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12 Best Android Hiking Apps That You Should Install In 2021

12 Best Android Hiking Apps That You Should Install In 2021


Hiking is a long distance walk which is also a powerful cardio workout. It improves your bone density and lower body fat to a minimum. There are several other advantages hiking provides you, which makes it one of the most suggested options during fitness.

While you can hike the traditional way and still get the side benefits, hiking with an app will make you more efficient and give you full benefits.

These apps will provide you with GPS and track your efficiency based on your past hiking. There are several other features you will find useful.

Techytab as always will present you a list of the best hiking apps out there. Most of these apps features other sports and fitness activities.

List Of Best Android Hiking Apps 2019


Here’s the first on my list of Android Hiking Apps. This is a highly rated trailing app for Android users, with several awards and mentions in top magazines.

While hiking in places with no cell coverage you can simply download the map you will need. You can choose between street maps, aerial and satellite images or terrain maps.

ViewRanger has a feature called ” Skyline” which pan the landscape using your mobile device camera. This gives you the feel of augmented reality.

OS WEAR by Google is also supported on this app.

The in-app GPS is very encompassing. Apart from the essential functions of GPS, like seeing your location on a map, you can see the status of your speed and distance. Also, the sunrise and sunset at that particular time will be shown.

Gaia GPS

This app is notable for its features which are more centered on keeping you safe while hiking. It provides hikers with an up-to-date weather forecast overlay, recent wildfires in your chosen destination and water sources around. With the in-app intelligent routing tools, you can easily plan trips.

You get to also contribute to the community database to share or find information from the other app users and even connect with them.

If you want a little uncertainty to heighten your excitement during the trip you can as well limit the features that are running on the app.

Hiking Project

This Android hiking app is a very comprehensive guide to the best location for hiking near you.

It offers you full info on the routes as well as the option to print out the map.

Depending on how far you’re planning to hike, the app also helps in planning a great day on the trails, and the best spots you can visit on the route you’re taking.

Your exact location is shown on the trail, so you can know when you’re lost.


The most unique feature of this Android hiking app is the 3D map for any location you choose to hike. While there are other options like advanced terrain tools and preparation guides, the app  developers always prefer to promote the app using the 3D maps features as a strong point.

The maps are presented in high resolution with complete topography and trail information. For quick map data, you can search through the app using peak names, roads, footpaths, rivers and heaps.

You can conserve battery by using the app in airplane mode.


Apart from hiking this app also allows you to check out locations suitable for touring. The best hiking spots are also fitted into the location.

Bergfex has a very detailed topographical maps, especially for Europe. The app also helps you in planning for the hike.

Unlike other apps on this list, you can’t access the map in offline mode unless you switch to pro version.

Connectivity to bluetooth watches or chest straps is also supported.

If you choose to register with a myBergfex account,  your data will be regularly synchronized.


This app allows you to plan your hiking to the last detail along every trail, track, road or pathway. Things you’re likely to forget during the hike preparation are stated in the app.

You also get to consider how difficult the hiking would possibly be based on the location, distance and elevation profile.

Hiking paths, paved roads, terrain and land cover are differentiated for you.

There is also a voice navigation feature. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road or have your phone in your hand always. This feature is very precise and down-to-the-inch for every verbal command.

You can also create a library for your photos during the hike, and build your own personal adventure log that’ll store your favorite experiences. The app has a community for hikers and you can share your story there as well as offer insights on the location you chose.


This app interface is very simplistic and straightforward but a bit limited in features.

It supports offline download of maps. While hiking it shows you in real-time the exact place you are. There is a sharing option for you to share your position via e-mail or SMS with your friends and families.

E-walk supports plugins. For now, they support only IGN maps and ONCFS maps.

This app is only available in pro version.


This Android Hiking App has a free and paid version. The free version is very limiting. You only get access to planning out your hike.

The pro version gives you more options which will make your hiking experience seamless.

There are several hiker groups you can join and make new friends. You can filter your results when searching for hiker groups, by using date interval, group member count, destination, hike duration among others.

Depending on the upvotes a group has, you can determine whether the group is experienced or not. There is also a group chat where you can communicate with other group members.

If you’re still inexperienced there are several experienced Xplore hikers that will be recommended for you to team up with.

Border Route Trail

The Border Route Trail app was specifically created for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, which is one of the most remote and rugged backpacking trails in Minnesota, straddling the Canadian border. This spot is a favourite for hiking competition.

This app offers very detailed trail information including the route of the portages, spur trails, campsites, vistas, water sources, parking areas, boundaries, evacuation points, and so on. The icon of these information are color-coded for easier recognition.

Offline imagery and topographic maps are recommended to be used. This is important, as the border route is so remote, cell phone reception is very unlikely.

This app is essential if you plan on journeying through the border route trail of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

To gain access to these app you need to pay a fee.


This app wasn’t specifically made for hiking. It is an offline navigation application based on OpenStreetMap data.

Voice and visual offline navigation are supported on this app. Though the offline is slower than the online mode.

The AI of the app is very effective. You will be notified whenever you deviate from the route, and will be guided back on track.

When hiking the app serves as a guidance by providing you with street names along the route. Also it estimates the time of arrival for you.

You can choose how to display names on the map, either in English, local, or phonetic spelling.

OsmAnd also allows you to share your present location with friends and families.

WTA Trailblazer

This app was specifically created for Washington region. It’s the official app of Washington Trails Association.

To gain access to the app you will have to create or Login to an existing WTA.org account. This allows you to sync your data with WTA.org.

You can search for trails by name, location, difficulty, whether dogs are allowed, whether hikes are kid friendly, and other criteria.

If you get too tired or want to have a quick look through the location you can get driving directions to the trailhead.

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This app tracks your fitness activity.  It allows you to record routes, map your trail and see your performance stats.

New trails are regularly updated with Strava distance tracker and mile counter. You’re alerted on every newly found trail.

There are monthly training challenges you can compete in.

Strava feed is the app community where you can record your routes.  Friends and followers can comment on them. There are also various Clubs of brands, teams, and friends for activities you can participate in.

Best Android Hiking Apps

If you ever plan on hiking, one of these apps should be your companion. They features real-time tracking with several safety options which wasn’t available some years back. This is the simplest way to have the most awesome hiking experience.

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