no ads, no premium version, no in-app purchase.

But the only problem is you won’t be having a spell checker.

This app is pretty cool to use on old devices.


I hope you get to make the best choice on which android keyboard you wish to use to replace your stock keyboard.

As for me, the favorite keyboard is the swiftkey keyboard. It’s my favorite because it has all the features and more expected of any android keyboard.

In case we missed any of your best android keyboards.

Kindly use the comment box

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