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10 Best Android Golf Games 2019 Suitable For Phones And Tablets

10 Best Android Golf Games 2019 Suitable For Phones And Tablets


best android golf games

Hello gamers worldwide, I am here again with another intriguing article about golf games for Android.

Golf is a very special sport, loved by many and played by a lot of people. Golf is literally an amazing sport with a rich history.

Enough of the history right? Okay!

There are a lot of lovers of golf out there that have been searching for really fun and interesting golf games to play.

After this, I’m sure you will find the right golf game suitable for you.

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List Of Best Android Golf Games

The very first golf game on my list of best Android golf games is the golf championship, featuring a lovely golf course and 72+ holes to play through, wonderful locations and various game modes.

The game also offers you a lot of levels you can select from, like the cup club, the tourism and of course mini-game levels. 0ne cool feature about this game is that it offers you the ability to create your very own cartoon character avatar in your own favorite outfit.

The gameplay is simply amazing, the controls, very soft, allows you to take control of the game character.

Here is yet another challenging golf game, highly entertaining, probably the number one golf game ever because it offers a unique real-time multiplayer mode in which you can play with friends and other golfers on Facebook and around the world. and to add to that you can literally chat them up with words and lovely emojis.

The game offers tricky courses to scale through, a clement weather for your gaming experience and highly advanced golf clubs with extra club card bonus.
The visuals are pretty decent and gameplay really smooth, so have fun while playing.

Like the name implies, all you need to do is flick it. flick your balls to sink into the hole and if you prefer, you can add a spin or curve using the game’s unique after-touch control but watch out for trees, water, bunkers and most definitely wind. You can start a world tour and progress to the top beating high scores, towards 15 amazing courses you shouldn’t miss.

These courses have been well placed in perfect locations all around the globe. Finally the gameplay, controls and audio gives you a wonderful gaming experience.

Fun Golf action brought to you, courtesy of mini Golf Match, under my list of best Android Golf Games. Mini Golf Match offers you a spontaneous drag and releases control mechanics which puts you in the position of slingshotting the ball, really smooth control, very satisfying and easy to learn.

The visuals, among other features, is really good, much better than I expected. Like most Golf games, you are faced with some challenging courses, this game is totally free, download and start slinging away to victory. Don’t disappoint me!

This game is one of google play store’s popular games, really amazing gameplay, very addictive.

Lovers of Golf should really get this game, it’ll literally help you improve your golfing skills in the real world and in the game making you a pro golfer.

The game has two significant modes: The career and time attack mode. The time attack mode is very unique, improving your golfing skills as you progress. You’ll play against the clock, trying hard to fill your holes with balls before the time elapses.

Here’s another game worthy of being on our list of best Android golf games,


The game is just so colorful, you are not just playing to win, but playing beautifully and with style in 4 various modes, playing in PvP matches, unlocking new golf areas, team chats, upgrading system available to upgrade your golf clubs and the rest of the relevant features and of course character customization.

It is a freemium game, with no in-app purchases. And to add to that, I know you might not be expecting this but it will have anime graphics and characters, it’s a little bit weird for a non-anime lover like me, but a lot of fun.

Few of the most popular Golf course in the world will be available for you to play in, featuring Pinehurst Resort, Pebble Beach, Celtic Manor, St Andrews and the rest.

It also includes a virtual PGA tournament, competing to win the championship, you can also chat with your competition and keep yourself up to speed on their progress and yours as well.

This is a major game on our list. This Game allows you to play 3 and 9 hole match, competing with 6 other players. you can upgrade and change golf equipment to reduce errors in your gaming.

Another Golf Game for Android. There are several obstacle courses you need to scale through, like ramps and slopes, but the upside of this hurdle is that you can earn more stars by scaling through those obstacles.

The game has 150 holes, with unique holes to unlock to get power-ups. In addition, you can uniquely create your own account and leaderboard. Sensational gameplay and soft controls aren’t lacking, so don’t think because I didn’t mention it earlier, it’s an issue, it totally isn’t.

Super Stickman Golf 2 is a uniquely assembled game designed to improve your golf skills and customizing your character’s avatar. The game brings a really good feature, 180 holes, magic power-ups, 20 amazing courses, crazy hurdles to scale through, a couple of achievements.

The graphics and controls of the game are pretty amazing, easy to learn and use. Options in the game are easily accessible and the mechanics of the game can be adjusted to fit into what you desire.

Hmmm, 300 crazy challenges, that’s really fascinating. In several golf games, 180 golf course is really hard to finish, not to talk about 300 addictive challenges. Once you start, you won’t want to stop.

This could be contributed to the amazing gameplay and controls that has really made the game easy for a person to adapt to. In addition, this game allows you to customize your golf clubs and several other golf equipment.


Alright gamers and lovers of golf, I want to say a big thank you for patronizing this article, I am sure you have found a suitable game that will kill boredom and keep you your android active when your less busy and in need of some fun game time because truth be told, we all have that moment in our lives that we just crave a really fun game time.

All the games on my list of Best Android Golf Games, are totally free and easy to play, all you have to do is follow the instructions and tutorials and you’ll be a pro golfer in no time.

Thanks once again, I hope you find what you’re looking for and won’t regret visiting this site.

Thanks for stopping by!

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